How to manage geolocation feature and what is the power of geotags for business?

We are going to describe 7 ways to increase the use of geolocation and attract users’ attention to small businesses with the help of check-ins.

Seems like each user of any social media knows today about the option of geolocation. Someone has never used this opportunity to demonstrate an interesting place, a city or a country, while someone does not know how to survive without being checked in anywhere.

Is this feature important on social media? Or is it enough for brands just to pay attention to good visual marketing and the detailed content media calendar?

Let’s check out here what are the advantages of geotagging for business accounts.
Geotagging option on social media

Geotagging and marketing strategy for business accounts

Geotagging is the process of attaching geographic data to any kind of information.

Geolocation as a popular feature of some social networks, such as Instagram or Facebook, is not an innovation today. It proposes everyone who uses gadgets the information about the location of various objects.

Brands and companies use check-in opportunities in order  to increase the number of followers. It was popular when users were crazy about Foursquare and now the excitement associated with geolocation has not passed.

Marketers do not hurry to say “bye” to this feature.

How check-ins are important for businesses

With the help of geotags, potential customers can learn about the location of stores, tattoo studios, coffee shops, museums or any other business object and get timely info about promotions, discounts and bonus programs.

Why social media users use geotags

Geotags on social media, KUKU.io review

Top Instagram geotagged locations in the world

The list of the world’s most popular places by geotagging on Instagram includes the following:

  • Yankee Stadium in New York
  • Red Square in Moscow
  • Musée du Louvre, Paris
  • Times Square in New York
  • Disneyland in Anaheim, CA

Geotags and chek-ins on Facebook

Geolocation option for business

The marketers of these facilities are worth being envied: they certainly know what to do to make a business account perform better.

What are geotags for?

Users demonstrate their location for various reasons but most often they use geotags to:

  • Get information about the nearest objects.
  • Learn about the location of other users.
  • Leave feedback about the specific place; link important info (the attitude) to the data about the place.
  • Increase awareness and target audience.

How to check in on Facebook and Instagram

7 Ways to Motivate Customers to check in

How to increase the number of check-ins and new users? Here are seven simple steps that will help:

  • Use existing marketing channels. Most business owners manage groups on social networks, a website or a blog. There you can remind customers that check-ins will give them bonuses. What exactly? This is the challenge for your brains.
  • Use print reminders. Facebook or Foursquare users should know such stickers. They can be found on the front doors in buildings, cash registers and other visible objects.

Check in offline stickers

  • Encourage the customers who used geotags with special offers, give them discounts and bonuses. Any client wants to feel a special attitude and get a VIP status. For example, many shops arrange the open-door night with unprecedented discounts for those customers who check in through social networks.

geotags on Facebook and Instagram, KUKU.io review

  • Prepare gifts. This is the old but proven method to achieve the client’s satisfaction. It can be a discount, a product or service of the company. It may be announced in advance or you can keep it in secret.
  • Involve the staff. The mass check-in process can start with your team’s efforts. They will add geotags that will be seen and picked up by their relatives and friends. The chain will be continued.
  • Use QR codes. Surprisingly, this kind of visual marketing, which some years ago stirred up many, is now undeservedly forgotten. But it can bring clients to Facebook or Instagram pages.

How to attract followers with geolocation option?

  • Arrange a charity campaign with an organization that needs help. Each check-in will collect a donation, which will positively affect charity and your business.

If you hesitate to use geotagging in your posts and cannot understand how positive or negative they affect the results of your SMM strategy, refer to proven analytics tools and SMM services.

The last updates in KUKU.io analytics allow using powerful metrics for a separate post. You can get detailed analytics in a minute.

When it's better to use geotags

You will not have difficulties in comparing the post with geotags and the same publication without it. You will easily track all the likes, comments and reposts and will see the difference.

Geotags and geolocation, KUKU.io reiew

Do you use the geolocation option on your social networks? What was the last geotag you used? Feel free to share in comments!

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