Thank you so much for the great feedback letters you have sent to us! Today we are excited to announce the release of the fresh version of KUKU.io which is packed with new features and performance and usability-related enhancements.

Next time you log in to KUKU.io, you will see the changes.

Links, hashtags and mentions previews

If you add multiple links to your post you need to be sure, the thumb of the needed one will be published on your social page. That is why in this version we have added smart links, hashtags and mentions previews.

KUKU.io social media scheduling software

Reconnect out-of-date profiles in one click

Sometimes your social media profiles could be disconnected automaticity due to several reasons. Now if the problem occurs, all you have to do is to click the “Reconnect” button… and that’s it! Your accounts are reconnected, and you can continue to share your awesome content with the world.

Usability and performance enhancements

Performance and usability have been improved, and the known bugs have been fixed. Thanks to your valuable feedback (and our brilliant development team) KUKU flies now!

Stay tuned, or what’s coming soon?

  • Pinterest, Tumblr, OK.ru, Reddit, Google+ and LinkedIn Pages support
  • Analytics. We want you to have a 360° view of your campaigns!
  • Possibility to edit presets
  • Advanced timeline options
  • Mobile optimization
  • And many more useful features you’ve requested!

We are still in a process of improving KUKU.io and each feedback we receive from our users is highly appreciated! Please let us know what you think about the update via alexandra@kuku.io.

Hey, enjoy the rest of your day!

– KUKU team

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