Let’s face it: who doesn’t like bright and memorable posts or articles? It seems like amazing pictures and interactive videos always attract us, no matter how captivating texts are.

Content marketing is becoming increasingly visual. Statistics will not allow to lie.  As one soldier does not make a battle, any text without visual support will not conquer alone.

In this article, we’d like to recognize what is hidden behind visual content marketing and why Pinterest and Instagram dominate.

Visual marketing and content statistics

Visual marketing boom: what can be more valuable than a text?

People remember visual information best of all. According to the recent research, if people hear a piece of information, they usually remember 10% of it a couple of days later. However, if they add an image that is relevant, they can remember up to 65% of the information. Concerning texts, images beat them as well.

Social media and visual content statistics

To avoid opacity, let’s first take a look at the interesting statistics about visual content that we’ve pulled out from the different sources.

Visual content statistics

  • 74% of social media marketers use visual assets in their social media marketing.
  • More than 50% of marketing specialists who work with B2B markets preferred creating content with visual assets last year.  
  • Last year’s research shows that more than 60% of marketing specialists were planning to increase investment in video marketing in 2017.

How to apply visual marketing on social media

  • Email subjects that contain the word “video” boost CTR by 65% and open rates by 19%.
  • 2017 was started with new social media features and interesting updates. One of the powerful innovations is connected with the live video broadcasts. In 2016, more than 14% of marketers applied this option. It seems like this year the figure will be much more formidable because now live video broadcasts are available on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. In addition, Facebook has recently allowed creating live video from laptops and PC.
  • 85% of Facebook videos are watched without sound.

Video and images on social media, KUKU.io review

Why visual media marketing leads to success on social media

There is no need to explain how powerful and popular social networks are. Most of them have redesigned the news feeds to pay more attention to visual content. For example, the latest Facebook or Twitter updates.

Images on Facebook generate 53% more likes than “dry” text publications. The conclusion is obvious: if you want to gain a lot of new followers on Facebook, add visual marketing issues as the first item to your agenda.

Visual data has become increasingly popular when people started to take pictures and videos using cameras on smartphones. But are photos and videos the only source that affects the growth of users, likes and shares? Or is there something else? We’ve tried to distinguish 10 types of visual content that will be 100% useful for your social media marketing strategy.

10 indispensable types of visual content to make social strategy great

Everyone who has ever created and promoted social media posts knows that sometimes it’s not easy to find appropriate visuals. Visual content can be the secret element that will highlight your post from thousands of similar write-ups. Besides, it will be helpful in customer retention.


The first thing that comes to mind when thinking about visual content is a picture.

A picture can be a great substitution for thousands of words and tells readers a lot of information in a few seconds that your text post can never do.

Visual marketing trends on social media

It’s important to add pictures to lengthy articles to break the monotony or boredom. Besides, images make it easier to remember your posts. Pictures for marketing also help readers in understanding and making purchase decisions.

What visual content work on social media?

You can not be a professional photographer and don’t have to hire them. Use your smartphones to capture images, apply friendly filters and helpful apps to make your masterpieces. Actually, we’ve recently offered some useful tips on how to optimize social media marketing pictures.


Marketers prefer this type of visual content as users like and share infographics on social networks 3 times more than any other kind of content.

Infographics is a marketing tool that compresses and combines a lot of information and may contain pictures, texts, graphs, etc. It accompanies texts and gives readers the clear idea of what the topic is about. Marketers explain the reasons why infographic is popular in the following list:

  • It makes posts more attractive and grabs extra attention
  • Shows valuable issues
  • Makes posts brighter and lessens boredom
  • Can be accessible for anyone and easily relay information
  • Makes texts more persuasive and memorable

Infographics is a perfect visual marketing tool for your social media if you have the relevant data and extra visual content to explain your goals.

Infographics and other visual content types


Video is another popular type of visual content. More than 60% of readers who viewed the video are more likely to buy products and services advertised online.

It’s better to create short and memorable videos, no matter what the length of your post is. Video content may strongly support your brand and highlight all the advantages. A half-minute video shows to consumers a lot of things more than an article with thousands of words.

Let’s believe TNW News that propose the following ideal length for different types of video content:

  • Tutorials: 45-90 sec
  • Commercials: 15- sec -1 minute
  • Testimonials: 1-2 minutes
  • Crowdfunding: 2.30 minutes in average


A statistical vision of your material with graphics and diagrams can illustrate relationships or a comparison between subjects.

Graphical data may contain bars, columns, areas, Gantt charts and templates, etc. All of them will help readers to see things that were not obvious to them before.

Visual content marketing, KUKU.io review

For example, you try to promote your startup business – a car wash center. You have been using Facebook to drive traffic to your site. At first, likes and shares on Facebook were organic but then you added ads. You have seen the real increase in your likes and shares. So now, you can visualize this on a graph and propose readers to compare the results by looking at the graphics you presented.

