American professional social network is continuing to develop its features and introduce native video. The first video testing began last month but today all of us can upload videos to the site.

There is no need to repeat that video sharing is one of the most popular features among social media users. Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pay enough attention to video opportunities. They get great results – drive more traffic and engagement from users.

LinkedIn doesn’t want to fall behind: its developers are working hard on own global video strategy.

The new LinkedIn feature lets any user upload a video to the site, using iOS or Android mobile app. The main idea is to share video content that highlights professional advantages of users: creative projects, product presentations, stuff demonstrations, etc.

New LinkedIn video sharing feature, KUKU.io review

After you post your video content, you may see audience insights such as the top companies, job titles and locations of your viewers. In addition, you’ll get info about views, likes, and comments your videos are receiving.

These insights can be found in the dashboard section of your LinkedIn profile on both mobile and desktop.

LinkedIn representatives said that video uploading is just a beginning of global experiments. They suppose that the feature will be appreciated by LinkedIn 500 million-plus user base.

If you want to diversify your content strategy on LinkedIn, do not forget to analyze your existing content.

You can evaluate the status of your current posts: to track comments, likes, reposts and other important parameters. All this can be quickly and easily done with the help of KUKU.io analytical tools.

Post on LinkedIn with KUKU.io

Try new LinkedIn feature and increase your professional skills.

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