Did you know that more than a half of human beings are Internet users? It sounds terrific, right? And have you heard about the video on YouTube that has more than 2.6 billion views? Any ideas? If you still do not believe in the power of the internet and social networks, just check up statistics.

Marketers should constantly keep abreast of the latest online updates and statistics that are related to their work. Social networks are developing day by day and it is important to understand all digital innovations to apply them to businesses.

Why is it important to analyze social media statistics?

Before creating a social media marketing strategy or starting a public campaign with the choosing of specific social platforms for your brand, you need to start with social media statistics and researches.

If you want to get results, you should know every social network from A to Z. By the way, the glossary with social media definitions will help you to learn more about the subject.

So let’s explore the world of the latest social media statistics and see what may appear useful for your business.

Global social media statistics 2016

It’s not easy to follow all social media and understand all their terms and tools. At first, it’s better to read the article about social media reputation management.

Here we combine the most interesting social media business statistics from different statistics sources and put the emphasis on 6 networks that may be useful for your business. We did not focus on the financial or human resources facts and tried to show marketing information that relates to users and social media usage statistics.

More interesting social media facts. Global statistics on social media

  • As of January 2016, the number of worldwide Internet users amounted to 4.2 billion. This number looks particularly impressive, especially when you consider that the total worldwide population is 7.4. billion (as of August 2016).
  • 2.3 billion active internet users have their social media accounts.
  • Every second social networks get 12 new active mobile members that is almost one million per day (as for 2015).
  • More than 90% of retail brands use 2 or more networks.
  • According to the latest statistics of active network penetration, South Korea is the first country in the list of social media usage penetration. This information shows the share of people in countries visiting social media sites as of winter, 2016.

TOP-5 countries by social networking penetration:

  • South Korea – 76%
  • UAE – 68%
  • Hong Kong – 66%
  • Singapore – 64%
  • Argentina – 62%

4 global mobile statistics about social media

Here are the latest mobile social media statistics worldwide:

  • Smartphones and tablets adoption made them the most people’s primary day-to-day devices. Mobile phones help people to access connected services including the internet.
  • Nearly 3.8 billion people use the internet with the help of mobile devices.
  • 85% of Facebook audience connects via mobile phones.
  • More than a quarter of the world’s mobile social media users live in Southeast Asia and East Asia.

Social media mobile users, KUKU.io statistics

What is the most popular social media?

«We are making the world more transparent”

Mark Zuckerberg

According to the surveys and statistical researches, the most popular social networking is Facebook. It’s not a secret that Facebook dominates among the other networks. Its audience is about 1,7 billion and its closest competitor is WhatsApp. This platform also has the greatest engagement.

According to 2016 statistics, the most popular online networks are: (as of April)

  1. Facebook (more than 1,7 billion users).
  2. WhatsApp (more than 1 billion users).
  3. Facebook Messenger (900 mln).
  4. QQ (853 mln).
  5. WeChat (706 mln).
  6. QZone (653 mln).
  7. Tumblr: (555 mln).
  8. Instagram (500 mln).
  9. Twitter (310 mln).
  10. Skype (300 mln).

As you can see, the emergence of online platforms has created the nation of media content creators. There is no more dominance of TV or radio content with people who listened and watched media content.

Users choose social networks according to their interests and preferences. For example, young people choose Instagram more likely than Twitter or LinkedIn.

We try to focus on all sorts of interesting facts about social networking sites from about 6 online platforms, so we have combined the best of them in one statistics list.

Social media management tool

Facebook statistics

Facebook leads the first position among the other social networks. Individuals and companies from all over the world use it for communication, business and entertainment purposes.

Well-known brands have understood it and started to create their own pages on the site. Today it is important and prestigious for any brand to communicate with their customers and solve their business goals through Facebook.

The latest update of Facebook statistics was published in the official Facebook newsroom in June. Have a look what figures and data Facebook proposes.

What should we know about Facebook users and usage statistics?

  • The website that was launched in 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg has more than 1.7 billion active users (as of June 2016). Facebook has 1.13 billion daily active users and more than 1.03 billion people who use mobiles daily.
  • People from all over the world attend Facebook. Approximately 85% of the daily active users are outside the USA and Canada.
  • There are 150 000 messages sent every minute.
  • 140 languages are available on Facebook.
  • Nowadays more than 50 million active small business pages are using Facebook.
  • In June 2016 there were 14,495 employees working in Facebook offices.
  • There are 80% female and 73% male among Facebook members.

Other resources also propose interesting statistics:

The most popular Facebook page, statistics 2016

Twitter statistics

Twitter is typically used by people who seek out news and information about what’s happening around them and in the world. People also join Twitter to connect with brands and companies.

The latest statistics shows that the online networking service has more than 310 million monthly active users (as of March 2016).

