Autumn does not leave any chances to continue summer carefree time. A new business season, freshness and energy after vacations, new plans and long-term strategies… it is still so much to be done before the end of the year. Including social networks optimization.

September social life was traditionally filled with hot news, rumors and global emotions:

  • We have learned that Facebook harms health. According to Regis University scientists, the cause of stress among students is exactly the popular social network.
  • By the way, now we have the possibility to block Mark Zuckerberg. You’ll find the details below.
  • We empathized celebrities who were exposed to hacker attacks on Instagram on the very last days of summer.
  • Finally, we’ve tracked all the pictures and videos about the first autumn colorful leaves and colorful discussions from Apple’s presentation.

KUKU.io september digest

Besides, in September our lovely social networks cheered us up with new features, announcements, innovations and interesting statistics. All details in the brief KUKU.io digest ???


Instagram has introduced updated statistics and new features

At the end of September, the visual social network representatives announced the number of daily audience on Instagram – 500 million users. The total number of Instagram followers has exceeded 800 million people.

Inspired by these numbers, Instagram developers also introduced some new features. Now you can set up individual filters for comments or even block them. Also, you can report unacceptable live broadcasts if needed.

This is rather useful.

September news on Instagram


Twitter will double the number of characters for one post

Twitter developers are already testing tweets with 280 characters. The limit of 140 characters was accepted in 2006 and became a weighty reason for unsubscribing many users, especially English speakers.

It is based on special researches. According to them, many Twitter fans who publish in English are not satisfied with the limit.

Increasing the character’s number should affect the retention of Twitter users.

It’s a high time.



Facebook will allow blocking Mr. Zuckerberg

This was impossible in early September. If you wanted to block the page of the Facebook creator or his wife, you saw an error message appeared on the screen. Facebook press service has promised to eliminate the error in the near future.

This is equality.

Will Facebook look like Tinder?

Facebook developers prepare for release a new service for meetings arrangement. Now the service is being tested by residents of Canada and New Zealand. They note the similarity of the service with the famous dating app Tinder. The exact release date is not known yet.

This is kinda intrigue.

Facebook is testing color comments

In September, some users of Facebook mobile app noticed the ability to add a color background to comments.

Facebook added a color background opportunity to text posts in December 2016. Apparently, the popularity of this feature has pushed social network developers to add colors to comments.

This is about variety.



Russian users will get LinkedIn alternative

LinkedIn is blocked in Russia. Recently users have started to discuss the social network Youca.org as the global alternative for the popular professional network.

Youca developers shared their main goal – to attract a large number of employers and provide them with convenient and modern tools and options for work. You can create a profile here or manage a microblog, post and search for resumes and communicate with professional communities.

This is far-sighted.



Telegram introduces a platform for translation into other languages

Telegram representatives are working on the new feature – they are going to implement unique translation into French in the very near future. The platform will translate phrases in real time. Telegram in French will allow users to destroy language borders.

It looks global.

Telegram may be blocked in Russia

This is not the first time when the issue is being discussed.

The founder, Pavel Durov, commented the claims from the Russian authorities, calling them “returning into the 30s of last century”. He insists on the equality and saving the rights for private data. Now Telegram is still available in Russia but we all remember about LinkedIn. Perhaps tomorrow the messenger will share the same fate.

This is unpredictable



Tumblr mobile users have got new features

Anyone who posts on Tumblr from a tablet or a mobile phone can now add new styles, change the type of header and use the additional fonts.

With the app, you are also able now to drag paragraphs and change their order. This gives more control over the text order, which is traditionally difficult on mobile devices.

In addition, you can now choose any photo when reposting someone else’s publication. The new features implementation is explained by the popularity of using mobile devices and the desire to be on trend.

It is commendable.


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