Do you use Instagram Stories?

It seems that this feature is one of the most popular Instagram opportunities nowadays. That’s why Instagram developers are working on the ability to share people’s Stories through Direct messages.

Experienced Instagrammers know that it’s rather important to pay attention to all innovations and updates of social media, otherwise, followers will unsubscribe. (Recently, we’ve described the main reasons why followers unsubscribe).

It’s quite easy to share a Story – as simple as sharing usual Instagram pictures. Just tap the Direct icon at the bottom right on your screen and choose a person who you want to send your Story to. The Story will exist for 24 hours.

If you do not want to use the feature, you can deactivate it and forbid the ability to receive Direst Stories.

Instagram developers promise to implement the feature for iOS and Android devices.

Instagram new feature- Direct Stories

Instagram is going to be one of the most active social media (meaning updates, new features, and releases). Recently  Instagram developers have implemented joint live broadcasts, threaded comments and archive feature that helps to hide unnecessary posts.

All these efforts of social network developers are really appreciated by dedicated Instagram users.

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