Why do companies propose integration?

By offering integration opportunities to potential partners and clients, any business pursues two main goals:

  • Business performance and processes optimization
  • Customers’ increase and profit


These goals involve many tasks: to reduce time and resources, minimize routine and risks, to reach a new audience, etc.

Recently, KUKU.io’s modules have become available for integration with other services and partners. Integrated relationships and other popular types of cooperation with partners become a current trend. So that many companies and industries are coming to it. SaaS products as well.

In this regard, we began to receive more and more questions about the possibilities of cooperation with KUKU.io. To highlight the important integration capabilities of the service, we combined the most frequent questions in one list.

TOP-12 questions about KUKU.io integration opportunities

Is it possible to buy an exclusive package of KUKU.io tools for the own adaptation to our service?

Any client (especially it concerns large corporations) can get KUKU.io functionality with installation on its own servers. This can be the whole complex of tools (social media posting, analytics, content calendar) or separate modules. Such installation on the territory of the customer’s office implies On-Premises cooperation.

What is On-Premises?

KUKU.io On-Premises is a local solution for your business. This means that the whole service or its individual elements can be installed and adapted to the service of any company on individual terms. This kind of cooperation is most important in areas where a large amount of information is processed, including social networks (advertising agencies) or confidential data (banks and financial institutions). Service management goes to the side of the acquiring company.

What is White Label?

White Label collaboration is an interaction of several companies, where one company is exclusively engaged in the production of the product, and the second one acts as an intermediary and concentrates on selling this product under its own brand. Each side has its own competence – it saves resources, time, and money and allows for efficient resource management.

So any company can buy KUKU.io functionality or separate service modules (social media posting, analytics, content-plan) as independent products and offer them to customers on private terms.

A seller (or a partner) receives ready-made assets and in a short time period can increase sales due to a new functional or unique offer.

Is it possible to integrate KUKU.io with other marketing tools (our own developments that we use)?

It depends on the functionality and time of integration. Any opportunity is considered individually. Feel free to contact us at support@kuku.io

Can I become an intermediary partner?

We are interested in intermediaries who will sell White Label or On-Premises solutions for a specific percentage that is negotiated individually.

For how long can I use KUKU.io On-Premises?

Each contract is negotiated individually. Often the scheme is common: partners buy On-Premises products for a trial period (up to 6 months) to the further understanding of the effectiveness of such cooperation.

Will KUKU.io On-Premises support all future updates?

This possibility is also solved individually with a company that buys KUKU.io for local use. It is possible to configure automatic updating of the service or to refuse it, leaving the product with the current functionality.

Can I use KUKU.io tools under my own brand?

You can. According to White Label terms, the acquired service or its elements can act as an independent functionality for further branding by a partner.

Can we optimize KUKU.io’s functionality on our own (for example, to add social networks that KUKU.io does not support)?

Yes, it’s possible. Individual terms of cooperation may imply service adaptation or its individual modules, the introduction of new functional features, the addition of new social networks both on the side of KUKU.io and the partner’s resources.

Is it possible to localize KUKU.io for our region?

KUKU.io is presented in RU and EN options. Regarding time zones and the difference in posts publication – there is a friendly time zones picker in KUKU.io.

How to start the cooperation? What are the stages of White Label integration?

White Label partnership usually contains a few basic stages. Two parties should take several steps:

  • To define the strategy, goals, cost, and terms. It’s important here to discuss all the issues for implementation or development.
  • To determine teams representatives responsible for integration processes.
  • To plan and approve all stages of interaction.
  • To realize the deal.
  • To provide technical support.

Who usually needs On-Premises? Where can I find some examples?

Nowadays On-Premises solutions are used in online services and tools: CRM and billing systems, contact centers, payment tools and services for logistics management, etc.

Integration solutions are used in tourism, banking industry, insurance companies, gaming sphere, etc.

We’ve described several examples in our material.

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