There are three smart ways to top up the number of likes, reposts, and followers on social networks. Here are all these ways. Some of them are connected with the risk of getting ban. We’d like to recommend you to learn this information carefully before using them.

The first way

Test special services (for example – addmefast.com, like4like.org, or socialclerks.com) for your actions. You will get points that you can spend on increasing repost, likes, or new followers. This is useful if you work with a service regularly.

How to get free likes on social media

Pros: increasing likes, reposts, and followers without the risk of ban. It’s free.

Cons: there is a risk of ban due to the sharp increase of likes, reposts, and followers in the group profile or community.

The second way

Use KUKU.io and the option Like / Repost

With this option Like/Reposts by KUKU.io you can increase the number of likes and reposted publications.

How to do it? After connecting to the service make posts in your community or a group. Go to the Status of publications.

KUKU.io tools for increasing likes and reposts

Find the post you want to work with, and click the Like or Repost button.

How to increase likes and reposts with KUKU.io

Select the account from which you want to do the desired action. Choose a specific time when you need to start making reposts or likes. The more profiles you have, the more likes and reposts you can do. It can be done on Facebook, Twitter, Vk, Google+, Pinterest, and Linkedin.

Pros: a legal way to increase reposts or likes without the risk of ban. It’s free.

Cons: it required multiple accounts on social networks in order to achieve a great result.

The third way

Buying likes. You can do it, using some services and with the help of freelancers. Most of the paid tools have the same functionality as free ones. Therefore, the risks they have are similar: freezing an account for the burst of activity.

Freelancers work with bots. In the best case, after working with a freelancer, you get a smooth increase of followers, but after a period of time, the community should be cleaned from the “frozen” accounts.

Pros: buying freelancers’ likes – fast and visible results.

Cons: the risk of account banning, many remote followers. The paid method.

It looks pretty good when there is a choice. Which of these methods you like best?

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