The Team version and content plan were two recent updates we’re really proud of. And that’s mostly because these two brand new features save you time on social media management whether you’re working on it with your team members, creating a social media team structure or building a content plan for social media a month in advance. By the way, the team management software can easily help in it.

In this update, we concentrated on minor features that you’ve requested since the last update. Thank you, Phil Collins, Dave Schilling, and everybody who shares their brilliant improvement ideas with us!

From now, in KUKU.io you can copy posts and republish them to your social media networks, take advantage of the custom link shortener and improved social media analytics tools, share an unlimited number of Google+ posts and post content from your mobile devices, share longer posts on Twitter, etc. Moreover, with your help, we were able to resolve some minor issues and improve a user experience.

So let’s start.

Share content repeatedly

The feature that we wanted to implement and you to get most is the Copy Content button. This button allows you to share social media content repeatedly in a click to the social media accounts you need.

Prepare content to share on social media and schedule it. Once the post is published, you can reschedule it to another date and time. In KUKU.io, repeated social media sharing is available for all posts.

Content sharing with KUKU.io

However, we recommend you to follow these simple rules to enhance your results:

  • Best practice sharing: republishing content is only effective when you share content that has brought results once (clicks, engagement, etc.).
  • Shared content should be rewritten at least slightly. You don’t want to share  duplicates, do you?
  • Do not try sharing content (the same) more than once in a month.
  • Repeated content sharing on social media should be strategically justified. Don’t republish old content just because you have no content ideas – instead, republish to repeat success.

Custom link shortener

Coming up with ideas and creating content for social media networks isn’t easy. However, tracking the effectiveness of your publications and clicks you get from social media is much easier with social media analytics of KUKU.io. When sharing links on social media, you most likely want to know how many clicks they got – and you use KUKU.io link shorteners for this aim. Lnk.al and goo.gl are here for you.

However, what if you create branded content? Every tiny element of a post you share on social media should comply with a general style of the company: from pictures to texts and a form of links.

Whether you are a representative of Microsoft and want to see short links as www.msft.it, our you want to add call-to-actions to links you share and turn them into www.click.it/42ita. Choose a custom link shortener option in your Project settings.

As you need our help to set everything up, once this option is chosen, we’ll contact you to assist in creating it.

Share content on Google+ without limits

google plusWith this update, we have removed the posting limit to Google+ (thank you, Google Team, for extending limits!) and added personal pages. Now you can manage both Google+ personal and business pages with KUKU.io.

If you’re tickled pink to start working on Google+ but have no idea what you should do first, you can check out our comprehensive guide on social media marketing on Google+.

Share longer tweets

Have you heard Twitter’s recent news? Twitter has removed images and mentions from a characters count. That means you can share content on Twitter without sacrificing pictures and trying to cut the text to be able to add an awesome image you’ve just found.

The same day Twitter released this feature, we’ve launched an update for KUKU.io. Sorry for announcing it only now. We hope you’ve already taken advantage of 23 extra characters.

Share content with KUKU.io social media management tools

Mobile optimization

Content sharing app for iOS and Android is coming up

We continue working on improvements to allow you to share content easily from your mobile devices. Unfortunately, we cannot boast of a mobile app that allows content sharing on social media – it’s coming soon. But we do not stop thinking about you, mobile folks!

That’s why in this update, we’ve released an improved mobile optimization of the web version. Open a browser on your mobile device and find KUKU.io. Here you can schedule and share content, track analytics, and history of publications, manage projects, etc.

Content sharing platform KUKU.io

Hack: If you want to have instant access to KUKU.io from your mobile device, save it on the home screen of your device.

Easy content share with KUKU.io posting tool

This could be it, but in this update, you will also see:

  • An account filter in Content Plan.
  • Improved charts in social media analytics.
  • Google Chrome extension that works faster than ever.
  • Minor UX/UI improvements that make KUKU.io even a better place to work on social media.

Social media management solutions

And by the way, we have implemented a new live chat. Which is called LiveChat. From now, you can enjoy chatting with us, send files to us, and rate our support service. Have any questions about the update? Let us know by sending a quick hello via our beautiful live chat.

Social media sharing with KUKU.io

Have an amazing day!

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