This update is a biggest and one of the most important since the launch of KUKU.io. This month, we have added a significant number of incredibly useful new social media management and scheduling featuressocial media analytics features and done our best to make the user experience in social media management with KUKU.io even better than it is now.

Okay, a little less abstraction, just take a look at what we’ve prepared for you. In the fresh update of KUKU.io, you can:

  • Enjoy scheduling Telegram posts
  • Like and share social publications
  • Edit link previews and attach suggested images
  • Take advantage of the improved timeline
  • Export your smart social media analytics to PDF and PNG
  • Shorten your links with sexy lnk.al

How to schedule posts on Telegram Messenger?

Here in KUKU.io we are true fans of the idea that the audience of social media sites and networks moves to messengers. Not only we, the next week Bot Store will be officially added to Facebook Messenger, and that could be one of the most significant events since the launch of App Store. Meanwhile, Telegram Messenger grows passing 100 million MAU, developing the Messenger revolution by adding channels, group chats, and bots.

Channels can become a perfect alternative to Facebook brand pages with the engagement rate and CTR of which Facebook will be jealous (stay tuned, the next week we will show you why!), and that is why we see a huge step forward in adding Telegram to the list of the supported platforms.

By the way, join us on Telegram: @kukuiosmm

Now you can now create content, adapt it and schedule posts to Telegram as well as to other best social media networks. It is that simple:

Schedule telegram posts with KUKU.io

Start scheduling your posts to Telegram with KUKU.io now!

Like and share posts on social media

Do you know what you can like even more than Telegram integration? The possibility to like and share your posts on behalf of other connected social media accounts in a click of a like and share button.

Sometimes, you need to generate starting activity on social media to help your followers overcome the barrier of the first action and engage with your content better. However, we know how exhausting it can be to log in / log out and ask everyone to promote blog posts or posts shared on social media.

Now all you have to do is to click the Like or Share button on the post group in the timeline to set accounts that will help you with this small hack.

Like and share from other accounts

The feature is available in the Essential version. Upgrade now!

Edit the link preview

We have received many requests to add this feature to KUKU.io, and now we are happy to announce its launch. From this moment, you can edit link previews and publish the modified ones to Facebook, Tumblr, and Linkedin.

Edit link preview facebook

Moderating and scheduling social media posts in timeline

With your help, we are always able to add smart improvements to our UX/UI, and in this update, we have focused on modifying the timeline of scheduled and published posts.

From now, if you create a post to multiple accounts, these posts with be grouped in a timeline in order to save space and make navigation easier. To expand the group of posts just click on it, and click again to roll the posts up. Here you can also moderate each post in the group before it has been published.

socail media timeline

Now you can also search the posts you need with keywords, and go to a post on social media network by clicking the link symbol.

Suggested images and drag-n-drop

The feature I personally admire most in this update is the new view and the extended functionalities of the window that helps you to attach images to your posts. If you attach a link to a post, you do not need to click on the link and save images you want to upload afterwards. The available on the page images will be suggested automatically so that you could create visualized posts in seconds.

What’s more, here you can add an image URL to upload it (as well as to the text field), and drag and drop images from your desktop device.

suggested images

Let’s move on!

Link all! A new URL shortener is added

In this update, we’ve added a new lnk.al link shortener which, for our taste, looks much better than standard goo.gl. But the reason why we added it to KUKU.io is not that it is pretty (yet it is!). With its help, in the next updates, we will be able to add new charts to our Social Media Analytics Tools that would illustrate such important metrics as the number of clicks you get, more info about the engaged audience, etc..


Export Analytics to PDF and PNG, and SECRET FEATURE

If you need to get a report to share it with your team members or clients, you do not need to grant any rights to your account. You can easily export it to PDF and PNG.

SECRET FEATURE that will be available soon is Instagram support. Did I say that?

instagram analytics

We continue working on new updates and new cool features based on feedback we received from you (keep sending us your ideas, seriously, we love it! ? ). And of course, we continue working on a team plan of our app for social media management service.

Check the new version of KUKU.io now!

Have a great day, everyone!

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