Do you know how perfect pictures on social media look like? And what about the ideas or tools that can help you to make five different options of one image for five social media platforms? Not sure?

In this article we will try to show the key points of image optimization on social media.

Here you will find some facts about:

  • Technical image optimization and what programs are better to use.
  • Visual optimization. And how to choose the right size for pictures according to the standards of different social media.
  • SEO optimization. And what formats and names work for your social media marketing pictures better.

By using all of these types of optimization for your social media images, you can keep all your content in order and to check your pages’ effectiveness with the help of a social media analytics tool. For example, you can launch Facebook page analytics tool for your accounts and get all useful information there.

High-quality images can decorate even the most boring post. Sometimes photographs and illustrations can be your real strategic marketing tools on picture sharing social media. Take a look at the images secrets that some companies use:

Waterfilters company with bright Instagram pictures KUKU.io review

If you care about how to get more followers on Instagram for your business, or how to promote or sell your products on Facebook or how to make your Twitter profile memorable and different from competitors – pay more attention to illustrations.

Why is it important to optimize social media pictures?

“You never get a second chance to make the first impression”.

Andrew Grant

Do you agree with this statement?

It would be much easier if all social media platforms had the same standards and requirements, at least just for a social media profile picture. However, all of them have different ways of displaying visual content. People’s expectations for images differ on each social platform.

Once you understand these expectations, you will get a chance to optimize social media pictures for free and will see the first results of attracting the attention of your potential audience. Actually, it’s better to manage multiple social media accounts with some tools.

Let’s check out how we can optimize social media images.

Technical image optimization

Choose the quality

Use pictures of high quality. Even if you do not have a professional camera of your own, you can take great pictures with the camera on your mobile device. The only thing you need is to select settings that will work for you.

Choosing best settings to make high-quality images

TOP-5 places to get images for social media

If you are not able to make some nice viral pics for your social media, you can use images from any online resource. These images are under Creative commons license. This license lets the authors define the rights that other users may have to use their images.

You can find different websites that allow using photographs under Creative commons license that are free to use. Here is the overview of the most popular sites, where you can find the appropriate images:

There are more sites to use, such as Free Images, Unrestricted Stock, Wiki Commons, and so on and so forth. Just make your choice!

After you’ve created your great pictures yourself or have used the stocks, it’s time to move to the next optimization level – photo editing.

Photo editing resource for image optimisation online

TOP-5 online websites for free photo editing

Many sites offer the tools that can help to edit the images for free and make some required corrections. These sites will give you the opportunities to resize, crop and use different filters to make a really viral picture. Also, it is possible to overlay text and to create collages and simple infographics, etc. This will not take much time and your efforts surely will be rewarded. 

If you want to make some optimizations and create viral images, use the following web image optimizers:

Pictures editing and optimization using Ipiccy

Canva website for image optimization online

how to optimize images online with Compressnow

Online pictures optimization with PicMonkey

Images optimization with Pixlr online

Visual optimization

Sometimes professionals do not think enough about the quality and size of social media marketing images and email marketing images. But the size has a serious influence on its appearance. Now we will try to describe the basic criteria for the ideal online marketing images for different social media.

A marketing image on Twitter, an Instagram profile picture and an advertising stock market image on Facebook won’t be the same. It happens because all social networks need different standards for e-marketing images. It depends on purposes and audience preferences. Many media channels such as Facebook allow you to control the display of marketing illustrations.

Facebook standarts for image optimization

Common requirements for post images sizes on social media


Average dimensions: 940×788

Better to use 851×315 px for cover pictures, 180×180 px for a profile pictures.

Something to remember:

A Facebook cover image gives you the first impression about the page and represents you and your business. You can change this picture, depending on your mood and current events. But always remember about the size.

Your profile picture is located right on your page and on all posts that you comment. It will be shown on timelines of other pages where you post anything, in search results, etc.

The optimal choice for Facebook is to use the horizontal orientation of pictures. Someone use square pictures and it looks fine, but wider images work better. Facebook specialists periodically propose some new Facebook features and make the redesign of the main page. Now you can see your logo as a separate image as well as a cover picture.

Standarts for Facebook cover image


Average dimensions: 1080×1080

Better to use 110×110 px for a profile picture and something between 600×600 and 2048×2048 px (this is the largest resolution of Instagram camera)

Something to remember:

Instagram can resize photos for devices they have being viewed on. That’s why it’s better to use large sizes because picture quality will not be affected. You can post large internet marketing images here because it is possible to open your Instagram profile using not only mobile but also a tablet or your laptop.

