A hot business season or a deliberate calm before the Christmas rush? How are your social networks? Is there any progress in followers’ growth? Have negative comments been reduced?

November long evenings prompt: it’s a high time to care of social media analytics and make a couple of useful actions to optimise marketing statistics to the pleasant figures and results by the end of the year.

Social media and messengers October news

What was interesting about social networks in October?

All the month social media users have been prepared for the main day of October. Have you already published your Halloween masterpieces?

Meanwhile, the number of Pope’s followers on Twitter has exceeded 40 million people. More than 14 million in the English version.

Did you know that the blog of the head of the Roman Catholic Church is localized to 9 languages?

KUKU.io social media digest

Everyone has own religious views, but fortunately, there were more interesting and encouraging news as well.

KUKU.io October digest is totally about the new social media features, long-awaited options, developers efforts and popular rumors. Here we go.


Instagram becomes a recruiting tool in Japan

Asian HR specialists have begun to use the visual network for the analysis of potential applicants. Some companies propose applicants to create small 15 sec presentations on Instagram. The authors of the best videos are invited to the interview. As you know, there are many ways to make these presentations in a colorful and bright way using all Instagram opportunities.

This is rather creative.

Developers arranged the redesign of CTA-panel

Instagram updated CTA-buttons design for advertisements. The panel will correspond to the color scale of the promoted post. Last year the panel has been already changed and got a horizontal look, then the panel’s color began to change from white to blue after four seconds of viewing. Instagram developers really care about attracting new followers that’s why new CTAs should create a great effect on companies.

It’s literate.

Instagram is the 2nd most popular network among American teenagers. What’s the first?

And the first place goes to Snapchat.

Independent researchers interviewed about 6,100 young people from 44 states. 47% gave priority to Snapchat. The second was Instagram. The 3rd place belongs to Facebook, followed by Twitter and Pinterest.

By the way, Snapchat’s rating among opinion leaders for the last six months has fallen by 33%. These figures should push the platform’s developers to a certain optimization.

It’s time for Instagram to think.



Twitter allows saving posts in favorites

In October, the popular social media announced the opportunity to create tweets of 280 characters as well as the new option to save tweets.

Now “Save for Later” passes the last stages of testing. It will be presented in the form of a button and will give the opportunity to save favorite posts in memory.

It’s quite functional.

The social network tightens security measures

Starting from the end of the autumn, Twitter blocks posts with insults or derogatory messages. The developers are planning to further combat sexual harassment and inciting hatred on Twitter. In particular, the company will take measures to prevent the spread of nude photos.

This looks useful.

Twitter admitted the number of users’ overestimating

Twitter announced incorrect figures for several years. The reason was connected with inaccurate counting data of Digits – the service which Twitter uses for its statistics.

However, these incorrect figures did not affect the number of users per day, which increased by 14% for Q3.

By the way, the total revenue of social network in the third quarter decreased by 4.2% compared to the same period of the last year.

This is all about competitiveness.



Facebook is testing Face ID

The new user’s account identification feature will not become the main authorization method but will be the great optional way to restore access to your page.

The feature will be useful if users lose or forget their access details for accounts. This is not the first Facebook’s trying in the field of access recovery. Developers hope for the quick popularity of the feature.

This is rather promising.

Facebook allows sharing Instagram Stories

Now Facebook users are able to post the Stories, shooted on Instagram. The feature is available for everyone except the owners of business pages. The option of reverse posting Stories from Facebook to Instagram is not available yet but Facebook developers are already working on it.

This is crossfunctional.

Now it’s possible to order meal with Facebook

The new feature of ordering food on Facebook allows users to make an order directly from restaurants and cafes through the social network.

The option was officially launched on October 14. Developers did not aim to compete with food deliverers. They just want to cooperate with them.

This is quite progressive.

Facebook has launched “Interesting” in feeds

In October, Facebook started to add the recommended content named “Explore” in the users’ feeds. The new section will offer a compilation of content that may be interesting for a specific user, based on his/her preferences.

This is quite logically.

Facebook analytics and posting with KUKU.io


LinkedIn developers are testing video advertising

The popular professional network announced the testing of video advertising on mobile devices. Advertising video content will be played automatically. Videos will be presented by separate blocks with the mark “promoted”. Advertisers will also have access to various metrics to measure the popularity of paid video content.

This is predictable.

One more story about the new LinkedIn substitution in Russia

The list of potential LinkedIn alternatives is replenished. This time the idea of creating an alternative to the professional network in Russia came from the Stavropol region. The local expert announced his project with the name Inked.link. The declared concept of the project not differs much from the previous initiatives.

Perhaps, one day Russia will finally have access to the global professional network without the need to find answers to the question “How to avoid LinkedIn blocking.”

This is encouraging.



VK allows booking hotels and ordering flights

The excellent news from VKontakte was announced in October. Now users who are fond of traveling may use the button “I want to travel” and get access to 800 airlines and more than 1.2 million hotels. The service is available for public pages and communities. Will this increase their sales?

It’s client-oriented.



Telegram introduced a rescuer-bot

Telegram developers have launched a special bot for Russia, that gives valuable guidance on how to behave in emergency situations. The bot shares 32 scenarios of behavior in the most common extreme situations. His name is @mchs_bot.

The immediate plans of the messenger are to add other scenarios and localize them to other languages.

This looks useful.

The messenger becomes a platform for forbidden topics

Experts note the increased popularity of Telegram as the platform for drug trafficking. Closed groups and bots for sales became the reason to think about it. Now the messenger’s developers are trying to save the reputation.

It is quite dangerous.

More than 8.5K channels were blocked on Telegram

It happened in the result of the fight against extremism on social networks. The founder of the messenger, Pavel Durov, announced this figure in October. He added that administrators of channels actively track any manifestation of improper behavior and publications with incorrect content on Telegram.

These measures are the instant messenger’s response to the constant accusations from the government related to Telegram content.

Measures should be observed.



Search advertising on Pinterest became available to all users

The popular visual network opened access to search advertising for everyone. It’s available for each advertiser who works with Pinterest Ads Manager.

Advertisers can target by selecting the exact, wide, or phrase match. A list of negative keywords is also available. Pinterest developers expect that auto-targeting will increase the effectiveness of advertising.

This is a farsighted point.


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