Emarketer reports that 81% B2B marketers use Linkedin in new business launches. 57% of companies own Linkedin company pages to let people learn about their business, their brands, and open job opportunities. 4 million Linkedin business pages are created.

These numbers are even more impressive if we take into account the fact that average visitor-to-lead conversion rate from a Linkedin business page is standing at the figure of 2.74% which is three times higher than from Facebook and Twitter.

Here in KUKU.io we cannot stay aside. Today we announce BIG UPDATE with new social media management tools. From this moment, you can easily manage Linkedin company pages as well as pages of 10 other social media networks including Facebook, Twitter, Vkontakte, Pinterest, Google Plus, etc.

Manage Linkedin company pages with KUKU.io

Why do companies choose to promote their business on Linkedin? Is Linkedin a valuable channel for all kinds of businesses or only for specific ones? For most marketers, Linkedin can become yet another social media network to manage. If you want to use Linkedin for business, it’s not enough to create a Linkedin company page and start social media sharing – well, it’s even only the second step to take.

What is the first step?

To define the key aim of managing a company page on Linkedin

An interesting thing is that almost 50% of Linkedin business members are decision-makers in their companies. But does it mean you should aggressively market your product in order to generate leads just like on Facebook and Twitter?

Linkedin is a professional social media network on which personal connections play the greatest role. Sales managers use Linkedin for business to connect with the right people and identify prospects. Marketing managers and, let’s say, a social media team benefit from Linkedin by establishing valuable connections and finding partners. Small businesses are here to connect their employees and share their networks.

Keep in mind that the minimum cost per click on Linkedin is $2 and an average CPC range from 2 to 7 dollars. The focus on lead generation from Linkedin may be reasonable only if a company can actually afford such lead cost.

Some time ago, The Huffington Post published an article written by Jared Fuller, Head of Partnerships and Sales at PandaDoc, about The 6 Gateways of Sales. The second gateway is about gaining trust with your prospects. That said, neither a salesman nor a marketing manager can close a deal when there’s no trust between them and their prospects.

A Linkedin company page is a great way to show why people should trust you as it can attest to company’s credentials, professionalism, and experience.

The impression you want your Linkedin company page to make

In 2014, Linkedin announced 10 most popular and influential company pages. Such giants as Evernote, Dell, Tesla Motors, L’Oréal are among them, and there’s a lot to adopt from these companies’ Linkedin marketing strategies.

Often updates to show that the company is alive

Linkedin marketing methods can be divided into two groups: passive and aggressive. While passive Linkedin marketing methods do not mean continuous communication with the audience, aggressive methods are all about being proactive on Linkedin.

Evernote uses Linkedin for business to post updates and announce new features. If they want the most important updates to stand out and gain the maximum reach, they pin them to the top of the page and promote with laser-focused targeting. This simple action allows a company to:

  • Drive traffic from Linkedin to a blog or website.
  • Promote specific features without spending a penny on paid ads.
  • Show a Linkedin company page is alive. Anyone can talk to company’s representatives right away without spending time on searching contact details.
  • Share news and engage with their audience.

An engagement rate should be mentioned here. An average engagement rate on Linkedin stands at the figure of 0,054%, which is much lower than on Facebook with 0,078% ER on average.

However, the highest visitor-to-lead conversion rate at 2.74% among other social media networks hint that instead of bringing a mind-blowing number of likes and shares, Linkedin drives the high-quality traffic to your website.

Scheduling Linkedin business page and company page with KUKU.io

Broadcasting business articles and opinions

If you write content for your blog, you are not limited to the publication of news and updates. Share content that is valuable for your audience, solves problems and answers questions your followers may have.

As an alternative to your own unique content, you can always share links to expert opinions and articles published on different platforms. Publishing such kind of content, make sure your audience can benefit from it. Otherwise, posts with alien links just divert traffic from your company page.

How to create a company page on Linkedin, Tesla experience

Brand’s humanization

Linkedin is a professional social media network, but it doesn’t mean your company page is a place for dry boring content. Leave your audience a chance to find something engaging and communicate seeing real people behind your brand’s logo.

Unlike Evernote, L’Oréal builds their Linkedin marketing strategy with a focus on communication with the audience. To engage people, they:

  • Ask questions and publish content that provokes discussion.
  • Publish own or partners’ corporate content: photos, videos, etc.
  • Celebrate holidays with their clients and followers.
  • Publish timed rubricated content: #MondayMotivation, etc.

Best Linkedin company pages, Loreal experience

Customers’ reviews and case studies on Linkedin for business

Once we’ve already written about how to use customer reviews  for your business and how they can increase the visitor-to-lead conversion.

