LinkedIn Talent Insights as a big data analytics product will allow recruiters to get deeper queries into statistics for hiring.

LinkedIn developers announced a closed beta of the product. They are planning the full launch in 2018.

Talent Insights will be a paid service and will consist of 2 views: “Talent Pool” and “Company report.”

  • With the help of “Talent Pool,” recruiters will have the option to search on different parameters related to specific jobs.
  • “Company report” will provide the similar “dive” but into recruitment patterns at your own company and your rivals.

LinkedIn Talent Insights, KUKU.io review

Recently LinkedIn has made some acquisitions — Careerify and Connectifier. These companies have successfully implemented great solutions to approach the process of hiring and searching for good people.

Thus, LinkedIn strengthens its positions as the most popular professional social network in the world. And the new product will help to gain new results.

You can create and publish your content on LinkedIn using convenient tools for automatic posting without spending a lot of time.

LinkedIn analytics with KUKU.io

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