What do you think about the role of headings in publication’s success?

Each author has his/her own thoughts, every research provides specific results but there is no doubt in the saying “your name shapes your destiny”.

For some people, a carefully considered headline is 50% of success.

When an author is sure that the title of his/her post will cause resonance, a lot of clicks and shares, it’s not difficult to write the post itself. However many authors struggle with the ready article, selecting those magic words and expressions for the headline, which will bring the popularity and viral effect.

In this article, I am going to review some rules for successful social headers that will help to achieve more clicks and conversion.

The secrets of viral headlines

5 classical headline types

Most often posts’ titles belong to one of 5 types:

  • News headlines. Social media users are always interested in the latest news and current events because social media have started to be a serious information channel. Traditional media are gradually leaving their top levels, giving the 1st place to social news feeds.

News headlines, KUKU.io review

  • Targeted headlines. In these posts, you propose your readers the ways to achieve their goals and ready-made solutions. Such headlines often “catch” attention of even those who did not particularly seek answers to the question proposed in the publication.
  • Problems highlighting headlines. Raising important and sensitive questions, you force reader to remember important things and to evaluate your post as the useful one. Posts regarding economics, health, ecology, politics, etc. can be titled with the help of this type of heading.
  • Headline-advisor. Share different methodologies, recipes, create lists of useful books, formulas or personal experience.
  • Entertaining headline. Many users spend their time on social networks in search of something interesting and unusual.

Entertainment headings, KUKU.io review

How to create a viral headline for a social post?

Do not rush to give the heading to your post right away, even if you clearly know what your publication is about and what you want to say to the audience. Try to “drip” deeper and analyze whether it is necessary for your readers.

It is better to avoid common statements and to make the idea of the heading as specific as possible. To do this, you can enter your intended topic, for example, in Google AdWords or Google Trends and look at the popularity of the topic and what related topics are in demand. This can help you to change the plot of your post or to add some important paragraphs.

For example, your business is an online shop for hunting and fishing. You promote it on 5 social networks. Recently you’ve written a great text about choosing fishing rods. It should be useful to anyone who is going for summer fishing. It remains just to choose a headline that will be successfully sold out among all your followers and will bring new users and convert them into buyers.

How to write viral headlines

Following the tips below, you will understand how to optimize a heading easily.

12 tips for creating viral headlines on social media

  1. Limit the heading size

Let’s start with the form and the size of a headline. The number of words in the post title depends on the topic and the form of its submission. It is not always possible to fit into one line, but still, it is worth remembering about the limit of 6-8 words. Such a headline doesn’t seem heavy. It can be read by anyone who even scrolls the feed quickly.

Easy ways to create viral titles and headlines

  1. Ask questions

Headlines in the form of an interrogative sentence addressed to followers will make them think and increase the chances of viewing the post. A question can be quite simple, or it can be added at the end of the affirmative sentence:

“250 followers of our group have already registered for the conference, what about you?”

How to write viral headlines

  1. Promise benefits

Any post should contain some value. It is rather unfortunate if potential readers do not learn about your useful posts just because the headline looks poor and unprofitable for reading. Today readers value their time, they do not click on posts simply out of curiosity. They will spend their 5 minutes in order to get something important.

“How to enliven your Instagram account with live video?”

  1. Add numbers and facts

Details and figures in headlines set up a serious reading and exclude “unnecessary lyrics” of your post. It has been proved many times: headings with figures positively affect the conversion. The examples can be found in Quicksprout.

Viral headlines on social media, KUKU.io review

  1. Compare

Comparison inside a headline will make readers pay attention and visualize this comparison.

“10 Tips on how to be a real gentleman”

  1. Mention a well-known person

It does not matter whether you want to mention an authoritative expert or a popular celebrity. Mentioning them in a headline will definitely draw attention to the post and can positively influence the place of the post in search engines.

“How to collect likes on Instagram as Jared Leto does”

  1. Add emotions and intrigue

You can create bright and memorable headings with the help of epithets and unusual adjectives. Emotions can also be triggered by pictures and other visual content that may accompany headlines.

What makes headlines viral?

  1. Make a challenge

Invite the audience to test and prove something by reading your post. It is important not to harm, feeling the measure.

“To wear one pair of shoes for 20 seasons. Can you do the same?”

  1. Suggest free

This advice is as old as the world, but it still works. Most followers respond to profitable or free offers.

“What differs free photo editors from paid services? Interview with an expert.”

  1. Mention the negative experience of customers

For example, a manager of a private clinic who manages social accounts can publish a post about the benefits of the clinic with the headline “How to avoid these endless queues?”

  1. Use action verbs

Verbs enhance the effect of perceiving. The headline, informing about some action, process or changes, will attract users much quicker than a simple descriptive title.

Social media headings, KUKU.io review

  1. Avoid complex words

Here’s the example of a headline on Facebook or Twitter that will definitely not succeed: “The main advantages of innovative laboratory-instrumental methods of research.”

Many content marketers often follow a certain formula for a successful headline:

Formula for a viral headline

Returning to our example with the online store for fishing and hunting, it’s possible to adapt the headline this way:

Creating viral headlines on social networks

The same topic can be easily adapted to any social network without publishing the same thing everywhere and make it boring. Here’s how we can cover the topic regarding any company’s summer party:

Facebook: How we held the anniversary summer party

Twitter: What should I bring with me to the #summerparty

Instagram: 20 hottest pics from the summer corporate party

Pinterest: The best sandwiches recipe for the summer party

YouTube: The best contests review from the summer party

VK: Awarding for the best song during the corporate party

LinkedIn: How to organize a corporate summer party professionally


You can check whether your headlines really affect your marketing performance. Try to spend a little more time thinking over headlines, using the tips listed in this article. After a while, the results of your posts can be tracked with the help of social media analytics.

KUKU.io social media analytics: how to use?

KUKU.io analytics allows you to track the results for a particular post and for the account as a whole. Analyze your likes, shares, comments and many other metrics here. By the way, now you can get more opportunities with the new KUKU.io pricing plans.

KUKU.io analytics by posts

Receiving the positive results, you will quickly learn how to create high-quality and viral headlines for sure.

As a bonus  💡

If you are interested in creating viral headlines and titles and want to learn more about naming, try to read popular literature. Here are 6 books that will make you a master of professional naming:

  1. Alex Frankel “The Art of Turning Little Words into Big Business”
  2. Daniel Kahneman “Thinking, fast and slow”
  3. Neil Taylor “The Name of the Beast”
  4. Phil G. Williams “Naming Your Business and Its Product and Services”
  5. Eli Altman “Don’t Call It That”
  6. Jon Morrow “52 headline hacks”

books about headlines and naming

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