According to modern marketing trends, visual marketing becomes one of the most popular strategies on social networks. That is why brands search for the true potential of such social platforms as Instagram, YouTube and Pinterest.

All these social media platforms create the firm background for brands and help to drive traffic, attract customers and increase sales.

Do you remember how to manage multiple Facebook accounts or get more followers on Instagram? Now it’s time to clarify how to get success, using Pinterest for marketing aims. Don’t forget that you are able to create, schedule and publish your posts at once with KUKU.io.

Pinterest social media marketing stereotypes

You can find different stereotypes about marketing on Pinterest: “This social network is mostly for women”, “I can see only pins with food and trivial wedding pictures here”, “My target audience is not interested in Pinterest” and so on.

Let’s get this over with!

Do you have your own Pinterest marketing ideas to break these stereotypes? In this article, we combine useful tips and cases that can show you how to get success using Pinterest for business marketing.

How to use Pinterest for marketing?

Pinterest helps to drive traffic

Pinterest marketing tips. KUKU io review

You can also work on your Pinterest marketing plan that will be focused on such results. Follow the next 5 tips to optimize marketing through Pinterest.

5 Pinterest marketing tools and tips to drive traffic

Every day Pinterest drives millions of visitors to sites or blogs. If you want to know how pins can help to drive traffic, visit Pinterest and try to do the following:

1. Create your Pinterest profile.

At first, create a profile and name it. Add boards that will reflect your content, logo and description. Now it is time to work with your pins. Try to focus on interesting and relevant content. It will be the proof of your competence.

The target audience on Pinterest will be able to pin content from your site or blog and that’s why your profile will appear in search results.

2. Use Rich pins to provide your customers with interesting information.

Among other rich pins, Pinterest proposes Product pins. Pay attention to the Product pins that can add specific details. It really works and can be associated with your brand. Pinterest also allows to use App pins, Place pins that include a phone number and address and other effective tools. They can even help you to develop online sales.

Check up your pins again. The Users want to see the quality and your care. Moreover, Pinterest often cancels spam and irrelevant content.

Rich pins to increase Pinterest marketing results KUKU.io Pinterest marketing tips on how to use rich pins
KUKU.io marketing tips on how to use rich pins KUKU.io marketing tips on how to use rich pins on Pinterest
Marketing tips on how to use rich pins KUKU.io review KUKU.io marketing tips on how to use rich pins

3. Add useful descriptions.

You know better than anyone what your audience wants to see. Add bright names that users may search for. Don’t forget about boards’ targeted descriptions.

4. Create up to 20-30 pins per day.

It’s better to add 20-30 pins per day to provide a permanent stream of your content. However, don’t overwhelm your audience with too many useless pins at once.

5. Find your niche and share relevant content.

The interests of Pinterest audience grow and it is better to avoid popular competitive categories. Find your niche and increase your presence there.

It’s easy to check Pinterest analytics to get all advantages and disadvantages of your content.

Pinterest helps to increase engagement with promoted pins

Marketing on Pinterest. KUKU.io case

5 Pinterest marketing tips to increase engagement and traffic with promoted pins

The popularity of visual content makes brands invest in promoted pins. You can follow the next 5 steps to get success with promoted pins:

1. Work on settings of your pins in real time

The more quality and bright pictures you add, the more followers they will attract. Pictures with the vertical orientation and clear composition work better. Don’t forget about color contrasts and image ratio. Remember that Pinterest inspires.

2. Add right keywords that will work for your campaign.

Pinterest allows you to develop your keywords strategy that will help you to optimize your content as it works on Facebook and Twitter. 150 associated keywords on Pinterest should be enough for your keyword plan implementation. Try to use specific and clear definitions and terms and optimize your keywords in real time. Care about macro and micro keywords that can be used to increase your CTR.

3. Check your customers’ desires.

What do your customers want to find on your page? If you know all their priorities and needs, you will be able to create the desired pins and meet all their requirements.

4. Think about a long-term campaign.

So, you’ve created the campaign on Pinterest and it will be there forever. That is why you should understand that your pins are not just for fun. Make a long-term campaign with the help of Pinterest for business marketing.

5. Don’t hesitate to start big.

According to the Pinterest CPC model, you pay only when people click to your site. Find the most acceptable CPA and CPC and create an aggressive bid strategy. Once you start receiving conversions, optimize your bids to get your ideal CPA.

Do you want to try social media analytic tools for your Pinterest page?

Pinterest helps to increase relations with your customers

Pinterest marketing case. KUKU.io review

With the help of Pinterest marketing strategies, it will be easy for you to engage your audience and build strong relations. Of course, if you know their interests and expectations. You can track the engagement, check your progress and find weak issues – all in one social media management. But if you consider your Pinterest strategy as a project and need to track it, give a try to progress tracking software.

4 Pinterest marketing tips to build strong relations with customers

1. Entertain followers with corporate pictures.

Do you have bright and funny pictures of your team? Do not hesitate to share them to keep you followers entertained and engaged with your product or service.

2. Avoid boring content and do not be so serious.

Add humor and jokes that can give your brand a real face. Your followers will be inspired when they see that your company is not too serious. Funny pins are most likely to be shared and attract users to your Pinterest page.

3. Predict your followers’ wishes.

Pinterest is a platform where thousands of wishes appear every day. Users add the desires they would like to get. So, their wishes start to be viral and inspiring on Pinterest with the support of other users.

KUKU.io tips how to communicate with audience on Pinterest

4. Challenge your followers.

Pinterest gives a great opportunity to make users share content and engage new followers in a game. According to a win-win strategy, your brand can involve participants and drive traffic to your site and Pinterest page while users get viral content and have a chance to win a prize.

Plan your success pinning with KUKU.io!


Now you see that Pinterest as a marketing tool is the right platform for your business. If you want to get traffic, increase engagement and provide strong relations with your followers and customers, you should work on your Pinterest marketing strategy and content.

Make your site or blog Pinterest-friendly and welcome to Pinterest!

Have you been using Pinterest as a marketing tool?

What do you think about the Pinterest marketing software?

Please, share your ideas with us.

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