These days, the mass media continues mentioning Telegram Messenger not only as a super-secure messaging product for geeks, but also as a promising marketing channel with a qualitatively new way of communicating with the audience. At the moment, the total number of monthly active users worldwide has already overcome the number of 100 million. Another pleasant bonus is that the competition among brands in the Telegram Messenger is extremely low.

telegram users

From this guide you will learn:

  • What is Telegram App?
  • How to use Telegram App?
  • How to create a channel in Telegram App?
  • What’s the Telegram audience look like?
  • What are groups, supergroups, and bots on Telegram App?
  • How to create a perfect post for Telegram?
  • About Scheduling Telegram Messenger posts
  • How can we promote our channels and bots on Telegram Messenger?

What is Telegram Messenger?

What is Telegram Messenger

Telegram is the world’s most popular cross-platform online messengers with 100 million active users per month. Now Telegram Messenger allows not only chatting directly to each other, but also offers a wide range of features for business: channels, group chats and smart bots.

Eat your hearts out, social media networks!

How to use Telegram Messenger?

How to use Telegram Messenger?

Sign up for Telegram, and start chatting with everyone from your contact list who have already joined Telegram Messenger. Set up a channel or a group chat to promote your content and build a community around your brand, company, blog or idea.

Create a bot and connect it to the app for social media scheduling to schedule posts to Telegram easily!

Learn how in our FAQ.

How to create a Telegram channel in Telegram App?

It is easy to do this on Telegram App.

  1. Just click the button at the right of the “Search” field.
    создать каннал
  2. Name your channel or group.
    name channel
  3. Here you can also choose whether your channel or group is public or private.
  4. Add members from your contact list. 

In Telegram App, you can create a publication to a channel manually (in this case, you won’t be able to schedule it), or schedule your posts to Telegram with social media post scheduler KUKU.io. For this aim, you will need to create a bot.

How to create your own bot on Telegram App in a minute without coding:

  1. In the “Search” field find the official bot which is responsible for other bots by typing @BotFather.
  2. Type and send the “/newbot” command.
  3. Follow the @BotFather’ instructions.
  4. Make a bot an admin.
  5. Connect your bot to KUKU.io by inserting the Token ID @BotFather gave you.

connect with kukuThe audience of Telegram Messenger

Telegram officially declares that they do not support any types of advertisement, which does not exclude some paid functionalities that will be added in the near updatesThat’s why Telegram practically doesn’t open up any user data. With some exceptions, you can see how many users Telegram has in each region:

The functional features of Telegram


The Telegram groups work best for those users who want to communicate with a limited number of people (up to 200 members). What concerns features of the Telegram groups, every member can:

  • invite new people
  • change the main image of the group and its name

As you see, each member of a Telegram group has almost unlimited rights.

Telegram Supergroups

In contrast to groups, supergroups can include up to 5000 members. In supergroups, members can:

  • just like in groups: invite new people, change the main image of the group and its name
  • save the history of posts
  • delete their publications
  • use some features that allow them to moderate the community
  • pin posts to the top of the chat


In Telegram App, channels are created to broadcast messages to a large audience. In this case, just like in Facebook pages, the posts will be published on behalf of the channel.

What can the creator of the channel do?

  • create publications
  • edit publications during 48 hours since posting
  • delete them
  • invite first 200 members
  • delete members
  • grant or remove admin rights
  • change the name, the link and the profile settings of the channel
  • delete the channel

What can an admin of the channel do?

  • create publications 
  • edit own publications during 48 hours since posting
  • delete own posts 
  • delete channel members

Telegram App allows neither leaving comments on posts nor liking content you share. If you want to manage not only Facebook pages, Twitter profiles, etc., but also to try Telegram for business out, connect it to KUKU.io and publish content to all your social media channels at once.

Telegram bots

Developers who work with bots support Telegram team’s words that Telegram API is one the most developer-friendly API. Probably that’s a reason why the number of Telegram bots grows so fast.

A bot is a program that “talks” with a live person through the text code. Ideally.

forbes bot

What’s special in Telegram publications?

Publications in Telegram channels:

Giving that you only can use a monolog style broadcasting messages on Telegram App, there’s still a range of methods that can help you to activate the audience and gather feedback.

  • Mentions:
    упоминания ен
  • Contact details. Journalists and owners of broadcast channels can leave their contacts at the bottom of publications.
  • Links on social media networks. If your main focus in marketing is on social media networks, Telegram is an easy way to grow your audience… on social media. For example, Pictures of Asia encourages subscribers to share comments under publications.
    social nets
  • Share content on your own behalf. It’s also a good way to use the power of personal contact in the messenger.
  • Images with text. This type of content works best if they are subjects of attention themselves (for example, charts or schemes) or the title of the link is written on it.
    ссылка в подписи у бота
  • Hashtags. Do not work. Actually, they do not work as a marketing tool to optimize your content and make it searchable among relevant content. However, you can use them to improve navigation in your own channel.

Ways to promote your channel or bot

You can use several methods for your channel / bot promotion:

  • Share information about it on social media. Groups and channels about Telegram on Facebook:
  • Telegram bot stores and channels catalogs. We look forward to the native Telegram bot store – Bots Market. Meanwhile, here’s a list of the existing stores:

  • Other methods – monetization platforms

    Monetization platform work just like advertising networks: advertiser fills out a form to promote a channel, and owners of popular bots and channels place ads on their sites.

  • Mutual PR
    Some owners of bots and channels willingly accept possibilities of Mutual PR. As a general rule, in order to keep your content relevant and avoid spam, it is a good idea to share only posts and bots similar to your theme. You can promote a channel right in Telegram Messenger. Through channels created in order to promote channels on Telegram App.

  • Through Telegram channel directories


How to analyze the effectiveness?

Free Telegram bots analytics tool is Botan. With its help you can learn:

  • demographics
  • your bot’s most popular features, languages, OS and devices of your followers


In conclusion, рalf a loaf is better than no bread! If you want to be the first who will take advantage of Telegram promoting your brands, create a channel and easily get your first target not spoiled with content users. The future for messengers!

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