New Tumblr feature is designed to activate a secure mode and to filter out “sensitive” social media content.

Manage and filter your content on Tumblr

Social networks are increasingly focusing on filtering information and censorship issues, it’s like a global tendency. After the negative users’ stories with live broadcasts on Facebook, developers started to think about security and censorship improvement.

Each social network has its own algorithm for displaying posts in news feeds. By the way, third-party services do not affect the reach. And now you can find the new filter mechanism on Tumblr.

Who will use the new Tumblr filter?

If you are not interested in content filtering and are ready to read everything on Tumblr, then skip this feature. But if you do not want to see any sensitive content (for example, 18+ content, posts with religious, gender or racial discriminations, etc.), then you can simply hide it.

A save mode on Tumblr

How to set up a safe mode on Tumblr?

Open your settings in a web version or Android app. Find your account info and click on the safe mode option.

How to filter sensitive content on Tumblr?

Filter posts on Tumblr

iOS users should find Settings app and select Tumblr. The settings will appear at the bottom of the screen.

Users under the age of 18 can not disable the safe mode, it is configured for them automatically. But actually, there is no way to check their age during registering.

Tumblr representatives hope that the new filter will increase trust and boost the number of Tumblr users.

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Do you use content filters on social networks? Will the new Tumblr feature be popular? Feel free to share your thoughts after the article!

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