Twitter proposed the latest statistics update in summer, so now we can see the numbers as of June 2016. Here is the most interesting and up-to-date statistics:

What should we know about Twitter users and usage statistics?

  • 82% Twitter followers are active mobile users.
  • More than 40 languages are supported on Twitter.
  • 37% Twitter users are aged between 18 to 29.
  • People send 6 000 tweets every second on Twitter (that is 350 000 tweets per minute).
  • 86 % of users use Twitter for news and information.
  • 42 % of Twitter users learn about products and services via the platform, so we can say that Twitter is a real place to interact with brands.
  • The average user on Twitter has 208 followers.
  • Celebrities have the most popular Twitter accounts. Katy Perry has more than 93 million followers. The most retweeted tweet was made by Ellen DeGeneres (3.33 million retweets).

The most popular Twitter account, KUKU.io statistics

Instagram statistics

People from all over the world are addicted to posting their pictures on Instagram. Their tastes and preferences are different, but there are some tendencies: food, animals, sports, cars, fashion and other popular topics.

Instagram was acquired by Facebook in April 2012. This platform is mentioned among the 5 most-used apps.

What should we know about Instagram users and usage statistics?

  • There are 500+ million monthly active users on Instagram.
  • 80% users are outside the USA.
  • 95 million images and videos are uploaded per day.
  • 30% of Internet users are on Instagram now.
  • The average age of Instagram users is 35 years and younger (as for June 2015).
  • National Geographic is the most followed brand on Instagram. It has 61,4 million followers. 

The most popular Instagram page, KUKu.io statistics

Selena Gomez is the most followed celebrity with 69.5 million followers.

The most popular Instagram account, KUKU.io statistics

  • Pizza, sushi, and steak are the most popular food on Instagram.
  • Almost 50% of brands have Instagram pages (as for summer 2015).
  • 70% of the most used hashtags on Instagram belong to brands.
  • 42% of teenagers are using Instagram on their mobile phones.
  • More than 95% of US fashion brands use Instagram for their business goals.

Fashion brands on Instagram, KUKU.io statistics

Linkedin statistics

There is no need to clarify the main purpose of LinkedIn, isn’t it? Statistics shows that LinkedIn continues to dominate the professional online networking world. It’s really good for B2B sector.

What should we know about LinkedIn users and usage statistics?

  • 450 million is the number of people on LinkedIn in more than 200 countries and territories (as for summer, 2016).
  • 2 new LinkedIn members join the network every second.
  • A half of LinkedIn members access it via mobile devices.
  • 20 languages are available on LinkedIn.
  • 106 million monthly visiting members.
  • 70% of people on LinkedIn live are outsides the USA
  • In 2015 there were more than 1 million members who had published content on LinkedIn.
  • LinkedIn users conduct 1 billion searches per day.
  • More than 87 % of recruiters use LinkedIn for hiring (as for 2015).
  • LinkedIn has 3 million active job listings.
  • More than 30% job seekers are using LinkedIn to find a job.
  • An average LinkedIn member spends 16-18 minutes on LinkedIn per month.

YouTube statistics

Some people do not classify YouTube as a social media, but there are many reasons to do it.

YouTube has over a billion members. It’s almost one-third of all people on the Internet. Every day people of every continent watch YouTube videos and generate billions of views. The service was created in 2005 in the USA.

What should we know about YouTube users and usage statistics?

  • 40 minutes is the average time that people spend watching YouTube videos per session.
  • 6 billion hours of video watched per month.
  • 1 billion mobile video views per day.
  • More than half of YouTube views come from mobile devices.
  • An average user spends 40 minutes per mobile session.
  • 9% of small business companies use YouTube for their goals.
  • Approximately 80 % of viewers are from outside the USA.
  • The most popular video on YouTube is Gangnam Style by Psy.

Pinterest statistics

Pinterest is a network that operates a photo sharing website. It is a good choice for everyone who wants to plan any activity: holidays, traveling, anniversaries, and other events. It is primarily popular with women.

What should we know about Pinterest users and usage statistics?

  • There are 100 million active monthly users on Pinterest.
  • 75% sessions are taking place on mobile devices.
  • The average Pin is repinned 10-12 times.
  • Pinterest members begin planning two to four months early.
  • 45 % of users plan their holidays at least 60 days in advance.
  • 14 million articles (http://marketingland.com/pinterest-50-billion-pins-123572) are pinned every day.
  • Saturday, 8pm-11pm is the best time to pin.

We have described just 6 global online media statistics. And you can see that social media marketing is a great way for your branding. Having the latest social media facts and statistics you can speed up your strategy and create ideas that are more successful.

If you want to analyze your social media networks simultaneously and without extra efforts, join KUKU.io and try helpful social media analytics tools.

Social media analytics reports

Which networks or websites do you use for your business purposes? Do you know more interesting social media facts and statistics? Please share with us.

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