You have been waiting for it, and now we are proud to announce the release of the public beta version of KUKU!

Are you managing social media accounts? Two accounts? 3 or 4 accounts? 5 accounts or even more? If you are trying to grow your social media presence you know how crazy things can get when you publish, publish again, and again, and once again to Twitter in the middle of the night… a mind­-numbing process!

Social media management tools KUKU.io is an easy way to schedule and publish posts across all your social media networks at once.

With KUKU.io you can easily create and post your  content  to  multiple  social  accounts  in  seconds without  even  opening  a  single network.  All  you  have  to  do  is  to  connect  your  social  media  accounts  to  KUKU.io,

KUKU.io connect accounts

…  choose  social media accounts  to  share  on,

KUKU.io manage multiple social accounts

…  create  awesome content,

KUKU.io content plan

…  schedule,

KUKU.io social media marketing calendar

…  and  publish  it! ClickClickClick!

KUKU.io social media profile management

Yeap,  it’s  a  30-second sharing, folks!

And  let’s  imagine,  you  have  5  accounts  on  Twitter  and  you  want  to  share  your content on all of them (well, it’s too cool to be shared only on one!). Tired of logout-login­-publish circle? Seriously, stop doing it. Schedule and publish your posts from KUKU.io in a few clicks.

And oh yeah all that is FREE for our early adopters! Dive into KUKU and start sharing content like a hero!

Hey, enjoy the rest of your day!

– KUKU team

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