Today the potential of Pinterest can be beaten only by Instagram popularity.

Anyway, Pinterest may become the important tool for any business if a business owner knows how to use it properly. According to some statistics, this social media continues to get more social media traffic than other popular platforms, such as Twitter, Reddit or Linkedin.

Pinterest is an excellent option for brands, as it can be the real portal for their products, services, and content. This is the opportunity to strengthen content, leaving social interaction a secondary role. With the help of this network, brands are able to understand what people are interested in.

Pinterest is the amazing source of ideas where users can find different tips, recipes, hacks and get inspiration. It belongs to visually-oriented networks, as well as Instagram, and affects followers with the help of visual content and optical effects.

Pinterest for business, KUKU.io review

At the very beginning, let’s agree that we do not support the wrong stereotypes:

  • Pinterest is only for women
  • Pinterest users only pin wedding content and food recipes
  • There is no my target audience on Pinterest
  • I have enough social networks and there is no need to create an account on Pinterest.

Please, forget about it because here we’d like to describe the benefits of Pinterest for business. This article will be useful for companies and individuals that have not yet discovered all the advantages and benefits of Pinterest.

But first, let’s remind the roots.

Pinterest for business goals

The short history of Pinterest

Pinterest developers started working on the service in 2009. The new site was launched and opened for free registration in August 2012. As the founder said, he personally sent first 5 000 letters for users to ask them to sign up. In 9 months Pinterest was already used by 10 000 users. Today it’s one of the most popular social media all over the world.

What is the concept of Pinterest for business?

If you are looking for a beneficial channel to promote your start-up business, do not hesitate to consider strategic points of Pinterest.  

How to use Pinterest for business?

Thousands of entrepreneurs have already appreciated this effective tool for businesses of all sectors and sizes because it helps to achieve numbers of goals — from attracting traffic to increasing visibility and brand awareness. Pinterest may help your customers to find out new opportunities.

How to enrich business strategy with Pinterest?

How to gain followers on Pinterest?

If you already have your own page on Pinterest with the main picture, all data filled and the first boards with images, it’s a high time to think about followers. How to attract followers easily? Here are some useful tips for the successful Pinterest marketing business strategy.

15 tricks to make your business account on Pinterest efficient

  1. Start with a content plan, schedule your future posts and set everything in order. Remember, that a detailed content strategy is 50% of your posting success.

How to use Pinteret to attract followers

      2. Define and create interesting content for posting. Add boards dedicated to specific topics, do re-pins for the posts of other users, like and comment their images. You should be proactive if you want your potential followers to be inspired. Make sure that your products and services are presented in a favorable perspective. This is quite important because it is the visual part that attracts people. You need to use at least 10 boards with 4 pins in each because this creates the first impression of your site. Never leave the boards empty. After seeing the first 10 boards, people will start scrolling down to see more.

The advantages of Pinterest for business

      3. Convert a profile to a business account on Pinterest:

  • Log in to a current account
  • Join Pinterest for business section
  • Click “Convert now”
  • Complete the information and choose “Convert”.

     4. Optimize images and use relevant pictures. Make sure that your visuals are associated with your content. In other words, do not use a dandelion picture if you are talking about how to choose the best barbershop. You can put an image at the top of your post. When creating graphics, do not forget to include the name of the post and the URL of your site.

Pinterest for business, KUKU review

      5. Arrange a small PR-campaign on your other social networks and tell your existed audience about your new Pinterest account. Highlight your qualitative content and invite your followers to join.

      6. Follow and you’ll be followed back! This rule is relevant for any social network. Like other people’s pins. If you see interesting pins but they are not significant for your audience, just like them. Every time you like someone’s pin, it’s displayed in the user’s feed.

     7. Brand your business. Integrate your company’s logo on the Pinterest profile. The section “About Me” includes a brief description of who you are and what your interests are. This is rather similar to the “bio” section on Twitter. It’s a good idea to link your account to Facebook and Twitter accounts. Also do not forget about the link to your website.

