KUKU.io is a social media posting tool that makes publishing across multiple social networks simple. Be the first to get a free unlimited account and share content like a hero!

KUKU.io is an intuitive web application, which mission is to help users save their time on social media activities and grow their social media presence at the same time. With KUKU.io, active Twitter, Facebook, Google+, etc. users can create memorable content, schedule posts and share them on multiple social networks. At once.

The KUKU team made it easy to sign up and start using the application (almost too easy!). It takes only a few clicks to create an account and start the first awesome campaign. Take a glimpse at how a dashboard will look like:

Dashboard of social posting tools KUKU.io

Features of social media manager tools KUKU.io:

  • 30 Seconds Sharing. KUKU.io is a powerful social media posting tool, which will publish posts to all connected social networks in seconds.
  • Relevant content. KUKU.io lets users moderate content for different accounts to meet length requirements or shift the focus of the message.
  • Scheduling. Users can choose the best time to share content with followers to make them see updates more often.
  • WOW-effect. KUKU.io adopters can add images to all posts at once to create memorable content, which their fans will love.

Features are coming soon after launch:

  • Analytics to get a 360 view of any campaign: track clicks, coverage, mentions, re-posts and other activities. KUKU.io users know how to create awesome content and get more followers!
  • Smart suggestions for effective SMM. KUKU.io keeps track of new social media management approaches to provide users with an up-to-date information and help them become social heroes!

KUKU.io will be available really soon!

If you want to be an early adopter and get your free unlimited account, please let us know!

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