Neil Patel made a convincing research to prove that one of the best to increase traffic, leads and sales is to share case studies and testimonials. Depending on a product, the number of leads can increase by 70%, sales can show neither more nor less than 200% rise.

Your Linkedin company page is a place to publish customer reviews and case studies, sponsored content and partners’ posts.

Аpproach this from the point of view that if a Linkedin business member stumbles upon your company business page, you have only a few seconds to tell what you do and why they need to give attention to your Linkedin company page. Remember that an average user spends only 17 minutes monthly on Linkedin.

Why do they need to notice you?

Because your client was able to reach 200% monthly growth with your help.

Because you’re partnering with known on your market companies.

Because when you integrated a new customer support system, you were able to reply to incoming requests 3 times faster. That’s why!

That’s why!

Promote and create company page in Linkedin, Dell experience

How to start managing a Linkedin company page?

If you manage your company page on Linkedin alongside with Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, etc., it doesn’t mean you have to publish content as frequently as you do on other nets.

Just like in the cases above, for a start, it’s enough to post company news: announcements, updates, reviews, blog posts, etc. Season with customer reviews and expert opinions.

If you don’t have enough resources to dive into Linkedin marketing, use KUKU.io to publish content to Linkedin and other social media networks at once.

Manage Linkedin company pages with KUKU.io

All in one social media app

Other proactive Linkedin marketing methods

Linkedin group participation, sponsored content and even more communication

Linkedin for business groups

Linkedin for business groups have fallen from favor just in a year after their peak popularity. Forbes connects it to the Site Wide Automated Moderation, questionable benefits, and spam.

That’s reasonable, but it doesn’t mean people do not communicate in groups any longer. 42% of Linkedin members still participate in group discussions and find groups one of the easiest ways to share content with a large number of people from the same sphere.

Join groups that are related to your business and establish you as an expert in your field by participating in discussions.

Remember that neither members nor moderators of groups love spammers. Instead of sharing links on your product and company page and actively encouraging other to buy it / follow it, become a person whose updates are worth to be followed.

Making a company page on linkedin with KUKU.io

Once reached, invite group members to join your network and a company page personally.

Sponsored content

Company pages provide an opportunity for exposure that isn’t available to personal profiles: Sponsored Updates. With the sponsored content feature, you can promote your company page updates targeting a specific audience.

I’ve had great success with LinkedIn ads and found them to be extremely robust at targeting high-quality traffic in a short period of time. I set a $100 budget once and it blew through it all in two minutes but broke a per-minute site website traffic record in the process! writes Melonie Dodaro, author of The LinkedIn Code.

Some passive Linkedin marketing methods

Linkedin search and SEO

I love everything that has an impact on SEO. The main reason for it is that search engines are the best source of the free relevant traffic unless you know how to deal with optimization.

Linkedin company pages are extremely SEO-friendly. Choose keywords that your target audience will be most likely to search for descriptions, titles, and posts.

Seo Linkedin profile with social media app KUKU.io

Connect employees and partners

Link together employees and key partners on Linkedin and encourage them to set a company as their current or previous position. In this case, your Linkedin company page will appear on your employees and partners pages in a form of a clickable link preview.

Linkedin marketing strategy with KUKU.io

At what time are users the most active on Linkedin?

A question that bothers social media managers is about the best posting time on social media networks. The answer is there’s no magical posting time. Judge for yourself, there are 24 time zones and people who actually buy your product may appear in any of them.

4 steps to choosing the posting time that will work for you:

  1. Understand where people who engage with your content are. You can find demographical stats in Followers section of Linkedin analytics. In order to define followers from which countries click on your links and engage (that’s what you need, right?), shorten links with goo.gl or lnk.al in KUKU.io. In this case, you will be able to track clicks demographics with a smart social analytics tool of KUKU.io.

Using Linkedin for marketing with KUKU.io

According to KISSmetrics, the hours of 10 P.M. to 6 A.M. are considered the “dead zone”. The best posting days are from Tuesday to Thursday. Keeping this information in mind and understanding the time zone where your target audience is you can continue with the following steps:

  1. Set your active followers’ time zone in channel settings in KUKU.io. Click on three lines at the top right of the dashboard, choose “Channels”. If you don’t have any, click “Create a channel” button and group accounts for which you need to set a custom time zone. Choose a time zone:

How to use Linkedin for business marketing with KUKU.io

2. Here you can also predefine a posting schedule. Test it to choose the time that will work for you.

Time zone scheduler with KUKU.io

Best social media management tools

With minimum actions from your side, a Linkedin company page can become a valuable element of your Linkedin marketing strategy.

Do you consider your company page source of traffic and leads or you use it to increase a level of trust to your company on Linkedin? Share your thoughts!

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