Most of brand managers and marketers think about situational content. How to apply it? In this article, I’ll try to explain why it is important on social media and will share 3 bright examples of situational marketing in 2017.

How to make a bombshell out of any information noise and get benefits? I am not going to rehearse cheesy stories, like the unrevealed Olympic ring in Sochi and dozens of adv campaigns on this matter.

Let’s think about fresh cases, creative marketers and PR specialists who led to success.

What is situational marketing?

Situational marketing is a brand’s response to any social event relevant for a mass audience. The main purpose of using such an information is to draw attention to a product or service, create viral effect and, finally, sell it.

This can be any success or a failure of a political campaign, sports sensation, the release of a long-awaited film, a strategic mistake by your rival and so on and so forth. You can use any calendar date, even the anniversary of Her Majesty. It can be pretty anything in situational marketing.

How to find news hooks for situational marketing?

How to respond to an important news hook?

It is rather important not only to be the first to foresee the approaching event but also to be able to use it competently. Speaking about social networks, most news hooks may look like:

  • Text posts
  • Special activities: contests, quizzes, surveys, tests related to the event
  • Greeting followers
  • Special logo design on the site and on social networks
  • Stylized stickers
  • The design solution for avatars in groups, a cover page on Facebook or Twitter (for example, national flag style).

Situational marketing on social media? KUKU.io review

Where can I find news-hooks for situational content?

If you want always be aware of the events taking place around you, it is important to:

  • Read news, reviews, visit info resources.
  • Manage accounts on social networks. Situational content can always be found in Facebook feeds, on Twitter or Instagram by hashtags.
  • Monitor monthly calendars with dates, holidays and important events.

5 advantages of situational marketing on social media

A marketer, who catches the news first and understands its positive effect for a brand, can:

  • Increase brand awareness
  • Start to be a trendsetter
  • Increase the loyalty of target audience
  • Increase sales
  • Enlarge posts reach on social networks and attract new followers.

Nowadays, most social networks offer basic analytical opportunities, so you can easily monitor the results of your situational content (in case you need to monitor the progress of your project, give a try to the special software). If you are interested in more detailed data, you may try any KUKU.io analytics. Here you can find different metrics that will analyze content in details and will allow you to make operative conclusions.

KUKU.io analytics on social networks

3 cases of brands that were successful with situational marketing this year

Story №1. How situational marketing assisted a sportswear brand

Sometimes brands do not even need to do anything to get a wide response from an accidental event. Social networks do everything themselves.

In June, one of the most important events in the sports world was connected with tennis. It was the one and only – Wimbledon tournament. During the last days of the tournament, Facebook and Twitter were full of amazing pictures and videos. The former world №1 player, Kim Clijsters could not stand the persistent and noisy tips of a fan during the game. She just called him to the court.

The resourceful fan went down, got a pair of sportswear (for ladies) and even tried to play few serves. This incident provoked crazy emotions and was spread on social media in hours. As a result, the sportswear brand FILA and Wimbledon received new followers and got some promo benefits.

Situational marketing in sports world

Story №2. How the famous beer brand used situational marketing

Any political event such as the election of a president inspires many brands to create their ad campaigns. One of the popular Mexican beer brands used situational marketing immediately to promote its beer – Tecate.

The fact is that one of the most disputable points in the campaign of the current US president was the idea to build a wall on the border with Mexico.

The resourceful beer brand in its advertising suggests not to build the wall of discord, but instead of it – the wall from beer cans, that will unite people.

How brands use situational content

Story № 3. How social networks use situational content

This year Eurovision Song Contest, extremely popular in Europe, inspired Twitter to create topical emoji. Today emoji on social media is a reflection of current events and followers’ mood. That’s why Twitter proposed the miniatures with the logo of the contest and some emotional signs.

Eurovision contest as situational content

By the way, the competition became the reason to create situational content for other brands: the national airport, VISA, Pepsi, etc.

Knowing some interesting and beneficial dates, you can prepare publications on social media and plan them with the help of a content-calendar. The postponed posting system will help you to do this without any confusion.

You may say that not every date will be suitable for your business. And you’ll be right. But there are so many interesting things that can be found in an events calendar every month that you can definitely find something for your aims.

The idea for a marketing campaign

If you manage a tattoo studio and promote your business on social networks focused on visual content (Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, etc.), then you can use many dates for promotion and competitions. For example, on the birthday of the Mexican artist Frida Kahlo on July 6, you may offer a free tattoo with her image for everyone.

Or April 1, the day of the ornithologist may be the reason to announce 50% discount for any tattoo with a bird.

Ideas for situational marketing campaigns

Are you inspired now? Be sure, you can find interesting news hook anytime and wherever. Try to add some situational content and you will definitely get success.

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