The new feature is quite simple. It allows Instagram users to ask any question and track friends and followers’ answers as they vote.

Instagram polls have immediately become very popular both in personal profiles and on business pages.

You may ask everything. Do your followers like your new dish? Do they agree with the idea of cutting your hair? What color for the new logo will look better? Do customers want a special edition of your magazine dedicated to Halloween? And so on and so forth…

Now it’s really easy to share a two-option poll in your Instagram Story.

Instagram votes, KUKU.io review

How to create Instagram polls?

After you’ve created a new picture or video for your story, choose the “Poll” sticker and place it anywhere you like. Then you can add a question and even customize the poll choices. If everything is ok, your followers can immediately start voting and see results in real time.

No doubt, Instagram knows how to attract the attention of its young audience and entertain it. It seems like the new feature will help to get a lot of Instagram followers.

Not sure? Try to use this option for a week or two, and then analyze the results. Perhaps the number of new followers will increase significantly. You can quickly and successfully track this with the help of KUKU.io analytical metrics.

Instagram analytics with KUKU.io

Enjoy new Instagram polls and KUKU.io analytical tools!

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