What is your favorite Eva Green’s role? Seems like she was Bond girl in “Casino Royale” ten years ago.

All right, but that’s all I want to tell about the talented French actress and model because the key topic of this article is Evergreen Content, not Eva Green.

If you care about increasing traffic to your site or blog, this article may be the source of your inspiration. Here you will find the following:

Evergreen content definition

What is evergreen content and how does it work?

Evergreen content (sometimes can be defined as timeless or long lasting posts) is content that cannot be out of date and does not lose its relevance. This valuable element can attract traffic and useful links.

You can update it, associate backlinks with new content and inform users as soon as the topic becomes relevant again.

For example, a post titled “Why Super Bowl was not extremely visited this year?” will not be so popular in January, 2018. The text about the history of the annual championship Super Bowl or a post titled “The best Super Bowl performances” can be classified as evergreen content.

The example of evergreen content. KUKU.io review

What makes posts long lasting and timeless?

What should be done with posts to make them popular and readable again? When the next year Super Bowl performer’s name is announced, you can mention some facts about the previous performers in your new post.

The post about discounts for Italian furniture in your store can not be timeless. But the interesting facts about creation the unique Italian furniture style will definitely be popular content in future.

Evergreen marketing posts, KUKU.io review

The elements of the evergreen strategy

There are many factors which can give a post a longer shelf-life. Here are some of them:

  • It’s obvious but you should make sure that your post is useful and interesting to your readers.
  • Evergreen content addresses a need. When your post answers a question that your readers are looking for, it has more opportunities of being successful.
  • A persuasive title. Your evergreen headline should sell the whole content.
  • Readable texts. Pay attention to headings, images, bullet points, lists, etc. Do not leave your audience alone with the enormous walls of text without any editing.

Tips for creating evergreen content strategy

Define and explain

Make “how-to” lists for beginners and active users.

It’s always interesting to read how-to posts. People always need tutorials and tips, so it’s a good idea to create a post with a potential to be referenced for ages. If you want to know how to manage LinkedIn to promote your business, there is no need to waste time for searching, you can find this evergreen content in seconds.

Today it’s easy to find how-to posts on about everything. That’s why if you write content on how to do something and that something has been already written about, try to figure out how to make your instruction stand out. Do not forget to add pictures, video, links, and other helpful content.

How to create evergreen content

Write tips

As an expert, you can find any original niche, highlight specific questions and present the answers.

It does not matter what type of service you’re offering, your customers will always want to know more about your industry. That is why you can be the one who’s giving them the insights. 25 tips on how to get a lot of Instagram followers will attract your customers’ attention if you deal with social media marketing.

Your tips should be easy for understanding and following.

As there is more info about new tips that come into your mind, you can update it in a new article like “10 additional tips and tricks”.

Evergreen strategy and posts, KUKU.io review

Create lists

Combine the most suitable information about your topic and make a list that is easy to follow to help your clients navigate through online content. Add own comments that serve your specific niche.

The aim of these lists is to deplete all the possible questions. And if your list is really helpful, your customers will come back remembering what a great source of information you are.

Tips and lists as evergreen content types

Do not date posts

If there is no need to set the date of your post then simply leave it without specific periods. This will make it topical at any time.

Add personal experience. Make research

Conducting your own original research is not a simple thing, but it may increase your chances to get an evergreen material. Your primary research will be unique and exclusive. This kind of content will be powerful for sure.

How to write evergreen publications

Write about the best tools, best books, and best resources

There are no ideal instructions for any sphere, but if you are an expert, you have all rights to preach your way into doing it properly.

If you have your eyes on creating credibility, your valuable piece of advice will be a good evergreen source for inspiration for your readers. For example, best-book lists or best practices compilation are always a good evergreen promotion.

Evergreen marketing strategy. KUKU.io review

Write about common mistakes

Every professional sphere has its weak areas and points where you can easily make mistakes. Outlining these mistakes and providing tips on avoiding them is a kind of evergreen content.

Common mistakes as evergreen content

Write about the history

Historical posts are also good content because they’re educational and have the potential to be updated if some new information appears.

For example, here’s a post about the history of social networking:

How to create evergreen articles, more details at KUKU.io

Add archives

Original archives can assist making your historical posts more valuable and credible. This evergreen content will return your readers to read it again if necessary.

Archives as evergreen content, KUKU.io review

Create glossary

Give your clients a good start with a helpful glossary or a definition list. It’s a good way to involve them and make the intro in the terminology of your niche and slang mastering.

How to write glossary to make it evergreen

Write evergreen reviews

Reviews should be detail-oriented and provide more information about services and products that you deal with. They are especially useful for something that customers buy online. Your thoughts will be appreciated because you are not a business owner.

Reviews help to build credibility. You are able to update them from time to time, according to major changes.

Evergreen articles, KUKU.io review

Mention trends

As long as any trend lasts, it can be useful content for your clients. When a new product or service comes out, people want to know the opportunities that it presents.

How to increase traffic with evergreen content

Enrich your evergreen marketing with interviews

If you are able to interview some expert from your sphere, just do it. The important point here is to find something that hasn’t been asked a thousand times before.

Evergreen interview, KUKU.io review

Evergreen video

If you strengthen your posts with video content, it increases their effectiveness and strategic impact.

All the rules for written content also work here. You can create educational, testimonial, user-generated video, add toolkits, evergreen how-to lists and so on and so forth.

Sharing these types of video on your social networks, do not forget to tag brands or people you mention. They will have a chance to share this content with their online audience.

Here you can see the evergreen example with the list of the best traditions in sports:

The example of “how to” video:

Finally, when you know exactly what kind of evergreen content is best for you and want to start writing a material, one question still remains open… How to measure and evaluate the effect of such publications?

How to evaluate evergreen content with KUKU.io

Is evergreen content beneficial to your blog or site?

Ask KUKU.io and you’ll get the answer! KUKU.io analytical tools will help you to cope with this objective easily. Using the service’s options, you can track the number of readers, likes, comments, sharing, etc.

Tools for social media analytics


So when you are looking for topics to write about, consider something evergreen.

It should not be the key or must-have point of your content plan, but it’s good to define the power of content, which has not outdated within a few days.
What kind of evergreen content have you tried? Feel free to share your experience in comments.

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