It may seem pretty cheesy to manage Instagram account today but anyhow Instagram bloggers are rather popular. They can be considered as opinion leaders and brands’ advocates who provide followers with interesting visual information and evergreen content.

Is it easy to create your own blog on Instagram? Where to find good references and examples?

Instagram blog as a dream

Managing Instagram account is not only an interesting and exciting process, it can be also quite profitable. Popular Instagrammers know that it requires a lot of time and resources.

Popular Instagram bloggers and beginners

We set a small survey among Instagram beginners, and here’s what we’ve got:

We asked: How many followers is required to be considered as an Instagram blogger?

Instagram bloggers, KUKU.io review

  • 22,2% – from 5000
  • 33,3% – it doesn’t matter. The more important to get more active followers
  • 44,4% – from 10 000 and more

Our respondents from different countries mainly do not follow a specific content strategy or frequency of posting.

We asked: How often do you post to Instagram?

How to be a popular Instagram blogger

  • 22,2% – several times a day
  • 22,2% – twice a month
  • 55,6% – there is no system, sometimes once a week and sometimes twice a day

We’ve conducted the survey among the Instagram bloggers who have more than 3 000 followers and not less than 50 posts. Most of them are primarily concerned in increasing their target audience.

We asked: What is your global goal on Instagram?

How to create a popular Instagram account?

  • 11,1% – the number of likes
  • 22,2% – sales increase (if the user promotes his/her business)
  • 66,7% – the number of followers

Such results are not surprising. But if you follow the specific rules of Instagram blogging, your results will definitely increase.

5 crucial tips for managing a blog on Instagram

  1. Analyze your audience and determine its needs.
  2. Create a detailed social media content calendar. Calculate the frequency and time of posting.
  3. Publish unique posts and evergreen content, bright and interesting pictures and video, create amazing Instagram banners.
  4. Add stories. This will attract the audience attention.
  5. Use hashtags. They will help to get a lot of followers.

These rules are basic, but there are more to increase the number of followers on Instagram and maintain a successful blog.

Your first results will not be long in coming. Do not forget to use friendly service KUKU.io with useful metrics for Instagram analytics.

What do you think about it? Do you have any secrets of the advanced Instagram blogging?

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