Autumn is often considered to be the start of a new business season. Right in this period KUKU.io announces hot functional abilities and we cannot be silent about them 🙂

In the autumn KUKU.io update you may enjoy a friendly UTM-builder and video posting on some social networks. That’s right! Now you can post your video content on Facebook and VK and share it with your followers.

Besides, the recently updated KUKU.io analytics will help you to track posting results, measure conversion and compare tags.

UTM-builder is like a touchstone for marketing campaigns

Any business promoted on social networks cares about increasing sources of traffic and conversion. Marketers working with sites and social networks know that traffic results sometimes can be unimpressive.

UTM-tags are a kind of test for marketers, they help to identify information about each source of traffic. What part of advertising campaign brought the least profit? Why did the advertising campaign fail? Which posts were the most clickable? What audience has moved from social networks to the site? How can UTM generator quickly help to react and redistribute the budget? Let’s delve deeply.

KUKU.io autumn update

What is a UTM linker?

UTM linker (UTM generator, UTM builder) is a tool that applies specified formulas to add a unique UTM tracking code to the URLs of pages or posts of sites, social networks and blogs.

When you add the UTM code to the URL of your web page, you get a long detailed link. It contains key information for analysis and allows you to monitor a specific page, analyze it and get ready reports.

Why is it important to track the course of marketing campaigns, and what does this even mean?

Why are UTM tags so important?

  • Help in calculating the results of any marketing campaign. You can evaluate the effectiveness of headings, keywords, days of the week, advertising projects.
  • UTM tags allow you to rate users who clicked on the link: whether they old or new users, whether they are your target audience or not, etc.
  • You can estimate the quantity and cost of purchases with the help of UTM tags. To do this, you need to enable the display of e-commerce data in Google Analytics.

How to use KUKU.io UTM-builder?

In order to configure the link-builder in KUKU.io, you need to find the Menu, select Channels and click Edit. You can set up a link with an individual UTM tag for each social network.

As a result: all links in your published posts will contain UTM tags that you’ve specified.

KUKU.io UTM builder

Tip: Start a separate channel for an advertising campaign. Since the number of channels is unlimited, you can create an unlimited number of channels and edit the settings. So you can evaluate the results of your campaign with KUKU.io analytics, and also avoid using UTM tags outside the campaign.

How to apply “Medium” cell in the UTM generator?

In this cell, you may specify what marketing medium was used: a post on a social network, a banner, an email, a link, a button, etc.

How to use “Campaign” parameter in the UTM generator?

To mark any content within the advertising campaign, conduct split tests, to add the campaign name.

How to use “Content” cell in the UTM generator?

This parameter helps to distinguish advertisements among themselves and similar types of content.

How to use “Source” in the UTM generator?

It is important here to indicate the source from which the traffic is coming. It can be an article on a website, a blog, a product or an advertisement.

How to use “Term” space in the UTM generator?

It is worth mentioning the keywords here that are used in the published content.

How to use KUKU.io UTM builder?

Posting video content with KUKU.io

You’ve often asked us about KUKU.io video publishing opportunities. And this is quite clear: video content is really popular today. With its help, users can diversify their content and add live emotions. Actually, visual marketing is one of the latest trends on social networks.

Now you can post video from KUKU.io to Facebook and VKontakte. The maximum size for video should not exceed 20 mb.

Your scheduled video on Facebook or VK will be displayed as a usual video file. You can also attach a video to posts on other social networks, – it will be displayed as a link.

How to post a video in KUKU.io?

Choose “New post” and find “Add video” under the space for entering your post.

How to post video with KUKU.io

Do not forget to add a special tag “Video” to systemize your content.

How to add tags to your posts

How do you like our autumn updating?

Do not hesitate to try publishing video content with KUKU.io and use our friendly UTM-builder to track your smart campaigns. Be sure, we are waiting for your impressions and comments here.

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