We are happy to share our big update!

KUKU.io now features Tumblr support. And you can use KUKU.io social media tools that will help you to create, schedule, publish and analyze your posts on Tumblr. But if you need to schedule a project, you definitely will benefit from a project scheduling software.

Tumblr support

Do you already have an account on Tumblr?

This article will show some Tumblr benefits for your business. You’ll also find here how to use automatic scheduling software and different tools that may help to provide Tumblr support.

KUKU.io features Tumblr support

Why post on Tumblr?

Tumblr is one of the most fast-growing microblogging and social networking site. Next year the platform will celebrate 10-years anniversary. KUKU.io tries to follow the trends and knows that millions of Tumblr users need to use pending posting. So now they are able to publish their Tumblr post ideas in order to increase business success.

As of August 1, 2016, Tumblr hosts more than 307 million blogs. Nowadays over 46 million posts are created on the site each day. In the beginning of the year, the website had 555 million monthly visitors. The platform is mostly popular among teens. Tumblr allows users to post any kind of content and promote Tumblr posts. You can follow other users’ blogs and make your blog private if you want.

With the help of Tumblr dashboard users are able to like, comment and reblog posts from other blogs that are shown on their dashboards. You may upload text, images, video, links or quotes, connect your Facebook or Twitter accounts here, etc.  

There is nothing easier than posting on Tumblr, but…

The users who post their content on Tumblr know that the platform contains many limitations that you need to know before posting.

Posting on Tumblr: the limit of 250

What is the daily post limit on Tumblr?

Even if you have hundreds of posts to publish on Tumblr, it is possible to publish only 250 posts per day. The period of a day means from midnight to midnight length, regardless of where you are (equal to New York time). The limitation is not convenient but there is the reasonable solution to queue posts for the following day.

What is the Tumblr post tracker?

Tumblr allows checking how many posts you have left. What you have to do is just enter your name at Tumblr post limit counter and get results.

Posting on Tumblr: the limit of 50

Do you know anything about the limitation of Tumblr post queue?

Tumblr cares about how to not overwhelm the followers. If you have a chance, queue up to 50 posts and publish them on the same day.

Actually, this is included in the previous limit of 250 posts per day. By the way, KUKU.io allows you to post without limitations on Tumblr.

Posting on Tumblr: the limit “500×750”

What is the Tumblr limit for pictures?

Tumblr recommends us to post images with an optimum size, according to the dashboard’s standard, which is 500×750 pixels for a picture. The maximum size should be 1280×1290 px.  If you post images bigger than the standard, they will be shown in a light box. Just click on it and they will be viewed.

Posting on Tumblr: the limit of 20

What is the Tumblr limit for hashtags?

If you are a big fan of hashtags, be ready to get some limitations too. Hashtags perfectly show how many posts are posted with a specific tag. But the limit for hashtags on Tumblr is 20 tags.

Despite all the limitations, users are fond of Tumblr and use it to support business goals.

What is coming soon?

We want you to have a 360° view of your campaigns! Be sure, we are working on it.

You will get the opportunity to edit presets and use advanced timeline options, try mobile optimization and many more useful features.

We try our best to improve KUKU.io, so every feedback is highly appreciated!

Feel free to share your ideas and comments! 

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