The farther we work on social media management tools of our KUKU.io and social media networks support (remember, Google Plus Page support was released recently?), the more we realize that despite fast changing trends in social media marketing, content still plays the main role. High-quality content, whether you’re creating it for a blog or, let me say, scheduling Telegram messenger posts, and structured social media marketing strategy are able to:

  • Drive traffic to your website
  • Engage your audience and turn followers into brand evangelists
  • And actually sell your products

However, not every type of content can help you in reaching your direct aims. For example, posts that are aimed to entertain or share useful tips with followers will neither generate sales right away nor drive traffic. These types of content engage your audience, dilute content that sells and show a real value to your followers: if you are selling all the time, what is the point of being subscribed to your updates?

Balance is the key. Here is how brands deal with it:

2 levis content marketing strategy 2

How not to get lost in all these types of content?

Sounds challenging, but in reality, social media content planning takes not more than an hour a week and saves hours and hours you spend on figuring out what kind of content you should share today.

That is why today we are thrilled to continue our month of big updates with an announcement that smart content plan is now released!

With its help, you can create a comprehensive social media content plan for a week or month, tag your content (visual, tips, infographics, humor, etc.) and test it to choose the template that works best for your social media marketing.

Social media content management

Let’s back up for a minute and start not even from a content plan of KUKU.io, but content planning in a more general meaning.

The first planning action you should take is to determine your aims: whether you want to grow your audience, increase social traffic, gain new customers or even build an army of evangelists.

Once the decision is made, the priorities should be set and goals should be clearly determined. Remember to keep your goals SMART: specific, measurable, assignable, realistic, and time-based.

The following step is to think about the frequency of your social media posts which you can define with the help of social media analytics of KUKU.io and major promotions and content themes you can generate and share with your followers.

The most popular types are:

content marketing matrix

These content themes are not the only to produce. Turn your imagination on and merge these types in each other. Try to play around content that sells and mix it with tips, photos, videos, etc. to develop content that works best for you.

At this step, you can start taking advantage of our content plan.

How to create a content marketing plan

KUKU.io makes content planning easy. If you are new to KUKU.io (hi there!), connect your profiles, groups and pages (10 social media networks available in the application: Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest, Linkedin, Tumblr, Telegram, Vkontakte, OK.ru and Instagram) and gather accounts you are going to frequently use together into channels.

social media channels plan

Once created, go to Content Plan tab and choose a channel for which you are going to start planning content. If there is a predefined posting schedule, times will be added to a content plan automatically.

Click the time you want to add a post to or a plus button to set a custom time for a publication. In the popup window, you can add a text, up to 10 images and adapt content for each social media network if you want to post to multiple social media networks at once.

new post content plan

Here you can also tag your content with a theme: visual, tips, infographics, humor, etc. Why is it important? By tagging your content, you’re always able to see where you have gaps, whether your content plan lacks, let me say, entertaining content or content that sells. After that, you can test different types of content, analyze your content plan and make the needed corrections to improve engagement rate, follower growth rate, or conversions.

content tags

Social media content planning is easy! Moreover, in KUKU.io, the only thing you need to take is content planning. Once a social media content calendar is created, the app will post to multiple social media networks when the time comes.

content plan kuku.io

Content Plan is an intuitive social media content management system that can help you to manage multiple social media accounts at once and save time on creating and planning content. In addition, it is such a pleasure to use it!

Social media content management

Hope you will find the content plan advantageous for your social media content planning! We can’t wait to receive your feedback, thoughts, ideas or just chat to you! Please feel free to drop us a line here, use a live chat, social media or email us to: support@kuku.io.

We’re tracking your comments everywhere and always happy to chat. 🙂

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