This is happening. Today Social Media Analytics is officially launched for all our users (and thank you for testing it and sending us your feedback in advance! 🙂 ). The reason we have been working on analytics for so long is that we wanted not only to show you core metrics but also dependencies between them. For example, how the posting time affects the engagement rate. Can this information be valuable for you when developing your content plan? Absolutely!

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… or learn what we have here for you, and how it can help you.

The social media engagement

Social media analytics engagement rate chart KUKU.io

In our Analytics, you will learn how the content you post engages your audience (daily number of likes, shares, and comments received) and what impact it has on follower growth. In addition, you will always be able to see the summary with the changes over the previous period time.

How I can use it: publish content across all your social media networks at once, and see what posts in which social media nets perform best and lead to new followers. Get rid of content that does not engage your audience.

The social media frequency

Social media analytics frequency KUKU.io

How often should you post to social media networks? There are tons of guides available on the web that tell you the perfect frequency for Facebook is 2 posts per day, for Twitter is 7 posts per day, for LinkedIn, 1 post is enough, etc.. However, we prefer to think that you should choose your own perfect social media frequency to get the needed increase in followers.

The chart that has been included into Analytics shows how the frequency of your posts affects an increase or decrease in followers. The exact number of followers is counted from the day that analytics was switched on, so make sure to launch Analytics once the article is read. 😉

How I can use it: you can easily track the daily number of your publications across multiple social media networks and catch the moment when your social media frequency turns into annoying.

The best time for posting

Social media analytics the best time for posting KUKU.io

Okay, now I know what the frequency of posts means to me, but when should I post to reach the highest engagement? In our social media Analytics, you can see circles that show your posts on a time scale. Colors of the circles depend on the engagement rates of your publications. Green posts have the highest engagement rate; consequently, they are the most effective ones.

How I can use it: when creating a posting schedule, start with analyzing the best time for posting. Choose the posts with the highest engagement rate, and check when they have been published. Combine results with the perfect posting frequency to build the posting schedule that will drive you to greater results.

Posting schedule KUKU.io

The perfect posts to social media

If your post is liked, commented or shared by 20, 30, 50, etc. people, you know there is a real interest in that info. Take advantage of the list of the most engaging posts in a chosen period, a timeless quality content. If old content is relevant and helpful to your followers, then you most likely want to save it and publish once again.

Social media analytics clicks by countries KUKU.io

By creating Analytics, we encourage you to explore the clicks on links you get from different social media networks, always know the follower growth by social networks, and see countries that are the most active (in clicks) on your social media.

Launch my Analytics right now

We continue working on Analytics, new charts and custom reports will be added in the near updates. So please let us know what you think about our social media Analytics and what charts you are missing (just drop a line at support@kuku.io). We would be happy to add them for you!

Have an amazing day!

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