LinkedIn has released a large-scale redesign of its desktop version. The main goal of this redesign is to bring the desktop version in line with the mobile one.

The company hopes to make the interface “clean, simple and more intuitive” with the help of the new design. Now it’s gonna be easier to manage LinkedIn company pages and own profiles.

The new version of the site highlights the news feed issues. The upper left corner is occupied by the profile now. The right side proposes to add the contacts of people and companies.

The top page’s navigation was also changed: the new sections “Jobs” and “Network” have been added.

Now the basic functions of this social network are pretty easier to use.

LinkedIn smarter messaging

The biggest changes have affected messages. Now if you want to continue to communicate with someone, you do not need to create a new tab. All messages will be in a separate block, as on Facebook.

Messaging LinkedIn feed, KUKU.io review

Now all the emails that appeared to be spam are easier to filter out.

The new platform for messaging contains a new chat bot, which was created to help users to find time for offline meetings.

LinkedIn search

Linkedin recommends to use operators for complex queries in a search box:

A job search has become more convenient. As before, you can filter jobs by location, date posted, functions, industries, etc.

LinkedIn profiles

LinkedIn profiles have been also redecorated. Now you can choose another language to create a profile on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn introduces a new design

Here’s how it looks:

Thanks to this redesign campaign, LinkedIn has become much more accessible for users than ever before.

How do you like these changes?

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