While other social media platforms are spending time trying to adopt the latest trends, Facebook is surprising its users by expanding own services. Specialists who work there, release smart tools and Facebook marketing features every month to give new opportunities for business and customers.

You already know a lot about other social networks, for example about Instagram and how to get more Instagram followers for business, or Twitter and how to apply content marketing strategy, so it’s high time to learn something new about Facebook features.

The overview of new and well-known Facebook features in this article will show how to make your business stronger. If you take care of your customers, you will also find out some cool Facebook features to share with them. Let’s check them out!

Check your results using social media tracking app.

How to market your business on Facebook using smart innovations?

Pages to watch

Facebook allows every brand to check and compare pages of competitors. Pages to Watch option will assist.

This feature was performed some years ago but since then Facebook released several updates.

Unfortunately, not every marketer knows how to track competitors on Facebook. The new version of Pages to Watch shows some extra metrics. These metrics relate to the activities of your competitors and include interactions, the most performing posts, tracking competitors posts in the Insights-Posts section, the number of admin’s posts, etc.

You can see Pages to Watch module on your Facebook profile , which allows you to choose only 5 pages. Choose any of them and you will see how many fans these profiles have gained over the week.

Facebook marketing feature page to watch

Top posts from Facebook feature Page to watch

Response assistant and Saved Replies

If you do not have time to respond yourself, use this smart Facebook marketing feature. In case, your company frequently gets the same messages repeatedly and has no time to answer, start taking advantage of Response assistant.

Response assistant is an easy way to send instant responses to your customers. Instant Replies will help to respond when you are not online at the moment. They can be sent immediately or in a specific set time.

Marketing feature Responce instatnt on Facebook

How to send Instant replies on Facebook

You can also make a separate reply and send customers with the help of Saved Replies feature. Saved Replies allow companies profiles’ owners to reuse saved messages when they need. If you are an admin of the page, this option gives you a tool that lets you to create a new reply, like a template to use it later.

What do you and your Facebook marketing company need to know to use saved replies?

First, you need to click on the messages at the top of your profile to create a saved reply. Then choose any message. Make a reply with a title and your content. Finally, save it.

Year in review

This feature shows how to use Facebook for marketing aims and allows everyone to summarize the events and memories with Year review.

Using this link https://www.facebook.com/yearinreview, every user can create and share their own reviews. This feature also can be useful for companies. For example, it can be an opinion leader or any representative of a brand, who will say “thank you” to customers. Thus, any person can use this as a promo of a brand.

Scroll down to review your images and enjoy. Besides, you can choose other images at the bottom using Customize option.

Facebook marketing features year review

Feel free to use social media content management tools to check up your results before preparations for the year review.

Instant articles for better marketing strategies on Facebook

Instant Articles, as one more representative of Facebook new features 2016 list, was recently created especially for mobile users. Using this feature, people can read any article here without leaving a Facebook page. The feature helps to read faster without slow loading.

It is easier to read a Facebook article than any mobile web article. Besides, you will get different options, such as tap-to-zoom galleries and auto-play video. To create your Instant article, you should follow some simple steps (meaning that you already have got your Facebook profile and have joined the program by the following link www.instantarticles.fb.com).

Choose a specific page for your articles. Then create your URL that you will intend to use for them. After that, it’s time to create an article and customize styles. It’s even possible to select fonts or add a logo here. When finished, submit the result to be reviewed by Facebook. It will take up to several days.

You can drive revenue from your articles. We can admit that publishers do get their profit in this case because Facebook gives them 100% of the revenue from the ads. The only thing is if Facebook sells the ads over the audience network, it will keep 30% of the revenue and gives 70% to the publisher.

CTA button – free Facebook marketing tool

One more interesting feature of Facebook is a Call-to-action (CTA) button. You can add it to any of your updates on Facebook. It will help to improve the clicks.

We can find the successful example of using CTA button in businesses dealing with resorts. Many hotels and resorts use “Book now” button to attract customers to their proposals. Exploring Facebook pages, you will find such buttons as “Buy now”, “Learn more”, “Sign up”. “Download”,etc.

Facebook feature Call to action button in a hotel business

The feature will work if you install a special tool called Power Editor, which works in Google Chrome.

Facebook allows viewing the analytics of this button.

Analytics of Facebook marketing feature CTA button

Choose “Create post” and you’ll get an option to create a link for the CTA button. Then choose one specific CTA button from a list. Add pictures, description, headline and the link. If everything goes well, choose “Publish post” and you’ll get it.

It’s also possible to add this Facebook page feature to advertising posts as it’s considered to be a cool Facebook marketing for small business.

Facebook call to action button Learn more

Quote sharing

Sometimes it’s not easy to share specific phrases or quotes from any articles or books. The new Facebook feature for mobiles helps to add any quotes you like to your posts. Moreover, you can accompany it with your comments before sharing.

