Why Businesses Use Instagram Banners and How They Create Them

Posted by, Alexandra Drebezova
on February 15, 2017
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Most of Instagram users post their images simply to attract their followers. But there is one unique and amazing feature to enrich any social media strategy – to use Instagram banners or grid posts.

If you want your Insta-page look gorgeous, you should try it. This unusual element will help to get a lot of Instagram followers for sure.

An Instagram banner (Instagram grid photos) is an unusual trend that allows users segmenting a single picture into several parts and posting these pieces in proper succession on their Instagram pages, creating a multiple-image grid. In this article, we are going to describe how to create, design and use Instagram banners for different business and private goals.

How to use Instagram banners, KUKU.io tips

The image from the Instagram user’s page @alessandraorzali

Why are Instagram banners useful?

An Instagram multi-image collage may be effective for small business, as it’s a sufficient way to showcase fine details in a picture or create a story in captions.

Instagram multi-image grids for business

The image from the Instagram user’s page @aiste_stancikaite

If you are a frequent Instagram user, you should know how posts with creative and bright images may help to advertise and promote services and products. And Instagram banners significantly enhance this feature because they are not such a banal and cheesy tool. It’s easy to plan, schedule and post them as well as ordinary posts, using the powerful social media manager software KUKU.io.

How to Create Instagram Banners?

Instagramers are able to create the grids out of high-resolution images with the help of some photo-editing software, for example, Adobe Photoshop.

Here is a funny video about how to create picture grids on Instagram:

But if you don’t have a lot of free time and great Photoshop skills, you can use some apps and special tools that will help you to build amazing Instagram banners.

What you need to do is just to upload the image you wish to post as a grid, cut these Instagram picture into several segments and upload them to your gallery. Usually, Instagramers divide it into 6 or 9 pieces, but there are other options.

How to create grid banners on Instagram?

5 steps to create professional promo banners in 5 minutes (for example, with Canva.com)

  • Open the site or download the app
  • Select an appropriate professional graphic template with elements (photos, frames, icons, frames, etc.)
  • Upload your image or choose any from the stock
  • Add required grids, filters and edit text
  • Save your banner, upload and enjoy it!

Take a look at the following list of photo grid apps for Instagram that can be also helpful in Instagram banners creation:

Tools for creating Instagram banners

Most of these tools propose to use specific templates and optimize pictures, for example changing their size.

Creative Instagram banners examples

We’ve selected 5 unique and creative spheres, where Instagram grids are used most frequently. These Instagram accounts with scalable images and artwork look amazing on the new Instagram web layout. Let’s look at how these users create their banners to demonstrate their artwork and photography skills.


One of the most popular topics on Instagram. With the help of Instagram banners, restaurants, cafes, food bloggers or food stores can promote their business and attract new followers.

How to use Insta banners

The image from the Instagram user’s page @luca.rosati


Fashion is also popular among Instagram target audience. That’s why grid pictures on Instagram should be interesting for stores and brands, designers, makeup artists and different model agencies.

Instagram grid banners for business

The image from the Instagram user’s page @mrhotshoe


No doubt that there are one or two followers in your Instagram followers’ list, who deal with travelling, tourism or logistics. All this spheres also need unusual and catching ways to grab new followers.

Instagram grid banners, KUKU.io review

The image from the Instagram user’s page @nq_fishing_hunting


Instagram banners can be an effective promotion channel to demonstrate professional skills and creativeness. It’s should be a good source for inspiration.

How to create Insta banners

The image from the Instagram user’s page @alexyphotographie


In this sphere, artists, eventers and celebrities also occasionally use grids on Instagram.

How to make Instagram banners as a grid

The image from the Instagram user’s page @rizqiabdaziz

Of course, there are more areas and spheres where you can effectively apply multi-image grids for Instagram. Today, you can find so many interesting ways to use them. The main idea here is to predict your audience’s needs and to be able to amaze your followers.

How to check the effectiveness and usefulness of Instagram banners?

Be sure to analyze the results: how it was before you started using Instagram banners, and what happened after you’ve added your creative grid.

The conclusions should be rather instructive and interesting. It’s easy to organize this analysis of your Instagram account with the help of friendly social media analytics tools.

SMM-service KUKU.io allows you to create and adopt different content for social media  and track your business results.

KUKU.io analytics tools

If you have tried to create and upload your Instagram banners, please share your experience and results.

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