If you do not know anything about stress in modern society – ask Instagram bloggers.

Many of them dream of online popularity and success among the fellow bloggers. Being recognized once they quickly get used to. They cannot start an ordinary morning without posting. If the loss of users on Instagram business accounts entails image, reputational and financial losses, then for an ordinary blogger every unsubscribed user can be a personal tragedy.

It’s always hard to realize that serious efforts and hard work suddenly start to fail. If you are Instagram-addicted in a good way, you know what I mean.

Yesterday you enjoyed your new creative ideas for content and published amazing posts on Instagram. The list of your followers had been increasing every hour and it seemed that everything was going according to your plan. But suddenly you see that many of your friends and subscribers are starting to unfollow your page without any reason. The process is intensifying and you don’t know what to do.

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Is this the reason for panic? Keep calm and try to figure out all the causes why you can lose your followers. Think about your content and learn the latest news and features on Instagram. Perhaps you have missed something important or haven’t paid enough attention to the trends on this social network.

You can use friendly tools for detailed Instagram analytics with useful metrics. Most of the popular services for social media analytics allow you to track clicks, likes, the number of comments and shares. You can easily understand where your followers came from.

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Using Instagram analytics, you will see what kind of content your audience likes most of all. Maybe it’s time to focus on live video or pay more attention to Instagram Stories.

Instagram analytics with KUKU.io

Anyway, it’s high time to think about the reasons.

Top 10 reasons why you may lose your followers

You do not post enough

If your followers really love your Instagram account, then they will cherish the habit of reading your posts constantly. It’s like an addiction. Therefore, you are responsible for the consistency of posting. Determine the best time for posting on Instagram and never forget about your audience.

You have no basic information or general description of your profile

Instagram accounts without personal information and contacts seem suspicious. It’s rather normal that your followers want to know what kind of person you are. Add your interests, occupation, contacts, etc.

For example, if you are a photographer in New York, you will find your audience faster, filling the description.

Instagram profile description

You’ve bots profusion

Bots are useless. They have nothing to do with you and are beyond your control. Nowadays you may find thousands of fake accounts that were created to drive traffic to websites. Many of them are run by computers. If you want to get a qualitative audience, forget about them. So, many users unfollow, noticing that the half of your audience is unnatural.

You’re not focusing on one and only direction

If you lose your focus and try to post publications about everything – then your followers may get confused and be lost in your content. If you specialize in healthy organic food and post fresh recipes and interesting facts about food, then you do not need to supplement your content plan with posts about cars, ballet, new trends in hairstyles, causes of divorce or national holidays of India.

Topics on Instagram, KUKU.io review

You post too much personal info

And this is also about extremes 🙂 Remember that your audience needs useful evergreen content, but not only your thoughts and dreams.

Sharing personal info is important and necessary, it creates a trusting relationship between the audience and you, but the main thing here is to feel the measure.

You do not communicate with your followers

Instagram users want to feel involved. If someone responds to your post, take a moment to comment it. Otherwise, your follower will feel insulted or ignored and will have all reasons to leave you.

Feedback and comments on Instagram

You pay too much attention to selling

Your business motives can be justified but be sure you know the limits. Instagram followers do not like intrusive salesmen.

Use PR-tools. It’s quite ok if you try to promote new tomato sauce, being involved in the interesting culinary quest, organized by the sauce brand.

You post cheesy or unpopular content

Being an Instagram trendsetter, you should feel all the tendencies and satisfy your followers’ needs and interests. Do not post boring pictures and trivial texts with complicated terms; try to maintain your own style.

You use low-quality pictures

Pictures are more than 80% of semantic weight on Instagram. Texts are also important, but if you do not care about the quality of your images and the diversity of your visual content, you will probably lose the part of your followers. It should not be a problem for you to find visual editors, tools or filters to make your pictures seem better.

You are too emotional

The emotional component of your Instagram content is also important. Someone likes your style but someone will think that you are rather unnatural. Try to keep balance.

Do you have such sins? 🙂 Perhaps some of you will think that these tips are rather trivial and that everything has already been written. But I know for sure: if you get rid of at least half of the reasons from this list, then your followers will reliably follow you and won’t think about leaving.

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