Instagram celebrates 1 year of Stories. The option, which was first considered as Snapchat feature copycat, has significantly increased the popularity of Instagram.

Nowadays Instagram Stories are quite popular in business for promotion goods and services. According to the official Instagram page, the feature is most popular in USA, Brazil, Indonesia, Turkey, and  Russia.

With the help of Instagram Stories, you can publish visual content that will disappear in 24 hours. More than 250 million people from 700 million Instagram users prefer to use Stories.

Besides, the representatives of Instagram shared another interesting stats. The amount of time users spend on Instagram has been increased. People under the age of 25 spend more than 32 minutes every day. And those who are 25 and older spend about 24 minutes a day on Instagram.

The most popular geotags are connected with New York, São Paulo and Jakarta. The top list of hashtags consists of #goodmorning, #goodnight, #mood, #happybirthday and #work.

Most popular hashtags on Instagram

If you manage your account carefully, you will get great business results on Instagram. Loyal followers will be always waiting for quality and system content. This is the only way to win their trust and attract new followers on Instagram.

Daily posting is a process that can take a lot of time and become a routine. To avoid this, a postponed posting was invented. Using KUKU.io for automatic posting, you will turn account management into pleasure and will definitely save time. KUKU.io content calendar will help to do it. You can plan and schedule posts by days and hours, even considering all time zones.

Content calendar KUKU.io

Besides, KUKU.io proposes to track the results of published posts and use the most current metrics for analytics: likes, comments, engagement and much more.

Do you use Instagram Stories for business aims? Or is this function seems useless? Feel free to share your opinion in comments.

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