Grid banners

One of the latest Instagram innovations – Instagram banners that allow users segmenting a single image into several parts and posting these parts in proper succession on their accounts, creating a multiple-image grid. These multi-image collages are popular among small business and brands, as it is an effective way to display fine details on a picture or create a story in captions.

Banners, pictures and videos on social media

This type of visual content may also help to advertise and promote products and services.

Instagram grid banners, KUKU.io review


Screen capture (or a screenshot) is the copy of your image. You can use print screen options or useful services to do it on computers and smartphones.

Screenshot as a type of visual content

Some of the screen capture tools are free and some require money.

Why are screenshots useful? For example, if you want to document a time stamp (it can be Skype video call) with recording the actual time and faces of negotiators.


Any post or article would be more trustable and persuasive if you add quotes. With the help of a quote card, you can highlight your content. It may contain a specific phrase and an image that may become a piece of evergreen content.

How to determine the best visual content?

Quote cards are similar to memes.


The main goal of satirical memes is to make your content viral and popular. Isn’t it the reason to use them?

Usually, they describe current topics or the latest trends around the world in the humorous and sarcastic way. Your memes can be also wrapped as jokes, recipes, songs, etc.

Memes and quotes as the types of content marketing


If you are looking for a creative way to collaborate with you readers and involve them, use quizzes or Q&A. They will definitely enrich your visual content marketing.

Your readers will receive a kinship to you via your posts.  

Visual marketing, KUKU.io review

CTA buttons

Buy now, join now, take a tour, post now, take a free trial, take it for free – all of these calls can be placed on buttons and play an important role in your content marketing strategy.

CTA (call to action) is a marketing tool that is used to get an immediate response from readers. Usually, it looks like a banner button and every reader can click it to get what is offered. It is a guarantee of your conversion.

Schedule Instagram posts

No doubt, a post (no matter how well it is written) looks incomplete without the CTA button.

How many of these visual content types have you used before in your social media visual marketing?

If you hesitate about the effectiveness of your posts or do not know how to track the results, try to apply analytical tools or apps. KUKU.io gives you a great opportunity to analyze content and optimize it according to results.

KUKU.io Instagram analytics

If you want to strengthen your visual marketing skills and acquire a new experience, you can always turn to a proven and high-quality book. And we’ve prepared a bonus for you! Here is a small list of useful books that will teach you to look differently at your content and make it more attractive with the help of visual marketing.

Bonus: 5 useful books about the power of visual content

  • Purple Cow (S. Godin)

One of the most famous marketers proposes to add an extra “P” to the classic marketing Ps (price, promo, publicity). The 4th “P” is a purple cow. What does it mean? You will find the answer reading this marvelous book.

Visual marketing and content books

  • Hidden Persuasion (M. Andrews, M. Leeuwen, R. Baaren)

Why is Apple’s marketing strategy so powerful? Why are visual messages everywhere? The authors describe consumer’s behavior in the world of visual marketing and propose 33 strong visual persuasion methods.

Books about visual marketing

  • Visual Marketing (D. Langton, A. Campbell)

The authors inspire readers and identify 99 different successful PR and marketing tips and creative ideas for everyone who wants to improve visual content strategy.

The books for marketers about visual content

  • The Design of Everyday Things (D. Norman)

This book written by a cognitive scientist Dan Norman demonstrates how some products and brands proposals satisfy clients while others frustrate. Maybe the answer is connected with visual marketing influence.

Here you’ll find interesting insights that will help you understand designers and visual marketing aspects.

Merketing and visual content, KUKU.io review

  • Daily Rituals (M. Currey)

One more interesting book by Mason Currey will tell you about the daily rituals of popular and successful creatives like Hemingway or Warhol. You will get the secrets (partially connected with visual marketing strategies) these talented people used to produce their fabulous outcomes.

Visual marketing literature, KUKU.io top 5

Why do visual-oriented social networks dominate?

As images generate more engagement on social media, brands and companies create and manage accounts on the most popular visual networks – Instagram and Pinterest.

How business use visual marketing

Images used on these social media evoke emotional reactions in potential clients and motivate them to purchase. It works because consumers are becoming overwhelmed with textual content. That’s why small business needs to change the social media strategy to attract users in an exciting way.

Now you can use updated KUKU.io analytical opportunities to analyze your Instagram accounts. Besides, it’s quite easy to schedule and post your Instagram visual content in advanced.

Schedule Instagram posts with KUKU.io

What do you think will happen with visual content marketing in the future? Perhaps you have clear forecasts regarding Instagram or Pinterest evolution? Feel free to fill our comments bar and to share your thoughts.

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