Optimization standarts for Instagram pictures


Average dimensions: 735×1100

Better to use 165×165 px for a profile picture and 217×146 px for a cover

Something to remember:

Pinterest users usually pay less attention to a profile picture than Facebook or Twitter users. But profile pictures here also should be eye-catchy and nice, because anyone who arrives at your pins using the keyword search will see your profile too.

The pins should have a small width of 600 px. But feel free to post larger images for marketing aims (the better engagement, re-pins and likes). And remember that tall pictures here perform best. Here you can choose image boards, which will be permanently displayed on the main page.

Standarts for optimisation of images on Pinterest


Average dimensions: 1034×512

Better to use 400×400 px for a profile picture and something between 880×440 and 1500×500 px for a cover photo.

Something to remember:

Your profile picture is the main identification on Twitter that is visible to everyone on your home page and on the Twitter stream of your followers, etc. Try to choose the highest quality for your marketing strategy images, because they will represent you or your company. Use creative and bright illustrations and make them coordinated with a logo of your brand.

It is also important to choose a nice cover photo. You can place CTA button or add a slogan here.

Twitter optimized picture with CTA button


Twitter cover image of Wimbledon page


Average dimensions: 800×600

Better to use 250×250 px for an icon and something between 480×270 and 1080×608 px for a cover.

Something to remember:

Square upload is displayed as a circle on Google+. Do not forget about it and think first of how your picture will look being cut out. Cover options allow to use quite a large picture of your brand with a logo and business tagline. Google allows you to make image selections (something like borders on Pinterest)

You can also customize these selections, adding your images.

Google plus optimizes profile picture


Average dimensions: 570×750

Better to use 128×128 px for a profile picture and something like 570×750 pixels for image posts

Something to remember:

The best way to represent you or your brand and business on Tumblr is to use a good-looking square profile picture. It appears on the main page of your profile next to the button to follow you.

Tumblr allows to post high-quality images with up to 10 MB file sizes. The only exception is for animated gifs (which should not be more than 1 MB).

An optimized profile picture on Tumblr


Average dimensions: a channel cover: 2560×1440 px.

Better to use a channel cover picture with 2560×1440 pixels for desktop, 2560×1440 pixels for TV, 1855×423 pixels for tablets, 1546×423 pixels for smartphones.

Something to remember:

YouTube is a video sharing website but not a picture-sharing source. However, you should take care of pictures quality and sizes. YouTube videos can be streamed with the help of different platforms. That’s why the sizes of pictures should be optimized for them. One more element of design on Youtube – thumbnails for video. They should be informative and appealing.

Optimized picture for Youtube channel

You can use a special tutorial-2016, which includes all current standards for free social media marketing images.

SEO image optimization

How to optimize images for web?

We all know about image search engines, which can generate the great amount of traffic. SEO optimization of your pictures will speed up the image search performance. Here you can find some tips that can help to optimize images for search engines.

How to optimize images for website, using correct names

When you name images, try your best to provide all necessary information that will help search engines to understand what your images are about. Use specific keywords and apply them to the file names of your pictures for the best image optimization for web. It’s important to separate words with a hyphen or an underscore (“-“ and “_”). If you use spaces, the hyphens will be added automatically. Before uploading your pictures, make sure the file name contains the required keywords. You can find out more about the naming of your optimized images, using special websites.

Optimizing images for the web, try to give them simple but bright and eye-catchy names.

Social media marketing service for image optimization

Use hashtags to optimize images for web resources

Hashtags will help you to divide your images into categories and organize them. Image optimization with the help of hashtags will bring your pictures more likes and shares. Also, if you optimize your image using a hashtag, you will get new friends and followers.

Instagram picture with hashtags that optimize

File format for the best website image optimization

There are several saving options for images in different file formats. The most frequently used image formats on social media are JPEG, PNG and GIF formats.

  • Use JPEG format for photos because they contain many colors. This format uses compression function to reduce file sizes.
  • PNG format is better for screenshots, buttons and icons.  
  • GIF format is used for animated files. It’s better to use GIFs for low quality few colored images.

Optimize images for the web for others as for yourself

In any case, optimizing images for web, remember that any picture is a creativity and art first, but not a mechanical technical task. It doesn’t matter whether you tried to use google image optimization or apply any image optimizer software, your picture can be a masterpiece anyway.

We tried to share the main tips that can help you to optimize pictures and find online illustrations optimizers that will work for you. If you find your own way of optimizing pictures, please share it with us!

What do you think about these tips for image optimization? What are your own ways to share images on social media? Have you ever tried to use a free image optimizer or any image optimization software?

Please, share your comments!


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