      8. Add hashtags to search the results by words. It works as on Twitter. You can use hashtags to highlight keywords in the description of your pins. For example, if you want to be found with an “influencer marketing” topic, use #influencermarketing in your description. It will growth the number of followers. The more followers – the more advertising.

What should we know about Pinterest, KUKU.io tips     9. Mention other users in the comments on Pinterest or pin descriptions to get their attention. Pinterest has the same “mention algorithm” as Facebook and Twitter. Just enter @ symbol before you start typing someone else’s name. After that, you will see a pop-up where your query will be displayed.

    10. Attach video. Pinterest allows you to attach video files. You can grab them from YouTube, Dailymotion, TED or Vimeo. Test other types of visual content.

Video on Pinterest, opportunities for businesses      11. Pay attention to the seasonal aspects. Change board position with the seasons. Holidays and seasonal events affect pinboard traffic. Your boards can be reused each year and there is no need to delete them.  

      12. Use the mobile app for Pinterest. If you still do not have one, be sure to download the mobile application for Pinterest on iTunes or Google Play. Since many people spend their time with mobile as much as with computers – the mobile app will be really useful.

     13. Add “Pin it” button to your images. You will definitely get some referral traffic from Pinterest if your blog pictures contain such a button. It’s not difficult to do: Pinterest proposes detailed directions.

How to add Pin button     14. Find influencers that will be interesting to your audience. Influencer marketing and relationships with opinion leaders can benefit your business. Start by following them, repin their content you like and do not forget to comment.

     15. Analyze your results. If you create your business page on Pinterest, you’ll have access to helpful information and analytics (personal pages don’t have this access). Study all the metrics that Pinterest marketing for business provides.

How to apply Pinterest analytics

Pinterest analytics by KUKU.io

With Pinterest analytics in KUKU.io, you can learn what pins engage your followers, what boards they like most of all or how to drive more traffic with Pinterest.

Analyze Pinterest

To get insightful Pinterest analytics you even do not need to have a business account, you can easily analyze your profile. Just follow these steps:

  • Create KUKU.io account and sign up Pinterest analytics
  • Connect Pinterest boards
  • Launch Pinterest analytics

KUKU.io analytics for Pinterest

Analyze your Pinterest account with KUKU.io

What businesses need Pinterest?

Pinterest proposes its users to study some successful business cases of famous Pinterest users. One of them is connected with the retail business.

The famous brand Hunter produces stylish clothing, accessories and rain boots. Their goal was to increase brand awareness, engagement online and in-store sales.

Before celebrating the new collection, the brand wanted to arrange a creative launch to drive awareness and consideration.

The solution was performed as a video campaign, promoted on Pinterest. As Pinterest is popular among women aged 18-40, this group uses the social network to discover new brands.

As a result, the promoted videos attracted an engaged audience and drove significant traffic to the online store. Live video increased branded searches and many users saved the videos to their personal boards. On average, they viewed 47% of each video.

Here’re some more spheres where you can use Pinterest:

Pinterest for photography business

Using Pinterest for photography business

Pinterest for handmade crafts business

Using Pinterest for handmade craft business

Pinterest for fashion business

Using Pinterest for fashion business

Pinterest for tattoo and body art business

Pinterest for tattoo business

Pinterest for design and art business

Using Pinterest for design business

Pinterest for hair and beauty business

Using Pinterest for hair business

Pinterest for health and fitness business

Pinterest for fitness and health issues

Pinterest for events, holidays and travel business

Using Pinterest for holidays business

Working with Pinterest will not take up much of your time if you start planning your content in advance and use auto posting opportunities. With the help of KUKU.io, you can schedule posts in Pinterest for the whole week ahead or even more.

How to post on Pinterest with KUKU.io

Post on Pinterest

Have you already tried to increase sales and popularity of your business using Pinterest marketing strategy? Would you like to use Pinterest analytics of KUKU.io? Feel free to comment this article.

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