Chinese users can not use WhatsApp anymore.

WhatsApp was the latest Facebook app in China. Now it’s impossible to share visual content. Users also have some difficulties with sending text messages.

The reason for this restriction may be connected with the global preparations for the congress of the Communist Party of China, – writes The New York Times.

Facebook is the official owner of the instant messaging system WhatsApp since 2014. Last year the application became free.

Before the ban, WhatsApp had been the last Facebook “representative” in the country. Facebook itself was also blocked in China in 2009. (In 2014 – Instagram).

Chinese can not use WhatsApp any more

So, what social media do people in China use? They claim that the local social media are quite good alternatives for their European analogs (Facebook, Instagram or Twitter).

TOP-5 popular social networks in China

WeChat (Weixin)

People in China are fond of WeChat so much. The total number of WeChat users is 940 million. The local name for this network is Weixin. In this social media, you can communicate, upload pictures and video files, make payments, comment and so on and so force. Many Chinese people use WeChat for business aims.

This social network is actively developing, offering its users a set of essential daily functions: to buy tickets for transport, cinema, to book a hotel or table in a cafe.


About 200 million users are active on Douban every month. The popular channel for communication in China has existed for 12 years; its functionality can be used by both registered and unregistered users. People often use it as a platform to exchange their views about movies and books, music and cultural events.


QQ.com – is the main analog of WhatsApp with very similar functionality. Nowadays 860 million people enjoy this social network, but with the blocking of the European service, this figure is likely to increase. The service has its own e-mail system, which is the most popular in China.

Baidu Tieba

Chinese application Baidu Tieba is also very popular in business. It was created by the developers of the global search system. Here, people are able to use standard features: write messages, share photos, comment, etc. 300 million people is the active audience of Baidu Tieba.


Youku is a local analog of YouTube. Many brands and companies place their advertising and conduct live broadcasts here. The number of Youku users has exceeded 500 million users.

Chinese social media Youku

There are much more local social networks in China. Therefore, the ban of WhatsApp and other European social networks should not cause a wide resonance among users.

What alternative social media do you use? Do you know an interesting resource that can quickly gain popularity of Facebook or Instagram? Or do you prefer to post on proven social media? Share your experience and do not forget that posting on Facebook and other popular social networks can be easier and more convenient with the tools for automatic posting.

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