To be honest, we have released this update a week ago. Please excuse us for announcing it only now, we wanted to make sure everything works like a charm first (and it does!). And we are very grateful to those guys who have already noticed changes in social media publishing tool KUKU.io and wrote us:

Best twitter analytics tools KUKU.io

UTM codes

Everyone wants to see the results of social marketing campaigns instantly. We do understand it and suggest you attaching UTM codes to links you post.

Once a link with the automatically attached code has been published, you will be able to track its stats (visitors, bounce rate, etc.) on your Google Analytics dashboard: the Standard Reporting section, then in Traffic Sources, then Sources, and finally Campaigns.


URL shortener

We have added a URL shortener. Links shared with KUKU.io will be automatically shortened to the goo.gl link. If you would like to see the original URL in your publications, just switch this option off in Settings.

Up to 10 images at once

Victor, Andrew, Amir and everyone who needed a possibility to add multiple images to one publication, you can attach up to 10 images now. What’s more, now you can add images from URLs: just insert an image link into the text field, the image will be automatically attached to your post.

Image url shortener with KUKU.io


You are our force and our team, and we are always happy to see you upgrading your accounts for free. If you have a limited account and want to get additional spots for your profiles, groups and pages (additional features in future), just ask us for them in Twitter using hashtags #kukupon and #kukupost. Trust us it works!

Social posting tools KUKU.io

What else has been done:

  • Now you can connect multiple Tumblr blogs.
  • We have fixed problems with posting to VKontakte.
  • The HTTPS protocol has been implemented.
  • Sexy calendar & timeline:

Social media management calendar KUKU.io

The next week will be a week of fixes and minor improvements for us. It is time to tackle Analytics and new social media networks.

In the meantime, let’s remember articles we’ve created for you:

Did you find them useful? Let us know your opinion in comments!

Come try the new version of KUKU.io out now!

Hey, enjoy of your day!

– KUKU team

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