White label integration is a smart and easy way to test new features. Instead of developing own product, people just copy-paste it in their services and continue using under their brand. Integration process lasts from three days to one month.

This option is very popular among marketing and digital agencies. It allows them constantly add new features: advertising, marketing, and social media tools. In KUKU.io we help marketing agencies manage clients’ projects under their agency brand.

KUKU.io Business plan has a lot of tasty features for agencies such as unlimited posting on 10 social networks, advanced social media analytics and ability to manage content in a team.

KUKU.io White label social media software is easy for multiple posting across networks.

KUKU.io posting software includes:

  • Content differentiation in one window
  • Using videos, gifs, multiple images, emojis, hashtags and polls
  • Custom link shortener
  • Custom UTM builder
  • Content calendar with tags
  • Custom schedule
  • Ability to delay posting and delete posts from social nets after a certain period of time
  • Old content republishing
  • Cross-promotion among your social accounts

White label social analytics shows both the results of the content you publish and also team members performance. It’s useful for remote managing of your social media managers.

Users can constantly track how people like, comment and share the published content. They can also compare accounts on different social nets and posts based on the most important metrics such as likes, comments, shares, engagement rate, and clicks.

A content calendar is one of the most popular features in KUKU.io. Many people use content tags to differentiate content and to test various types of it.

Users can compare tags by likes, comments, shares, and clicks and define which type of content is more popular or what are the interests of your audience.

Another important metric is page reach. It is the hottest topic due to constantly changing the Facebook algorithm. Page reach help to define the REAL number of people who actually consume your content.

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The key feature of KUKU.io white label Business plan is the ability to work with a team. All you need is to create the Business account, add social media and invite the team. You can define the roles of each member and to restrict access to certain projects.

Only the creator of a channel can edit the roles of team members.

The user can:

  • be added or removed from the channel
  • create, edit, delete posts
  • set posting schedule
  • add/remove personal accounts to or from the channel
  • add/remove team accounts to or from the channel

This makes independent and comfortable work possible in KUKU.io white label platform for agencies with their clients.

Marketing agencies can add a set of projects and a few teams to manage content and track the results of a roadmap in real time.

The cost of this platform is affordable for all the agencies at any stage – from startup to mature business. It costs as any Business plan (you can see the prices there https://kuku.io/pricing/ ) + onboarding price $97.

Onboarding includes:

  • The White Label version of the login page and app (logo and color identity).
  • Branded system notifications and emails (logo and color identity).
  • Integration with Company user API.
  • Full technical support of your clients on questions connected to the application.


To start you can book a demonstration of KUKU.io business version right now in the form below.

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