As Instagram has become one of the most popular social networking for business, it is important to increase analytical activities and find powerful tools for Instagram analytics.

Do you know how to track followers on Instagram? And what social media trackers can help you to analyze your accounts?

If you know how to use social media metrics and track the latest social media statistics, you will definitely understand what kind of content you should post.

Special Instagram tracker apps can give you valuable data and useful analytics about who your Instagram followers are, when they’re usually online, how many users viewed your posts, etc.

Last time in one of our previous articles, we described in details Instagram analytics tools and metrics. In this updated article we are trying to explain how to track Instagram activities and use follower trackers online.

How to track analytics on Instagram, KUKU.io tips

How Instagram tracker online can measure your brand?

If you represent a brand that has a good visual basis and promote it via Instagram, online trackers will help you to get valuable analytics for your future social media strategy.

You can also use Instagram follower tracker to analyze accounts of your customers or competitors.

Why do we need to track Instagram followers and use analytics?

Tracking users on Instagram will help you to:

  • Know your community

Track followers’ accounts and hashtags that matter your business with professional analytics tools.

  • Define brand advocates

Study your audience and identify top fans. This analytics will help you to learn more about who interacts with your content.

  • Optimize content and create attractive posts

Don’t stop to constantly optimize your content and define the posts that engage your audience most of all.

  • Track competitors

Study Instagram accounts of your competitors to set benchmarks for comparison.

Instagram tracker, Adidas account Instagram tracker, Puma account

How to define the success of your account with Instagram trackers?

You can get many Instagram secrets intuitively. However, it is better to use several metrics and trackers to determine the success of your efforts. You can find different analytics tools and most of them are divided according to the subject of the analysis: profile trackers, audience trackers and hashtags trackers. Some of them allow track Instagram unfollowers.

Using a social media tracking app you can get detailed analytics not only about Instagram but also about other popular social networks.

Here we won’t be talking about a specific tracker. We’d like to describe the main features of Instagram trackers in general.

Instagram analytics tools and metrics

We have chosen the most important ways to monitor Instagram activities. And here they are:

  • Users Likes

The most eloquent and obvious metrics on Instagram are users likes. They show directly how many fans enjoyed the content you posted. You even do not need any tool or special analytics skills to count them.

Instagram tracker and likes

  • Followers

There is one basic rule on Instagram: if you do not care about gaining more followers, you lose your current audience. Track how many new users you usually get for a week. Then you will see if the number of your followers is growing or shrinking.

Tracking Instagram followers, you define the instruments that perform best or content that may be irrelevant.

The relevance of your publications is the main point that influences the audience growth rate. It’s also important to pay attention to visual content on Instagram. There are some essential rules that help make your online content better. (We’ve recently listed them in our tips on the how to get more followers on Instagram).

How to track followers on Instagram

What do you know about your audience?

Is it easy for you to define which of them are able to be brand ambassadors? Here is one more essential rule: the more you mention them, the more they feel important and involved.

  • Comments

Comments show that users are already engaged because it takes some time to comment. Besides, comments demonstrate followers’ interests and points of views.

Analyze your posts that gained many comments. It will help you to recognize what images are better to post more. KUKU.io Instagram tracker will assist you to track followers and engagement metrics.

How to track comments with Instagram tracker

  • Pictures

It’s not difficult to understand what publications are performing best on Instagram. But to make it easy, you can use special tools and trackers that help to find the top-performing images based on comments & likes (for example, Iconosquare).

  • Clicks

Pay attention to the clicks because they may drive traffic from your Instagram page to your website. Before posting any link, make sure that it is short and easy to remember. A custom link shortener (for example, Bit.ly) will assist you to understand whether Instagram is an attractive source of traffic or not. You can also track clicks with Google Analytics.

  • Engagement

One more important objective is to engage followers with your posts. Divide your comments and likes by the followers count to understand how many of them are engaged.

For example, let’s divide the number of Likes and comments (853+17) by the fan count on Cat Jupiter Instagram page (2,799). Engagement on this post is over 3%.

How to measure engagement with Instagram tracker, KUKU.io tips

  • Time

Using the tool mentioned above you can find the best time to publish content and to understand when users consume your posts.

  • Location

With the help of Instagram tracker, you can check users’ location by countries or even cities. This analytics is quite useful and it gives you a chance to understand which time zones you should choose for posting. That’s why you can schedule your Instagram publications for the most beneficial time.

  • Mentions

Hashtags will assist you to find mentions and people who are talking about you or your brand on Instagram.

Hashtag tracking analytics

A hashtag is one of the most powerful measure of Instagram analysis. There is interesting hashtag analytics that demonstrates that publications with 11 and more appropriate hashtags have almost 80% higher engagement.

hashtag Instagram analytics, KUKU.io review

However, you should pay attention to the meanings and relevance to analyze hashtags. It will not make you any profit if you use random hashtags wherever. Focus on those that are connected to your brand, current or popular event, locations, etc.

Free hashtag analytics: how to analyze hashtags?

If you are going to post your image and trying to choose best hashtags, think about areas and topics that are related to your brand or industry. Make a list of 5-10 possible hashtags. Then try to find posts with the same tags and you’ll see whether they are popular or not. As you see, you can get free analytics without the using of any tracker.

How to track hashtags?

Check up a specific hashtag on Instagram. Type this hashtag in the search bar (at the top of the screen) and you will get posts with that hashtag.

Hashtags analytics with Instagram tracker

This hashtag title will remain in your search history. Therefore, you will have a possibility to frequently revisit that particular hashtag search without typing it again.

KUKU.io Instagram follower tracker

It is certainly good if you rely on your intuition, but it’s better sometimes to facilitate your task and trust the numbers and analytics. Instagram-friendly social media analytics tools are able to assist you.

KUKU.io Instagram tracker app is created to help you with analyzing your social media results including Instagram.

Here’s how KUKU.io Instagram tracker online works:

  • Sign up for an account/ Sign in

KUKU.io Instagram tracker: how to sign in

How to track Instagram with KUKU.io

  • Open social networks field.
  • Choose Instagram in the menu and allow KUKU.io tracker to connect to your Instagram account.

KUKU.io analytics tools for Instagram

Then let the tracker review your account and enjoy analytics!

KUKU.io tools to track Instgram activities

How to track Instagram followers with KUKU.io

The following video also shows how to do it:

Social media reporting

Do you have your own easy way to measure your Instagram success? What social media trackers do you use for analytics? Feel free to share it with us and we will add it to this article.Schedule instagram post

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