KUKU.io starts this summer with good news! Now we are happy to announce KUKU.io new pricing plans.

Usually, pricing changes are associated with doubts and wariness. But in the case of KUKU.io, new pricing plans are quite clear and transparent.

Our new pricing plans have got partially new names and have become easier and more accessible for all without any extra “but”, “if” or “except”.

Try new KUKU.io pricing

KUKU.io team reduced prices and tried to optimize the capabilities of each plan to make tariffs more comprehensive and flexible for users.

In KUKU.io, as in one of the most affordable services (by the ratio of the number of available posts and accounts), the opportunities for clients’ purposes are distributed evenly.

What has been changed in the new pricing?

Posting and nothing superfluous

We’ve received many emails and tried to consider recommendations and requests of all customers. Many of you ask for a plan exclusively for posting. And if you do not need anything extraordinary, then why overpay? The new individual plan is designed specifically for such purposes.

It includes:

  • 5 accounts on social networks
  • 500 posts on 10 social media within a month
  • *The features “like and share” and content auto-duplication*

Advanced plan

It is not a modification of the previous Extended Plan. It is kind of the evolution of the starting tariff plan 🙂 You can connect 15 accounts here instead of 10.

Advanced tariff plan includes:

  • 15 accounts on social networks
  • 1500 posts
  • *The features “like and share” and content auto-duplication*
  • A content plan

The main features of Professional plan

The plan is designed for small and medium-sized businesses, advertising agencies and SMM-specialists.

In addition to unlimited posting, this plan includes available analytics: tracking headings in a content plan, analytics of posts and pages in general.

Professional tariff plan is the best solution for advanced social media marketers.

New opportunities of Professional plan:

  • 25 accounts on social networks
  • Unlimited posts
  • A content plan
  • Analytics of posts and pages
  • *The features “like and share” and content auto-duplication*

New KUKU.io pricing

Set of business plans

If you work in a team, you definitely need to try KUKU.io Business Plan. Using the plan Business 1, you can work in a team of up to 5 members and enjoy all the features of Professional plan.

What do Business plans include?

  • 60 accounts on social networks
  • 5 team members
  • Unlimited posts
  • A content plan
  • Analytics of posts and pages
  • *The features “like and share” and content auto-duplication*

At the same time, the plan has become more affordable – you pay only 24.99 with annual payment.

Other Business plans

KUKU.io other Business plans will help to deploy large-scale work on social media. It is possible to connect up to 90 accounts and add 10 people to your team.

KUKU.io team (business) version allows you to add members to the team and assign their roles: administrators or moderators. You can also make edits in your content plan as well as see the edits that other team members added.

Free version

You are able to use KUKU.io free version

Free plan includes:

  • 3 social media accounts
  • 30 post

How to choose the right plan with the new pricing?

You can try to activate KUKU.io trial version to assess your needs and posting. You will get the access to Business 1 plan for 14 days. It proposes a content plan, analytics, team control, unlimited posting and 60 slots for connecting your accounts.

Try new KUKU.io pricing

How to activate a new plan?

If you want to activate a new plan, click on Menu and select Pricing. Then select one and click Buy. Pay for the chosen plan using Paypro Global.


“Like and share” allows you to add likes and reposts to your publications inside KUKU.io. This feature offers cross-promo between your accounts. For example, having Facebook profile, you can like or repost one of your posts from this profile on a business page or a group on Facebook.

Auto-duplication means that all published posts can be planned again automatically using the option “Schedule a post again”.

Schedule posts to Instagram, Telegram, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Tumblr
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