Using Instagram new functionality, you can delete content for a while and restore all the photos and videos later.

New archive option is designed to help users who decide to remove old, unnecessary or unpopular content, and then may regret it. Archiving photos and videos will help to solve this problem.

How to use Instagram archive?

If you want to archive your Instagram visual content, just click on three dots in the upper right corner and select archiving option. In the same way, you can restore all your data.

Now the feature is in test mode. Instagram representatives promise to release it soon.

how to archive image son Instagram?

How to decide which content can be archived?

If you decide to “clean up” your history and send some photos to Archive, you will certainly want to get rid of unpopular or useless content. But how to choose it?

The answer is analytics. It’s quite easy to analyze posts and determine the degree of their popularity.

Using SMM tools with analytics option, you can track the number of likes, comments, engagement and other metrics for a particular post. KUKU.io analytics allows you to do this quickly and efficiently. You can determine which photos and videos are most successful on your Instagram, and which of them can be archived.

KUKU.io Instagram analytics

By the way, the similar feature have been recently launched on Snapchat. Users note that this is not the first attempt of Instagram to use Snapchat innovations (reminding about “Stories”).

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