Have you heard the latest news that in a few weeks you will be able to search and add GIFs to your tweets from the Twitter library? Well, it does makes sense, because only last year Twitter users uploaded to the site from both Twitter and a social media management tool more than 100 million GIF images. Making it simple to find them is sure to supercharge that trend. Looks like the ball is on the Facebook’s court again.

twitter gif images

Update of our social media management app

To follow the trend in the fresh update of KUKU.io we have focused on making it simple to upload and add GIF images not only to Twitter but also to Facebook and VK.com. Just like when you add GIFs to posts on Facebook directly when you use KUKU.io to post to multiple social networks at once, on upload, our social media posting app is converting the GIF to an MP4 and embedding the video instead. Boom! Now your GIFs converted to MP4 have a better performance and are easy for controlling.

What else do we have for you in our free social media management update?

When you want to share multiple images on multiple social media accounts, we save an order of the added images and  notify you about any issues that may appear (ex. an image is too small to be added to Pinterest, there could be added only 4 images to Twitter, etc.).

Also, from now when managing multiple social media accounts, you can’t lose anything. If scheduled social media posts fail, you receive a notification from us and can easily copy them and place into a queue again.

Performance and stability improvements of our social network management app

In the update, with your help (thank you, Vadim Makeev and everyone who reported problems to us!) we’ve made major and minor performance and stability improvements of our social media posting tool:

  • Now you can delete posts from both a timeline and a social media network in a click.
  • You receive notifications and warnings about any issues happened so that you could fix them and publish your post to social media networks successfully.
  • We have improved a posting speed to VK.com.
  • We have also fixed problems with posting through the Google Chrome extension of KUKU.io.

We continue working on new updates and new cool features based on feedback we received from you (keep sending us your ideas, seriously, we love it! ? ). And of course, we continue working on a team plan of our app for social media management. Also, you can try the special team management software.

Check the new version of KUKU.io now!

Have a great day, everyone!

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