If you manage multiple social media accounts, you may have already noticed that Facebook is not such an easy social network as it may first seem. Mainly due to its constantly changing Page Rank which seems to cut all your efforts to reach business pages down to zero. The functionality of this social network sometimes reminds some kind of rocket science: how to work with business pages, what do the stats mean, how to manage advertising, what is business manager? All of these questions really complicate our work with this social media network. Nevertheless it is totally worth giving it a go! As once you will get to understand the system and some tricks you will gain the whole variety of tools and, of course, cheap traffic.   


  1. Pages optimization: interesting features for converting followers into leads, hidden features.
  2. Work with your content: maximum reach and engagement.
  3. Attracting new followers: free and paid techniques.
  4. What can you really get out of Facebook stats?

How to optimize a page? Ways to convert followers into leads, hidden features

a) Always fill in all the info in the “Information” section.

There will ALWAYS be some followers who would want to know your address, a phone number or an email.

b) Add an avatar (profile) and a cover picture.

After the users land on your page what do they see? An avatar (profile) and a cover picture, of course. What you should keep in mind when choosing them:

  • The cover should be visually attractive and send a message that you know something about design.
  • Reflect what you offer/sell on the cover. In our case, it is new analytics by our social media posting app.
    cover kuku en
  • The attention is mainly focused on the left side. Follow this rule.
    cover 3
  • Show what your page or product is about and/or how it may be useful for the clients.
    cover kissmetrics

  • Motivate your followers by putting your CTA right on the cover.
c) Create customized applications for each of your multiple social media accounts.

These are the apps that are not included into default Facebook functionality but you can customize them according to your needs: create a landing page, a test, a game, reflect your Twitter and Instagram posts, collect your followers’ emails from multiple social media channels.  


It can be even customized landing page design created to collect your leads’ contact information. The example shows a contest in which the participants should fill in the form and share it with friends in order to win a getaway. Note: You can create free or paid customized with the help of ShortStack.

d) Create a closed group of users of your brand on social media.

If your fan page has already reached a substantial amount of followers then you can create a closed group of users on soical media in order to build loyal community. The members of the closed group will get all sorts of discounts and bonuses. You can also share all the latest news in your niche and work with the influencers in this social media group.

Post to multiple social networks, but remember to adapt your content for each: maximum reach and engagement

You have 2 ways of increasing your reach (due to the Facebook’s algorithm)

  • Increase posts engagement.
  • Paid boosting of the posts.

What types of publications have the highest engagement on Facebook and other social media networks?

  1. Questions
  2. Posts with images
  3. Video
  4. Links
  5. Giveaways, promotions, contests
  6. Discounts and coupons


This doesn’t make one type of content better than the other one. You can really get a highly effective variant by combining various types.  

Rarely used social media content and  functions

a) Offers on Facebook

Interesting Facebook functionality that is rarely used – Offers – allow you to create advertising offers along with the change of Status.  

Apart from that Facebook itself recommends to set up the end dates for the offers, ex. “Register before 05.03.15” as this is highly effective way of making your users take the offer.



b) Events on Facebook

Currently, Facebook allows you to target any publication ( a free one as well) on your page. If you have already analyzed your audience and divided it into several segments according to certain criteria (sex, age, interests, language), then you will find it very useful to create different content for each separate segment. You can target your followers by interests, language, sex, age and even location.

targeting en

EXAMPLE: A bank is putting up an event and tells young parents about the new type of investment for the safe and bright future of their kids.

c) Closed content on Facebook.

When you limit the users’ access to the content (books, webinars, discounts, free trial) you may collect their emails, some info about users and registration. Use paid boost for your publications and gain new users.

Attract new followers on social media: free and paid techniques

a) Most guides suggest to add friends to multiple social media accounts in the very beginning.

But don’t rush into it just yet. If you add whoever as friends you can make your reputation worse in the long run perioud. Why? If your friends are not interested in your content then your engagement ranking will get lower and you will be less visible to your followers ( appear in your followers’ threads less).

P.S. Of course we don’t exactly know how Page Rank works but our experience has shown this very result.

b) Add these features to your blog or website:
  • Buttons for the social networks you use ( preferrably to use even sections with your followers’ friends who has already liked your page)
  • Add embedded Facebook publications to your website
  • Add buttons that show the number of people who already shared this post on the top of the publication’s page. Not only this helps to repost your publication but also raises the level of trust to the information you publish

Ask your readers to like your business page instead of asking for their emails addresses.



  • Always add a request to share your content with friends in social networks in the end of your article. Here’s a very demonstrative statics about how this very trick works. Use such words “share”, “comment” – they work just as good as “like”. See how CTA increase the number of retweets in this chart:

!Little hack! Limit the number of repost buttons on blog or site to two or three. As once you limit your readers’ choice to just few buttons you will accumulate the mentions in the social networks you need. Surprisingly, the number of reposts increases dramatically with the help of this trick. 

c) Secret codes and coupons on social media.

These are perfect for retail, different services and all kinds of subscription based products. Secret code – it’s a phrase or a word used in social network that allows a potential client to get a discount or to use a special offer.Coupon – this is a code that a user enters on a site in order to get a discount. Every coupon is a unique code given on demand and can only be activated once.



d) Multiple social network buttons in newsletters.

Apart from placing the social network buttons in the footer of the newsletter, you can also highlight this block with the help of a special link:

https://www.facebook.com/sharer/sharer.php?u={add your URL} 

If you tap this you will see:

share link facebook

e) Lead generating advertising on multiple social media.

This a kind of advertising that is used to collect your potential clients’ contact information. It looks like a special form that the client needs to fill in.

  • Facebook allows you to collect some contact info right in the social network itself instead of sending your users/followers/clients to your landing page. You can ask anything starting from their name to their car make that your potential clients are driving. But how to motivate them to fill the form in?
  • Promise them some benefits in return for filling the form: it can be a discount, webinar access, monthly subscription, etc.
  • Give out gifts or coupons right in your advert message.

leadgen ad

What can you get out native social media analytics of Facebook?

You can see social media analytics in both our app for multiple social networks, KUKU.io, and Facebook. While KUKU.io allows you to see dependencies between various social media metrics and suggests you how to improve your results, in Facebook you can check when your audience is online, conversion of the page, reach, etc.

a) Facebook demonstrates you quite vividly the time and days when your audience is online (“Publications” section).

posts en

b) You can check out which publications your audience liked the most and which ones reached the highest number of people.

engagemen ent

c) You can find out where your followers come to your FB page from (section “Likes”). If your followers come to your page from your site’s Contacts section, Facebook will reflect this.

likes happened

d) You may find out more about reached and engaged followers, in other words the followers who sees and interacts with your content constantly (People section).

reach en

e) Facebook also provides you with the statistics per clicks on CTA button. Unfortunately, it cannot give your own name to the button. That is why you can influence the clicks on it with the help of the cover only.

app analytics en


Facebook is a multifunctional instrument for business and allows you to get cheap and quality traffic to your website or blog. However, that doesn’t mean that to create a page on Facebook is enough to start getting profit out of it. Spend an hour on optimizing your brand’s page and social media marketing strategy on Facebook. It’s definitely worth getting to learn it and using it to your advantage.

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