It’s almost the middle of summer and it’s definitely a great time to celebrate. ? A short time ago we’ve announced our first success and got over the first fails but today we are happy to celebrate KUKU.io birthday.  ? 

KUKU.io 2 years celebration

All this time KUKU.io was growing and developing together with you and because of you. And we have something to share!

But before summing up all the results of the past year, we are pleased to say “thank you!” and announce our special of the week for Professional plan (from July 18 to 25):

Pay 50% less and enjoy unlimited posting, analytics, and a content plan!

Share gifts with friends ??

Together with this 50% discount for Professional plan, you will get a special 30% discount for your friend (for any month or annual plan).

Get your KUKU.io discount

If you already use KUKU.io month plan, then during this specified period you can upgrade to the annual plan with the same 50% discount. To do this, contact us – support@kuku.io 

Well, what do we have to say today?

2 years celebration: what can KUKU.io be proud of?

Over the past year, the number of KUKU.io users has more than doubled – today almost 70K users enjoy friendly posting, content calendar, and KUKU.io social media analytics.

Since the launch of the service, more than 42 million posts have been planned (37 million publications were published within the past year). Let’s predict what will be in the next year  😎 

Many brands, SMM agencies, and entrepreneurs use automatic posting. For two years the most typical KUKU.io users were companies related to retail, tourism, education, construction and, of course, SMM and advertising agencies. Recently we’ve even received the subscription request from the church.

They save time and can be sure that a clear and structured content plan will assist them in the situation when there is no possibility to post immediately.

KUKU.io content plan

It can be a vacation, urgent business, and just a daily routine. Every day, with the help of KUKU.io, more than 70K posts are posted to different social networks, about 1,1K users are active online. According to the last year results, the most popular social networks in KUKU.io were VK, Facebook and Twitter.

What has been changed in KUKU.io for the year?

Since the last July, the service has implemented more than 40 global and small updates. Technical specialists try to react quickly to the users’ requests and give priorities to the most relevant issues.

So, many of you were eagerly awaiting the opportunity to post on Instagram, and this year such opportunity was implemented. Now you can easily post on Instagram with KUKU.io: it can be done from your PC or through the app for Androids.

Analytics of posts, content calendar testing and Telegram analytics

A few months ago, users were able to analyze individual posts by engagement and clicks and to test the Content plan. Together with our friends – the authors of Telegrams channels, we implemented Telegram analytics: now it’s possible to track links and followers.

Also, you can easily analyze clicks: by posts and tags.
pricing plans KUKU.io analytics by posts

Available pricing plans and posting without limits

Just a month ago KUKU.io pricing plans became even more affordable and flexible. Now everyone can choose the optimal plan for specific purposes. Just what you need and nothing extra. Today the pricing set consists of the following plans: “Individual”, “Advanced”, “Professional” and “Business”. Learn more about them.

pricing plans
New blog with helpful tags and optimized design

The number of our blog’s readers has also been increased. That’s why we decided to apply qualitative changes to the design and functionality of the blog. Recently the updated version was launched. The blog has become more user-friendly and clear, new options, tags and spaces have appeared. For example, if you want to be aware of the latest news in the social media world, choose “News”, if you want to study the experience of brands and companies – then select “Business”. If you are interested in the latest Instagram news, choose the tag “Instagram”.

Instagram tag on KUKU.io blog

Surveys, emoji, branded link shortener and much more

This year KUKU.io proposed to use a branded link shortener, add emojis, work with time zones, use a trial version and so on and so forth.

KUKU.io team is not tired to evolve and improve skills. We pay attention to each of your comments and suggestions, try to improve internal processes and actively participate in external life. The brightest moments were connected with the participation in Pirate Summite-2016, Big SMM Day, content marketing courses and Teen Guru Business School.

We try to attract new readers and followers and constantly attend the popular resources. You can find KUKU.io content on different sites and media. We are grateful to all bloggers and reviewers who offered their readers high-quality reviews with KUKU.io mentioning. This is the best recognition of our right direction!

KUKU.io continues to cooperate with socially responsible companies: this year some non-profit organizations got their free accounts. We are happy to be a partner of a rescue search team and an ethnographic community.

KUKU.io dream team

Analyzing our 2 years results, we understand that there have been done a lot. But we really want to do more. It’s especially felt when we receive your feedback and support. KUKU.io plans and ambitions are connected with the new analytics opportunities, video posting, and many other great options.

We hope that automatic posting, content calendar, and detailed KUKU.io analytics give you positive emotions and help in working with social networks. Feel free to let us know how KUKU.io helps you to manage social media accounts and you’ll get a special bonus 🙂

? Happy birthday to us! ?

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