It is a good tradition to share good news on Christmas Eve, right? But before announcing the news, let’s recall our results.

We will remember this year as the remarkable time for our social media management app. Today we have 10 000 users worldwide and more than half a million posts published. We continue to develop our tools and the quality of our service, and we hope that the next year will be even more successful.

So let us announce our update – the possibility to create Posting Schedules and set Time Zones for social media channels.

In fact, it is always important to keep track of where your customers are located and change time zones correctly if needed. You should check it on all social networks. Whether you publish posts on Pinterest for business aims, create a publication for multiple Facebook accounts or prepare any content on Tumblr.

If you learned how to create and schedule posts using KUKU.io calendar and publish your posts to multiple social networks, now it is the time to learn about the posting schedule and time zone scheduling.

KUKU.io time zone scheduler for social networks

Remember that you can use social media marketing tools to support Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter and your other networks’ accounts.

Posting schedule

If you are managing multiple social media accounts, or you just want to save your time by choosing all accounts you want to post to at once, you are most likely to have already explored the Channels feature. Here you can gather frequently used together profiles, groups and pages into channels and choose the one you need right before posting.

We continue improving this feature! Now you can create a posting schedule for your channels. The closest available time and date will be suggested automatically when you choose the channel to create a publication. Besides the posting schedule, please pay attention to time zone scheduling.

KUKU.io social media posting schedule

Don’t forget to change time zones when posting!

Your time zone is set automatically according to your location. Be sure to use the right time zone otherwise, you can make mistakes while posting.

How does the time zone scheduler work?

So if you want to change your time zone and publish all your posts according to your project schedule, follow the next paragraphs that will show you how to do it easily and fast.

No more need to use the manual local time calculating!

Let me say, you are the owner of a logistic company in Boston. Your customers, partners and colleagues can wait for your posts everywhere, for example, in Los Angeles. It is important to provide information on time in this kind of business. It is quite natural if you ask yourself: “What is my time zone? And is it any difference between my time zone and the time zone of my customers who live abroad?”

Time zones scheduling with KUKU.io

With the help of KUKU.io time zone scheduler, you will not have any troubles with posting. The best way is to create a channel for such publications. You are able to select any desired time from the list of time zones that you can find in the appeared window.

Where can you find KUKU.io time zone changer?

So if you need to change your time zone in KUKU.io please follow the next steps:

  • Find a bar with the time zone schedule under your selected accounts (that you may want to add to a channel).
  • Click on it to expand all time zones options.
  • Choose the one you need.

Looks easy, right? What do you think about this option?

We would like to say “thank you” for being with us all this time and for supporting us with your helpful feedback. Feel free to contact us if any questions.

KUKU.io Time Zone Scheduler Update

And happy Holidays!


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