Social media growth has logically instigated the evolution of tools and technologies that make it easier to post. Every specialist dreams to make it easier and better, agree?

This article will not reinvent a wheel, but it will definitely help to understand mass posting on social networks and learn more about the tools that automate this process.

So, let say YES to mass posting and loudly NO to any routine.

Why do we need mass posting and services for it?

Mass posting seems really helpful if you have to post large amounts of data. For example, if you need to publish 100 posts a day in 30 social media accounts. It’s obvious that the process is routine and long.

Services for mass posting, KUKU.io review

To provide carefree process, marketers use special tools and services for automatic posting.

In fact, any SMM service for automatic posting works like a “built-in” tool inside of your social media accounts. This tool allows you to plan and publish posts simultaneously in several groups on different networks.

Popular services for postponed posting, such as KUKU.io offer similar types of features, focusing on the current needs of mass posting on social networks.

Here is the comparison of some of them that shows important characteristics for choosing an appropriate tool for posting.

SMM services pricing plans comparison

6 advantages of mass posting

What problems can be solved with any tool for mass posting?

  • It saves the time of groups’ administrators on social networks. Working with a simple and convenient content calendar, you can schedule content for a week, a month or for a longer period. Now you do not need to have your PC or mobile device always at hand: you can even enjoy your vacation and KUKU.io automatic posting tools will publish your posts for you.
  • It allows you to edit content and adapt it for each social network in one window, without leaving the service. Manual posting in a separate social network is a kind of stress because it turns into routine work on the fifth day of active posting. Users who work with a large number of accounts may confirm the benefits because the creation of one post on Facebook can take 5-10 minutes, up to 15 minutes on Instagram.
  • It saves money. You do not need to hire a specialist.
  • A competently constructed content plan will help to choose the best time for posting and “organize” your reader’s actions. They will get used to the posting schedule and system you set and will wait for a new post on a specific day at a certain time.
  • Some services propose to automate work with a large amount of data: unloading posts from documents.
  • In a content calendar, you can take into account all possible time zones and may synchronize the output of publications at the right time.

Why do we need tools for mass posting?

Here’s the comment of the art director of one popular dance studio Kredo, who has recently started using KUKU.io for social media:

“First of all, our studio is the place for offline meetings. Before these meetings and after them we use social networks for announcements, discussions of current events and activities, photo reports, etc. Social media groups greatly enhance the effect of what we do offline.

They help to attract new followers and customers, engage existing customers in communication and studio life. On average, social networks attract up to 30% of new clients, depending on dancing and fitness styles. Mass posting for these purposes is simply indispensable. We strive to cover all our communities and groups at the same time. Automating actions save time because in our business every saved minute is a luxury.”


Mass posting on social media

How to use tools for mass posting on social media effectively?

Many existing services allow new users “to taste” mass posting before determining which pricing plan to choose for their work. This is rather important, because marketers who create pricing plans and their functionality, try to consider all the needs of each customer. Everyone can choose the most optimal plan, based on the number of required accounts, the number of posts, etc.

If you are a beginner in blogging and manage several accounts on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook, – 500 posts per month should be enough for your needs. So you can choose the appropriate plan in KUKU.io. If your business is a network of auto stores in the region with several cities, and you actively post on social networks every day, then you may choose “Professional” one with unlimited possibilities for posting, – recommends KUKU.io CEO, Dmitry Dudin.

How to set up mass posting options?

The next detailed example will illustrate what steps need to be done to simplify mass posting process on social networks.

If you face the service for the first time, a user-friendly interface will propose you a registration.

The first step is to registrate your account

Add the necessary accounts on different social networks and start creating the first posts.

Hoe to create a post with KUKU.io

It’s quite easy to add a post to a special space. If needed, you can attach some pictures.

How KUKU.io helps in mass posting

Schedule and post with KUKU.io

You can assign any tag to your post.

KUKU.io opportunities for mass posting

It is possible to schedule the best time to release your publications by specifying any time zone.

How to use KUKU.io content calendar

All scheduled posts are displayed in a content calendar. This visibility allows you to quickly manage your plans, change them and always “keep your hand on the pulse.”

Mass posting secrets, KUKU.io review

Scheduling content for a week and tracking the first posts results once, you will feel the benefits immediately.

Are there any drawbacks or “pitfalls” of mass posting?

Speaking about the tools for mass posting, some users are afraid of reach cutting on social networks.

Does auto posting affect social media reach?

There were many discussions on this subject.  (We’ve recently written about third-party services and their influence on reach).  But most users who independently tested any service for mass posting came to the conclusion that the posts created with its help were seen by the same number of people as the posts made “manually”. 

KUKU.io and other usefull tools for mass posting

Everything is complicated by the fact that social networks constantly change the algorithms for displaying news in feeds. Social media content is filtered differently and some of your readers may not receive it. So the tools for mass posting have nothing to do with it.

Well, it seems that in a few years “manual” posting to a large number of accounts will simply start to be a waste of time and business drag.

Do you use any tool or service for mass posting? Share your experience in the comments!

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