Summer is not only for work. Sometimes it is necessary to have a good rest. How is it possible to leave posting on social media during your vacation? And what is the best attitude to rest and work?

Small business owners and bloggers know that their results and online marketing success depend directly on them, not on anyone else. And there is no time to relax. No substitutes like in large corporations. If the important part of business indicators depends on social networks, then planning a long-awaited vacation, we naturally think: “who will post while I am off?”

For many users, a social account is like a pet. They do not know who will care about it during the business trip. A kind neighbor can feed a cat, a best friend can walk a dog. But who will be responsible for social media posting?

What to do, if you think about the seaside but your social media profiles are not strong enough and need everyday care?

vacation and auto posting

In this article, I am going to share some thoughts about how to arrange social networks before vacation, what should bloggers pay attention to during their trips, what are 3 categories of people on vacation and why our tips will fit only 2 of them. Niagara Falls will be a random example.

Anything but work, please

So, what we have – business promo on social media. Our objective is not to lose, but strengthen marketing indicators on social networks during vacation.

posting during vacation, KUKU.io review

Usually, vacationers are divided into 3 categories. In fact, people are not similar to each other, but their attitude to rest can be grouped into 3 pieces and here they are.

Vacation time is a small life

  • The first category includes those who come to see Niagara Falls, but do not see them, because they find 3 or 4 useful and efficient conferences, which should be visited for sure, and in the evening they sort out their corporate emails. Perhaps, they are able to create some sweet pictures to post them later, but it’s much better to collect a bundle of business cards, useful notes in a notebook and lots of strategic thoughts to upload to laptops.
  • In the second category – people who solve all business issues in advance before the vacation started. They do not think about anything at all, they just want to relax. Many of them simply leave all devices at home. And let the whole world wait.
  • Finally, the third category is those who have dozens of pictures uploaded on social media in the first day of vacation. They can not go to bed without counting all likes and shares and tracking new followers on Instagram or Facebook. They know exactly both how to post on Instagram for fun and how to use Pinterest for business.

who will manage your social media during holidays?

So, who will care about social accounts while users are on vacation? Especially if business processes depend on them. The first category of people enjoying their holidays does not care at all because they will probably find the time for posting anyway. But for the other two categories, it’s better to learn how to support summer posting without any harm to vacation.

The source of inspiration for bloggers

Many Instagram bloggers, especially those who work with tourism, food, photography or lifestyle in general, use any trip as a source of inspiration and a fruitful working time. For many of them, it is a good reason to diversify a content plan and easily get new followers.

vacation and posting issues, Pinterest

The easiest way is to take a break and not think about posting. But in this case, you should be sure that your followers will not get lost and traffic will not decrease.

What should bloggers do to be prepared for vacation in advance?

Planning to visit a new country or a resort, you can learn more about the local audience and find opportunities to get new followers. Here are 5 simple tips for bloggers on how to rest with benefits:

1.Pay attention to hashtags associated with the place of your travel, and add the most popular of them. You can create your own hashtag.

Hashtags on social media

2. Explore the places and territories that are most often noted by users and leave the geotag on your most successful photos.

Geptags and social networks, KUKU.io review

3. Try to find unusual places. Of course, just a few tourists pass Eiffel Tower or the Kremlin without making pictures. However, no one prevents you from making photos in an original way and creating visual content better than others. Countries and cities have their hidden places for sure.

4. Add interesting and detailed descriptions to photos. After all, there are a lot of colorful images on social networks, but few of them are really informative and useful.

Descriptions on Instagram

5. Mention famous people associated with this place, remember the popular movies that were filmed at your holiday destination, or, after all, recollect the song about Niagara Falls of the old American rock band Chicago.

In any case, creating photo content is not just work, but pleasure as well. You can collect an excellent visual base for posts that can be easily published later. But what about the posts that should be published while you are resting?

Who will care about the business social promotion while you are resting?

There is a relevant answer and here it is:

Services for postponed posting on social media, such as KUKU.io help to schedule and post content on a specific day and a certain time. You can post the same publications on all your social networks accounts or schedule separate posts. A friendly content calendar will assist to make it quickly and easily.

KUKU.io content calendar

Using KUKU.io, you can schedule posts, paying attention to time zones. You can enjoy the sunset over the waterfall in the state of New York, and your followers on the other side of the world will get your content in time.

How to set time zones with KUKU.io


Have a good time during your summer vacation and use all opportunities to get more fun and positive. And do not think about posting on social media – KUKU.io will do it for you!

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