If you use Twitter in your social media strategy, it is surely important for you to create and manage effective content and test results. There are numerous analytics tools available: from native Twitter statistics to social media management solutions that also feature analytics. Feel free to choose the best Twitter analytics tools for your business – and dive into charts and figures. Far more important is which metrics to track.

Recently we have described how to use Instagram tracker to improve business results. And what about Twitter? Is it possible to analyze tweets? In this case, we can find even more features and great metrics to measure. Let’s delve into details!

Do not be afraid of charts, reports, and graphs because they can demonstrate drawbacks of your strategy and points that need your special attention. Twitter analytics and popular metrics as well as helpful KUKU.io analytical tools are the subjects that we describe in this article.

Why is it important to analyze your Twitter activities?

It doesn’t matter if you tweet 5 or 55 posts a day, Twitter gathers information around your posting and your audience. The set of numbers can show you whether you’re succeeding or failing on Twitter, and how it can be improved.

Twitter page analytics is available for every Twitter account owner. For example, do you want to know how useful your embedded posts are? (We hope you remember what does embed mean on Twitter). Or what is the growth of your followers? Twitter analytics will show you.

Twitter data analytics page proposes to use its platform and metrics to track and evaluate to what extent tweets resonate with the followers of your account.

Twitter analytics tools and KUKU.io

What should we do to get free Twitter analytics?

Easy as pie!

Log into Twitter analytics website www.analytics.twitter.com with your username and a password to get access to the Twitter trends analytics dashboard. Then choose one of the proposed options and select metrics. However. you’ll get this analytical set if you have had a Twitter account for 14 days.

Here Twitter proposes a stats of the last 4 weeks on a dashboard. It will contain the number of impressions your tweets have received and different contextual information of the previous 28-day period.

KUKU.io profile on Twitter and analytical tools

KUKU.io Twitter analytics

If you want to get the more detailed and qualitative analysis, save your time, and find a powerful Twitter tracker, it is better to use special analytical tools and services. KUKU.io is able to help you to do this quickly and efficiently. Moreover, KUKU.io analytics tools can analyze your other social networks in one place. Therefore, you do not need to spend too much time to analyze each media. Just a few clicks and you will get the full picture!

Social media analytics tools

Here we describe the most interesting metrics that you can use to analyze your Twitter account:

10 Twitter metrics to measure social media success

  1. Engagement rate

One of the most important metrics on Twitter is engagement rate. It combines different metrics into one and shows you how users are interacting with your content.

Twitter engagement rate refers to the number of engagements that your posts receive divided by the number of impressions. It consists of different interactions with the tweet: likes, follows, retweets, replies, clicks, card clicks, hashtag clicks, embedded posts clicks, username clicks, profile picture clicks and tweet expansion.

KUKU.io provides detailed information and show various parameters of engagement.

Twitter engagement rate in social media management tool KUKU.io

  1. Tweets

А tweet is considered to be a simple but effective metric in Twitter analytics. Analyzing the types of tweets, you will understand the preferences of your demographic.

A tweet with an image is a huge engagement raiser on social media. But sometimes audience prefers short videos or even a simple post with no media. The only way to clarify is to assess the performance of your tweet types and the engagement they’ve got.

With the help of KUKU.io, Twitter users can assign content categories, and investigate which posts work better.

How to count tweets with KUKU.io

  1. Retweets / tweet impressions

It should be important to understand what part of your community would recommend your tweets to their followers. Using KUKU.io analytics you can  see how many people endorse what you’re saying.

How to analyze retweets and reposts with KUKU.io

Impressions help to add context to other metrics and they are also important as retweets. The number of retweets can gain new context and the number of impressions can make it more valuable if tracked over time. This Twitter metric will explain increases or falls and you will have a chance to explore the reasons.

Twitter allows to learn how your impressions stack up every day, describes the number of organic impressions and the number of tweets. You can also find here what kind of tweet volume leads to the great number of impressions.

Retweets analytics with social media app KUKU.io

  1. Followers’ analytics

One more social media metric is associated with followers.

