Have you already posted something like “Summer, please, stay” on social media? If not, hurry up: hashtags #wakemeupwhenseptemberends and #byesummer are rather popular nowadays. ☝?

#byesummer and other autumn popular hashtags

How have social networks surprised us this month?

In August, Facebook became the main news maker. Besides, we enthusiastically discussed some important events and news:

  • How Mark Zuckerberg started his second paternity leave. Actually, he promised to come back.
  • How the number of social media users exceeded 3 billion people. But this is still less than the number of Despacito video views on YouTube.
  • How Barack Obama broke the record of Ariana Grande on Twitter.
  • How the new social network Amazon Spark was released.
  • How Bill Gates created an account on Instagram and published the first post from a charity dinner.

Social media news for August

But, fortunately, there were a lot of other important and interesting news on social networks.

Here’re briefly about new features, secret technologies, updates and new ambitious of popular social networks. KUKU.io August digest in 7 minutes. Ready? Steady? Go!


Instagrammers will be able to arrange joint live broadcasts

The feature is now testing and will appear in wide access quite soon. Any Instagram user can add his/her guest to the stream. Conducted broadcasts can be saved and then shared in Stories. This kind of new communication format will allow modest users feel more confident on Instagram live stream together with a friend.

This looks rather useful.

The revenue service of India started track Instagram and Facebook

The Indian revenue service initiated a bill to track taxes “deviators” on social networks. All necessary information will be collected from public posts on Instagram and Facebook. The received data will be recorded in special reports. The country is going to compile a complete database of users until May 2018.

The similar data collection has been already practiced by Canada, Australia, and Belgium.

It’s not about privacy.

Instagram developers added threaded comments

Instagram comments will now be organized into threads. This will be looked like Facebook comments. Replying to a comment on Instagram will begin a new thread. According to Instagram developers, It will make conversations easy to follow.

The feature is available after updating Instagram to Android and iOS users.

This is the way to success.

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Twitter and Google are taking a stand against extremist content

It was initiated by Indonesia, whose authorities threatened Google and Facebook with blocking if their leaders do not interfere with this kind of content.

The companies promised to strengthen control. The initiative, in particular, is aimed at destroying posts that incite religious enmity or promote drugs using.

This looks convincing.

Who’s this hero? Obama is. How the ex-president broke the record on Twitter

The former US President Barack Obama posted a tweet on his page in August after the riots in Charlottesville and broke the record – the number of posts’ views.

Obama’s three tweets cited the speech of Nelson Mandela. These posts have left behind the previous record set by Ariana Grande.

This is a mastership.



Facebook introduced a new posts ranking algorithm

The social network began to apply the new system of showing publications in feeds on mobile devices.

Now Facebook preference will be given to posts and links that are loaded faster. The representatives of the most popular social network explained this by the fact that users often wait a long time to download content. And some of them refuse to watch it at this stage.

40% of users close a loading link after the 4th second. By the way, the tools for automatic posting do not affect the ranking in news feeds and SMM-services do not cut the reach.

It was proved.

Instagram-like Stories will be added to the desktop version of Facebook

The feature is now developing for the Facebook version on computers. Previously, self-destructive Stories were available only to users of the Facebook mobile app. The feature will be located at the top of a computer screen.

This is quite natural.

Facebook will trust all translations to neural networks

Facebook developers trust bots that translate faster than other systems. Previously, Facebook used machine translations for these aims. A text was divided into words and sentences and the meaning was often distorted. Neural systems make it easier to perceive a translated text in context. With their help, Facebook plans to achieve the accuracy of translations into different languages.

It is up to date.

Facebook has closed its messenger for teens

In early August, Facebook closed Lifestage, which was developed as an alternative to Snapchat. The app was removed from AppStore. Facebook didn’t comment the reasons. Apparently, Snapchat popularity did not allow the product to evolve. Besides, the experts found several pitfalls in the service that could threaten children’s safety.

This is the competitive world.

Watch is a new product of Zuckerberg’ team

This month, the social network has also introduced Facebook Watch – the updated feed for video. A separate tab will facilitate access to video content.

It is not included in users’ news feeds. Experts note that this Facebook’s solution looks like a challenge to YouTube.

This is a plot for a drama.

People in China have got a secret app from Facebook

Mark Zuckerberg ignores all the prohibitions and introduces a new photo sharing service for the Chinese.

The application was called Colorful Balloons. Users can log in to it through the most popular social network in China – WeChat.

This is forward-thinking.

Facebook was recognized as the most popular brand

The new global ranking of the most popular brands worldwide was published. Facebook was ranked first.

The top-5 of the list of American research company Netbase includes Facebook, Amazon, eBay, Apple and Snap. The rating was compiled according to the poll. Among all respondents, Facebook was preferred by 21%.

This is popularity.

Facebook Marketplace was launched in Europe

The social media has launched this private announcements service in 17 countries, including France, Germany, Italy, Norway and others. Previously, the Marketplace was only available to residents of the United States, New Zealand and Australia.

The mobile app allows you to post and respond to commercial ads. Facebook does not deliver products and does not charge a commission for posting ads.

This is market rules.

Facebook blocks 1 million accounts daily

The head of Facebook security service has announced the information about daily activities of his department. Every day’s 1 million blocked accounts mostly consist of scammers and spammers. But sometimes the service accidentally bans users who do not violate the rules of Facebook.

Since 2016, Facebook has been paying special attention to extremist content.

This is about security.



The visual network introduced zoom and other useful features

Pinterest developers presented the option to zoom images. The new feature is available for iOS users, Android users will get the innovation soon. Also, Pinterest developers have optimized the image search function.

It’s convenient.



LinkedIn has announced video sharing

Professional social media has introduced the native video feature. Now LinkedIn users may upload video content, using iOS and Android apps. The main idea is to share useful content for colleagues and employees: creative projects, demonstrations, product presentations, etc. It will be possible to track views, likes and comments there.

This is predictable.



Telegram will help Moscow residents to make an appointment with a doctor

The service became available in August with the help of the Telegram bot @MosUslugiBot. The system records and reminds the time of the visit. Users should send a message with the number of the health insurance policy and the date of birth to the bot.

This is a progress.


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