Any company aims to be more effective and successful. To achieve this goal, various methods of integration and partnership are used today. These methods save resources and money and may double the effectiveness. It’s worth thinking about them just to stay the course.

One of these methods is the White Label cooperation. This format implies the integration of one company into another.

For example, it is more profitable for a business that actively acts on social networks and uses them effectively for communication and sales to have an own social media posting tool with a convenient content calendar and analytics.

But first things first…

White Label KUKU.io possibilities

What is White Label and what is it for?

“A candle does not lose anything if another candle has lit from its flame.”


White Label is a special type of economic cooperation between companies for business enlargement. The format opens new doors for businesses and gives opportunities for development even in difficult times.

Many who first meet the term think that it is associated with alcohol or a limited edition of some famous brand. However White Label is about the relations of two parties, companies, one of which is engaged in the production of goods or services, and the second sells them under its own brand.

This format of cooperation implies mutual benefits, in which each side is engaged in its competence, without being distracted by the tasks of the second party. Producers are engaged in production, sellers sell. This, as you know, saves time and money.

From the history

The concept “White Label” came from the world of music. Long time ago American record companies began to produce vinyl records with white labels. Then sellers put their brands on them and sold out. This approach was quickly proved and spread to the finance and IT industries.

What are the advantages of White Label model?

Working with White Label brings companies some tangible bonuses.

  • A company that receives a product for sale has rights for a quick launch of a new product and an early entry into the market. It focuses on the main business, gaining additional revenue from the partnership. It may optionally get a new geographic market. There is no need to build your own sales infrastructure from scratch.
  • Producers get the opportunity to realize its product solutions without the costs for promotion. In addition, they receive a new audience and extra popularization.

What is White Label for business?

This direction was chosen by many companies abroad. However, for some, White Label’s principals may not be acceptable. And that’s why:

Drawbacks for companies that chose White Label format

  • A seller has no opportunities to influence production processes: all technologies, methods, design, and resources are in the producer’s responsibility. Additional resources for promotion, technical support, and unplanned situations may also become the part of sellers’ responsibility.
  • One more weak point of White Label for producers is the lack of communication with the final consumer. Without receiving feedback, a producer can quickly lose the relevance of its product solutions. Besides, in case of a successful sale, the positive reputation of a product or service goes to the selling party.


White label and software solutions

Nowadays White Label is often used in the development or software solutions.

For example, NAVTEQ is known for its navigation solutions and the creation of maps. The company has long practiced White Label’s cooperation, providing its technical development for further product realization to such large companies as Ford.

Comverse is a well-known supplier of voice messaging, billing and other systems for mobile operators. The company has integrated its capabilities into the brands Orange, Vodafone UK, T-Mobile and other operators.

Groupme (the service for communication) also provides integrated solutions and creates partnerships with other brands. Group chats and applications for communication are in demand today as never before, so White Label becomes one of the options for promoting the company.

The main stages of cooperation in the White Label format

It is possible to single out the milestones that a producer and a seller are doing within their mutual White Label acts:

  1. Strategy determination. Any company strives to develop and achieve its goals. Therefore, the formulation of the basic strategy and tasks should be discussed first.
  2. Team selection. You choose qualified specialists from among the company’s employees. Developers, marketers, TOP managers can solve different issues. Sometimes PR-managers, financiers, lawyers are also attracted. The analysis of any situation from different sides helps to achieve a successful final result.
  3. Drawing up a plan and determining the final results.
  4. Compiling criteria for the seller’s search. It is necessary to define the industry, assess the level of income and business reputation, study geographical issues, the volume of sales.
  5. Choosing the partner and negotiation processes. Identifying all areas of responsibility.
  6. Joint strategy planning and risk assessment.
  7. The arrangement and legal fixing.
  8. Companies’ White Label integration.

Integration with KUKU.io: how does it work?

Buying White Label solution, a business owner gets quick access to the universal SMM service modules, that are fully operational.

Automatic posting, analytics and content calendar can be adapted to clients’ needs. It’s possible to save the brand and KUKU.io logo or be presented to a client simply in the form of abstract functionality. Thus, clients can get a ready-made solution with a proven reputation or get an independent product.

White Label KUKU.io opportunities

Why KUKU.io is a strong partnership product

This SMM-service is just over two years old. During this time, the client base of the product has grown to 80K users from different countries and continents.

The service can be integrated into any business as a White Label partner in three main areas:

Social media posting

KUKU.io is an official partner of ten social networks, that’s why it’s absolutely safe to post with the service.

Using postponed posting on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Telegram, Google Plus, VK and OK you save your time and automate all processes.

The service allows you to group accounts into channels for easy management. You can add images, videos, gifs, polls, hashtags and emoji to any publication. In the links attached to posts, you can change the text for some social networks.

Channels can be managed by one person or a team. You can set any time zone for each channel.

KUKU.io social media posting


KUKU.io analytics allows you to track the results of 7 social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Telegram, Tumblr, VK) together or separately.

You can choose any period for tracking results up to two months. Detailed and convenient analytics allows you to learn more about the results of the team’s work: involvement, posting frequency, the number of clicks, likes, comments, reach, followers growth. Using simple and convenient charts, you will be able to determine the best time and days for posting, understand the geographical areas and other useful metrics.

KUKU.io social media analytics

Content Calendar

KUKU.io content calendar shows planned and published posts in the form of a convenient calendar table. In the cells of the table, you can see the parts of the text, links, status and publication time.

A content plan is displayed by days, weeks and months. You can plan your posts directly from the calendar.

KUKU.io content calendar for posting

KUKU.io invites to cooperate in White Label format

By offering customers one of KUKU.io modules or the product completely, you will be able to:

  • Integrate with the reliable partner that will provide services at the highest level and favorable terms.
  • Attract new customers.
  • Increase revenue.
  • Increase loyalty and reduce the outflow of the customer base.


Send a request for cooperation and your activity description by e-mail support@kuku.io or fill out the simple form right here and we will contact you:

After reviewing your application, we will contact you to discuss the details. Perhaps, it is the pretty fruitful cooperation with KUKU.io that awaits you!

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