Analyze your community and build a list of followers smartly. Twitter follower analytics will help you to understand and manage your community, to learn about people’s languages, gender and professions. You can segment your followers through a range of filters and keywords or categorize them in one list.

Analyze followers with KUKU.io social tools

  1. Traffic in Twitter analysis

Shares assist you to indicate that your audience has enjoyed your tweets. If you care about your site traffic, shares can have a real impact on it.

You should optimize your URLs to be able to measure traffic efficiently using URL-builders. It’s easy to use a link shortener that will log how many clicks your link gets. Driving the major part of traffic will help you evaluate the quality of your content.

There was a good case of Italian company that used Twitter and its analytical metrics to drive traffic:

Agricola is a garden store in Italy. Its audience is the local community and some foreigners. The store decided to develop and manage their social media campaign. And that’s how it was:

The goal: to raise brand awareness and drive traffic to the site.

Target Audience: Agricola wanted to reach several distinct audiences: new homeowners, younger online shoppers, women over 40 interested in homewares, men interested in gardening, people interested in organic food.

  • With the help of an agency Agricola tried to reach a niche audience with follower targeting. To find whether Italian Twitter users are likely to be interested in the listed topics, Agricola focused on the followers of relevant, popular accounts and analyzed them.
  • Agricola removed underperforming interests from its targeting lists. They also tested different images to see which performed best.

Using analytical metrics, the company saw the result:

Agricola results with Twitter analytics

How to analyze Twitter accounts?


“Twitter is a live, public channel with immediate, effective content that goes right to the point.”

Giacomo Brusa, CEO & Founder, Agricola Home & Garden

  1. Clicks

A click is one of the most essential metrics, since it represents a specific act of users. With the help of Twitter clicks, you can set broader business goals for brand awareness. A spike in clicks shows you that you’ve shared really good tweets. A good idea is to find it and send again. The accessible KUKU.io analytical chart will show you the precise information about the clicks.

How to analyze Twitter clicks with KUKU.io dashboard

  1. Audience interests metric

Audience interest’s analysis will help to give them what they want. This metrics allows you to study the popular topics that your followers are interested in or reading about. It gathers this information and highlights the topics that are shared by a majority of your audience.

If you are able to create content that fits these topics, your followers will more than likely will read, share and comment your tweets.

Audience interests on Twitter with marketing strategy

  1. Twitter mentions

Mentions help to track what can be successful and what not in attracting new followers. If the number of mentions is large, it definitely demonstrates a rise in the number of followers.

How to find Twitter mentions for analyze?

  1. The best time to tweet

Choosing the reasonable time of the day you can indicate demographic activity. Most brands think so.  

And they post their tweets usually between 8 AM to 6 PM. But it definitely depends on brands ideologies.

Take a look how KUKU.io schedule represents posting time of publications. If you click on the circle, you will get detailed information about the posting time and will be able to draw conclusions.

Posting time and Twitter analytics in KUKU.io

  1. Twitter hashtag analytics

No doubts that tweets with hashtags get twice the engagement. The more hashtags you use the more profit you’ll get.  

Remember the example of Domino’s pizza? They used tweets with #letsdolunch in their campaign. This hashtag helped the company to increase online sales up to 43%.

Domino's pizza and Twitter analytics

Twitter web analytics helps to see which of your hashtags perform best. You can filter your spreadsheet using a search of the tweet text by the desired hashtag.

Track all hashtags and keywords that can be important to your business. Measure how active the conversation around any of your post is. It will also help you to find influencers in your community.

You are free to use other metrics and tools for analytics, but even these listed metrics describe the profile’s problems and prospects in detail.

KUKU.io Twitter analytics tool is the smart way to do your analysis and help you define all strong and weak points of your social media strategy. Find out more about KUKU.io free Twitter analytic tool and its metrics in the following video:

Now you know how to get Twitter analytics  and use appropriate tools and metrics. If you have any ideas about the analytics and possible metrics, please write in comments.

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