You can install this plugin to a website and add a “Share Quote” button into the web page. The button will pop up when a reader highlights a piece of text.

Facebok feature for business Quote sharing

Nearby Friends

An optional Facebook marketing idea Nearby Friends shows which of your friends are located near your place. Facebook provides you with notifications when your friends are nearby. Thus, you will get a chance to meet up with them.

If you do not want others to see your location, it’s easy to turn the option off at any time. Also, this one of Facebook security features allows you to choose who can see if you’re nearby.  

  1. Turn on Nearby Friends option. (both your featured friends on Facebook and you need to turn it on together).
  2. Choose to share a precise location with friends.
  3. Your friends will see where you are on a map.
  4. Meet up with your friends.

This feature for Facebook social media marketing can be an excellent source to attract the attention of your potential target audience to the small business who have own profiles on Facebook. For example, any toy shop can attract mothers, children or school guys by showing them its location, using the profile that is managed by a representative of the shop.

Your chances to find more friends will increase if your company manages multiple facebook accounts.

Nearby friends option on Facebook  Facebook marketing feature Nearby friends

Facebook Live Video

With the help of Live video, you have good chances to accelerate the brand awareness of your Facebook page and to prove your Facebook marketing strategy. It is a great opportunity for brands to stream live broadcasts from any devices. You even do not need to add any extra app.

For example, you represent a large network of supermarkets. You can stream any of your marketing campaigns from a store. It can be a tasting of fruits, masterclasses, competitions or other activities.

It’s easy to predict great future for this kind of marketing on Facebook. Marketing specialists suppose that video engagement on Facebook nowadays is higher than on YouTube. With adding Live Video, Facebook gives brands a lot more power.

New Facebook feature Live Video

If you have friends, who create a live video on their Facebook profiles, then you will get notifications about each video.

Video metrics as Facebook marketing service

Facebook new metrics can help marketing specalists to be informed about video views and the average duration of views. Also, it shows the retention rate of your audience.

See the number of people that watched your video and all views.

Facebook marketing service Video metrics

Ads Manager

Some time ago Facebook introduced the Ads Manager that can help to make mobile ad campaign management easier. Using this tool, you are able to check your current advertising or create new campaigns. You can track and edit the advertising performance, edit budgets, and schedules and receive notifications.

If you have already applied some of the features and Facebook marketing solutions, please, share your experience with us!

There are some more interesting features you can share with your friends and customers. It’s easy to attract your customers’ attention and increase loyalty by showing your interest and sharing the exciting opportunities of Facebook.

To find out more about more analytic opportunities use facebook analytics tools

3 Facebook features your customers should know. Let them in!

See first, or share tips for Facebook marketing with clients

If your company creates brilliant content and you post exciting news, give the See first feature a try. Tell your customers about this default Facebook feature to remind them that they can save your posts and read them later.

With the help of this option, your customers may set their own news feed according to their priorities. They can give the main priority to your news and read them first. Let your customers be aware of your updates.

Marketers know that it’s important to persuade the readers to get the latest news from their companies.

And the readers should understand all the profits and benefits. Then your content will immediately get into the priority list.

To get this feature, a Facebook user visits the main page of company’s profile. Then they click Like button and choose See First option. And that’s it!

See first feature on Facebook pages

Save button

Save button helps Facebook users to save everything they want to read later.

You should keep in mind that your friends and customers are often busy and have no time to read all your updates. Let them know that there is an option that helps to save the posts for viewing later. Besides, it is possible to view saved posts (or links) later from any device.

The way to do it is rather easy. A customer clicks on the button in the upper right corner, then selects “Save”. After that, he/she chooses “Saved” on the main profiles’ page.

Facebbok marketing feature Save button

New marketing feature of Facebook Saved post

All this can help to develop the content strategy for the future.

Finding popular conversations

This new Facebook search feature helps to find the best content across Facebook. You can see the list of popular topics that have recently been watched at the right side of your news feed.

This list depends on your interests and trendy topics in general. Click on any headline. You will see the most interesting posts about that particular topic, posted by your friends.

Suggest this option to your customers. If you post the relevant content to attract them, they will see your posts not only in the news feed but in a top list.

Facebook marketing feature finding popular conversations

As a conclusion

All these features and Facebook marketing tips influence current digital marketing. Facebook gives brands excellent opportunities for promotion and advancement. These new tools and the features of facebook real estate marketing  will not let competitors to sleep.

Using Facebook for marketing, you should remember that any innovations work better if they are used immediately after their implementation. In this case, they attract more attention. The same thing with the new features on Facebook. That’s why marketers and advertising specialists should pay attention to this fact and try to adopt new features.

Check new Facebook features to develop more opportunities for your products and service! 

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